Another Vision About ‘The Last Boat’ That Will Shock You By Snr. Evangelist James

March 27, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 6 Comments »

Another vision from one of our members reminding us of the things that are about to happen concerning the last boat of salvation, CCC.

“As a prophet and a worker, God gave me an opportunity to see this last boat of salvation sometimes ago in a vision. What I saw was not encouraging. When God took me to where the boat was it’s like a cloud suspending this mighty boat, it is more like an ark. Immediately, I saw myself walking towards the ark.

However, I saw two people dressed in white robe by the entrance of the ark. Both male, I was about to enter the ark but they told me it was not yet time for me but rather they told me to stand by the door and observed and tell them what I saw.

After my observations, they asked what I saw, I was terrified. I saw a Shepherd in front standing and was wearing a leader clothing, a very scanty men in front of first and second role only with brother’s clothing, while the seats of men at their back were empty.

Again, looking by the females sides, the highest rank I saw was Lace Elder Sister clothing and at their backs I saw women wearing ordinary sister clothing up to 70%, very few left to fill the remaining seats of women.

More so, what baffled me the most was not that I never saw any prophets there. This made me to ask why there are no prophets and prophetess there. and the only answer they game me was that” they were working for their pockets alone” and can never make it there. They said let them know that why we let you know this. I shivered onto death. A word for the wise.”

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6 responses to “Another Vision About ‘The Last Boat’ That Will Shock You By Snr. Evangelist James”

  1. imoleayomitan Hannah says:

    May the Lord of celestial help us bcus we don’t know the real prophet everyone want to become prophet but our lord jesus Christ has made everything clear to us DAT we don’t ve the same gift,visioniers,dreamers, speaking of tongue man y has DAT bt all members wnt to say HALLELUYAH bt DAT can be possible@all

  2. Akanji rufus ola Abuja says:

    @ another annointment going on in Imeko hnnnn may God revive the church spiritually amen

  3. Olumide says:

    God you are wonderful for your vision it is grace that we see not merit to have shown this to your son, glory honour halleluyah to his holy name….amen.
    There were prophets only that they are not CCC prophets because CCC only recognise prophets with blue loins. Hmmm charge and bail prophets God is warning oooo.

  4. Pap says:

    Do we really have prophets and prophetess again in the churcj

  5. MIC Sarah Adeniji says:

    Warning to our prophets/prophetess, truely some of them have turned themselves to charge and bail forgetting that God who gave them the spirit can also take it back. Let those who have ears hear what the spirit tells the church. Iam coming soon and my reward is with me, to give individual according to his/her work says the Lord of host.Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju Oluwa, at’ewe ati agba aosi rojo wa, gbogbo aiye lose tiwon si kuna oho re, elese loruko Jesu yio gbawala…. Amin. May Lord God of Celestial help us to enter His kingdom with Him and count us worthy on the resurrection morning in Jesus mighty Name. Halelluyah!!!!!!!

  6. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    Gbogbo WA Ni yio duro niwaju Oluwa ati onibode ati woli a o si rojo wa…….. A word for the wise

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