Another Celestial Church Pastor Emerges With Less Than 50 Followership

June 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 36 Comments »

When people no longer have respect for law and order of the association they belong to, the association is prone to be exposed to tyranny where all abnormalities seem normal. For our Church, Celestial Church of Christ, the issue of leadership is one major problem that has become cancerous  which no one has found an antidote for.

After the demise of Pastor Founder SBJ Oshoffa, the church has been swimming in all sorts of leadership tussle leading to the church having more than 10 factions fighting over one stool.

Recently, another man has emerged to claim right to the number one seat of authority in the church. His name is, Rev S.T Paul Tiwo of CCC Majemu Oluwa Parish, Olorun Femi Estate, Olowonla Bus Stop, Igando an outskirts of Lagos.

By #CNO findings, his parish is one small place that has membership strength of not up to 50.

When are we going to put in the right laws that would guide the emergence of a solitary pastor thereby putting a perpetual end to the greed of all those claiming to be pastors?

With the way things are at the moment, it’s obvious, if care is not taken, the stool and office of a pastor will amount to nothing of relevance within the church, we are already getting there.

Thinking out loud, who really are the people ordaining them?

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36 responses to “Another Celestial Church Pastor Emerges With Less Than 50 Followership”

  1. seun owhales says:

    Mr Alonge may God forgive you.

  2. Evang.Agboola Fiso Lawrence says:

    As a celestial missionary in Togo and a Shepherd of Luli parishes in Togo, I will like to submit my own opinion on this single note that we must go through these processes before the real Pastor Jesus Christ comes to rule on His throne. Hear His word, many christ will show up on the last days and this is the last day the Bible is talking about. God asked the prophets why are you eating my people without measures hear what the prophets say ( It is because they never know the God they are serving). Do you know the God you are serving? Or you are serving pastors,church leaders, prophets. Make your choice. Christ is coming soonest.

  3. Mk Kenny says:

    I just dey laugh….


    @stella…….u said he speak d truth so i want 2ask u a question…….was it d truth hez speakin dat lead him 2put on d Regalia,crown nd holdin d staff of authority.Keepin beerz (Irugbon).Or he shuld pave way in which unity can come back 2d fold……..I knw u are under his fold dat y all dis word his kumin 4rm u but pls tink deeeply cos PAPA Sai dis dat divide my fold deir ways nd journey will b divided here on earh nd in heaven as well…..May God help Tiwo 2 re-tink deeply on his decision

  5. M/snr/evg Paul Bello babatunde says:

    For me I disagree with him 1, in his looking he doesn’t kw wt he wanted ad believed he needs attention of pple does d founder has hair in his face( biabia)for only that he doesn’t kw rules ad tend of d CH sefanyway let evytin to God He will take control

  6. OLUSEYI says:

    Hehehehehehehe, orisirisi, awon were

  7. sister Stella says:

    Papa S.A.P. Tiwo is not the type of celestial pastor that has shrine at the back of the church or that has another god aside JEHOVAH. He is not the type that operates with marine power or serpentine spirit and he has only one wife unlike…

  8. sister Stella says:

    May God forgive all you that commented. Why don’t you get to know this person b4 concluding. He is one of the few that speaks the truth.

  9. S.A.P . TIWO says:

    Alonge Michael
    According to findings, you are the brain behind Celestial News Online and the inspiration behind that awkwardly engineered, unprofessional piece about me.
    For your information, I do have over ten years of media experience. Amongst other places, I worked with the Daily Times of Nigeria. I practiced in the mainstream of the media and not at the periphery. What I have seen you do is nothing short of junk or motor park media work.
    Without approaching to inquire about my thrust, resolve, focus and direction, you reached conclusions on my behalf and went public. Is there anyplace wherein I declared myself pastor? No. Did I receive directions/instructions from Jehovah to fight for the position for pastor, No, which I never did. If I wanted to, with my years of experience as a mediaman and colleagues scattered across media houses all over the country, I would have pursued such a path from over fifteen years ago. Mind you, I would not have to expend a dime. Am I focused upon my personal ambition? No, all that I do is strictly according to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. All that I do are as instructed by Jehovah. My present location, the regalia, the crowns, the staffs, the throne and many more are from the throne of Jehovah.
    May be, we should make you a guinea pig in the spiritual laboratory? That is to say that, I should give to you, a regalia, a crown, a staff and then you sit upon the throne, thereafter, we wait to see if these paraphenalia of office are; (1) Designed by the Lord or by the human mental ability or not? (2) Can be worn, sat upon (the throne) by anyone? and (3) They carry the Grace, Power and the presence of God or not? This is the commandmemt of Jehovah to me for those who doubt the calling and anointing of the Lord upon me.
    How on earth should you come to conclusions on my behalf? Yes, the Lord calls me a king and instructed that I should be robed in fashion that people see, but, He says to me that it is the Holy Spirit as he told Rev S.B.J. Oshoffa that will introduce me across the globe which has been the situation for about twenty years now.
    I do have great sympathy for you to have come into a grave error, this I believe came to being as a result of lack of knowledge and information about me. In journalism, there is what is called, “Investigative Journalism”, this is not your not your forte. This again is nothing short of bamboozling reportage.
    Know this, Jehovah speaks, I listen and I follow His instructions as much as possible to the letter. I know who God has made me, I have clear instructions and focus on what lies ahead of me, the will of God is forever supreme over the universe (the CCC inclusive) and that ultimately, His plan for the Church cannot be resisted.
    Finally, if truly you are a Celestial as the CCC is the Church of the Holy Ghost, aside thorough investigation, for matters of this colouration, ask the Holy Ghost and draw your conclusion upon your investigative findings but more upon the dictates of the Holy Spirit. God speaks to everybody, you only need to be comformed enough with the Lord to hear truly from him.
    I forgive you for this misrepresentation and I do pray that God forgive you.


  10. Titilola George says:

    @Alonge Michael, its best you meet papa SAP Tiwo one on one to know the manner of authority God has bestowed on him.I bet you yourself can not stand him. Any one that compares him to the other fake pastor its making a big mistake and I see it as a slight on his person.I was very angry when I read that the members of his church are not up to 50 but I tell u 50 celetians can not stand one of his member I beat my chest to that,do not forget that Christ has just 12 deciples and the bible said 1 with God is majority. Its unfortunate that the sign u are seeking is for him to speak and people would listen , he spoke and the storm listened ,he spoke the dead came back to life, he spoke fibroid was expelled totally, he spoke barren became mothers he spoke the deaf heard and shouted hallelujah he spoke and HBP was regulated he has been speaking but celestials are not hearing.the reason why his parish is not loaded will be reviled to CCC soon cause I bet u there will be a huge turn around in d CCC world wide for good ,I bet u all ye so called elders Will not stand it. And Nicodemus said to Christ will I enter a second time into my mother’s womb and be born again? And Christ said so u that is an elder in lsreal does not no what is meant to be born again.igba ironu de CCC yara si iye ainipekun

  11. Sup Evang Kunle Akindude says:

    Let us take it easy Many will continue to call themselves Pastors Left to me the word Pastor should be abrogated and let us appoint through the holy spirit a new leader of the church worldwide and let every parish Shepherd be called pastors Give a new title to the true leader of the church like Gen Evangelist/Gen Supervisor or any other name acceptable Here in America any leader of a local church is called Pastor So let them keep calling themselves Pastor but let the church move on in a new direction The courts have spoken about our leadership problem Many of the current Pastors are self made no exceptions
    We need to move the church in a new direction and dont get sentimental I will follow I will follow I will follow Christ
    That is my submission

    God Bless His Church

  12. s.s. l. Ade Adeyemo says:

    Pls I mean all that calls themselves trusty or leaders after Papa Oshofa

  13. s.s. l. Ade Adeyemo says:

    All that call themselves trusty or leaders of the fold Papa Oshofa hv no fear of God in all ways of life but I know one thing for sure, the Lord still wait for their repentance or perish in no time. I blv we don’t hv Pastor yet in Celestial. That tym will surely come when the the Lord we show us the Pastor very soon. Oluwa yio yan ojise re sinu ijo mimo yi. Jesu yio joba

  14. Temitope says:

    I will urge us all to seek for a sound spiritual leadings and most importantly a decerning spirit and for clarification let us visit His Facebook wall to know Him Better , Rather than reaching a wrong conclusion. His Facebook name is “Sylvanus Akintope Paul Tiwo” lets go through a piece called the “SHINING LIGHT” and so many other national and international prophesies and miracles on same wall . ” Esin Oluwa Pelu iberu…”

  15. Bro timilehin says:

    Halleluyah! Halleluyah!! Halleluyah!!! We should all go on our kneels n pray to God Almighty for forgiveness. Secondly we all know that it’s the holy spirit that leads in celestial church worldwide. Why don’t we all go true the right way by consulting the holy spirit. Let God judge and not you and I. More so he has not come to ketu or imeko to say he his the pastor of CCC worldwide. So why are you all blabbing? All I know is the Holy spirit will decide. Alafia ooooo.

  16. Temitope says:


  17. sup/wolida.Celestine Ebhodaghe. says:

    I believe that in CCC,we have only one pastor that ordained by God almighty in heaven which Emmanuel Oshoffa,so any one that parading himself as a pastor is a 419

    • Evangelist Ezekiel says:

      Even Mobinyina Oshoffa cannot place his right hand on the Bible and raise the left to say God has ordained him.

  18. Akinsowon Oladimeji says:

    this guy most b a 419, that is d way to adress him. anybody can call himself what he like. this sign of end time, we shld b very careful.

  19. Isreal says:

    O ga o. The bitter truth is all our pastors today are cooked up pastors. I repeat, All of them. Name it! Including the one wt the highest number of followers. U see, this all the elders know. And that is why everyone feels like at opportunist ni awon oga wonyi naa, let me grab Maforikan too. Baba Maforikan tried to correct the fouls. But those who are busy enjoying the game blocked the road, I coated Mummy Edith Oshoffa. So, Olorun ni the only hope. As long as ipin and Ami ororo is still paid for, my people, I doubt resolution. May God fulfill his will over Celestial.

  20. Bro. Sunney Ayideji (Mosco) says:

    Could this be true???

  21. Asiwaju T says:

    Can’t u pple see dat dis so call pastor na yahoo boy (Omo ale pastor )

  22. adedeji says:

    End time pastors………ogbun nla si sile nisisiyi, lati teruku jade… ko ba fe jeni egbee, si odo olugbalare………………

  23. Prophet Kunle Sonubi says:

    To correct it or ways to stop it is ,we have a board of trustees who could use a legal instruments to ban this act.1. If the Church is registered with corporate affairs office.2 they can use the Church constitution to stop them in the court of law.

    • Mayowa says:

      Which board of trustee ar u talking àbout d old one dat put ccc into confusion or d new once that dont knw that d next tin to do is to gather the self 2gether forget anytin about d heir to d throne nd keep teaching pple all dey know about ccc or shuld i say keep preparing d way for the coming of d new pastor.
      Halleluyah ooo

  24. Bola Areh,Omo Baba Jerimoyamah. says:

    End time.

  25. Evang Ayo ade says:

    very disgusting. This one is super man dressing o.odaran just like a magician.

  26. Snr/Ldr Ade says:

    I can’t just stop laughing. Who is this one again? lol …. I think he’s just seeking for attention ????

  27. Most Venerable Elijah Olugbenga Ajayi says:

    Evangelist Alonge, let anybody call themselves what they like. Is it there fault or that of the so called constituted authority? (Emi n bo kankan, ere mi si n be pelu mi lati san fun olukuluku gege bi ise owo re). Whether we like or not, this church will cleanse the world as God as told our founder Rev. S.B.J Oshoffa. Habakkuk 2 vs 3 says: for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, (and mind you) it will not tarry. Let all the people in question spoil their lives, but surely they can’t spoil the church. Remember Matthew 7 vs 21 says: not all that say unto me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven. And note verse 22 that says: many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works. Kindly hear the answer to their justifications in verse 23 that and then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. My editor, where is Baba Paul Maforikan today? We are all going there to defend our deeds, be it right or wrong. I rest my case for now.

  28. Olufunmi says:

    I can’t laugh oh, mad people, who are they pastoring self, Mr Michael Olabode you said all the pastors should come together and choose one person among themselves abi? Who ordain all of them as a pastor and when please? Is very easy for anyone to claim the title because there belly and greediness for money ordained them . Useless pastors that cannot cure common cold and catarrh. Eba Eru yin nibode jare

  29. Olabode Michael says:

    Can i say it is illiteracy or what??? I don’t know why celestial elders are behaving like children, or is it because of their greed or quest for power and authority. I believe it is only the youths that can restore unity in celestial church of Christ. Pls youth i know you are trying, but we need to try harder to the extent of educating our pastors, meeting them one on one and telling them the importance of unity in the church, if they don’t know, they are destroying the effort of our father sbj oshoffa. Left for me all the pastors should come together and unite and then choose a new pastor among themselves. United we stand divided we fall.

  30. M/S/E Kings says:

    We shouidn’t blame anybody, is there any Law guideing Ccc, do we have Leader, do we have board of trustee or Board of Shareing, do we have Member of Pastor in council again, which it has turn to Menmber of Pastor in Cash. Only One thing that can settle We Celestian member is ; Let all Churches ‘STOP` remeting or sending Return to Ketu. Why, it’s bcos of these money that `EVERY ONE OF THEM` is wanted not “UNITY”. IJO MIMO KO LE BAJE.

  31. Anuoluwapo says:

    I hope they don’t eventually lose all d vibrant and intellectually sound youths in this church because of this childish acts these elders portray carelessly these days. O tin po juu ooo. Their cups will soon run over.

  32. Anuoluwapo says:

    These guys must really be high on weed or something. Maybe we need to check the kind of turari being used at the parishes these days…

  33. Janet says:

    Hmmmm na wa o

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