Anointment: Many People Never Deserve It…See Why

July 25, 2022 / Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

When you see something, say something has been our way of working on #cno but certain people in charge in our church have been deaf to what has been stated. Without them looking for a long-term fix, things are becoming worse by the day.

Regulating, coordinating, and overseeing all the actions of the numerous landlord shepherds is urgently necessary given all the anomalies present in CCC at the moment.

How would a young man who is still struggling with his haircut as a shepherd influence and mislead the youths in his parish? There should be a standard before being a shepherd, and being a landlord shepherd should not automatically make your son a shepherd.

Some would even post or recommend their son to a parish that is vacant and looking out for a shepherd. Once the so-called son can perform one or two spiritual works without being mature spiritually, physically, and, above all, not spiritually grounded in God’s Word he is qualified to assume duty as a parish shepherd and start making cool cash.

Unfortunately, many do not deserve the regalia/cassock they wear as a result of egregious failure in the church system because the anointing procedure and regalia/cassock are meant to be for people who have accomplished the spiritual level at which they are being anointed.

The anointing certificate clearly stated that your “spiritual improvement” led to the awarding of your new rank. How many persons who receive anointings are spiritually developing or have developed spiritually before attaining it?

However, they are becoming more and more enamoured with worldly goods, money, and all kinds of vices.

It is past time that we start focusing on a regular brother who bears God’s fire and anointing instead of all these undeserved title mongers shepherds, prophets, venerable, superior this, superior that, and other church members with fashion ranks. I must remark that because the majority of our CCC leaders and dads disobeyed God’s commands, God unwittingly removed their anointing.

Has the CCC had any significant impact or effect despite all of these anointments? It is because most individuals who went for an anointment never deserve it.

If the authorities cannot awaken from their slumbers, we, the youth burning for Christ generation, are ready to push them out by any means necessary for the church’s image to be redeemed and God’s glory to be restored.


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