Anti Celestial Practices People Must Know

June 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 1 Comment »

The name ‘Celestial Church’, or’ Cele’ is a popular name to the world. It has become a name affiliated with those who wear white garment without slippers. It is also known as ‘ijo Aladura ‘of which many other churches are similar in the sense that many do not understand Celestial Church of Christ and see it as fetish, occult and a dark society.

Whenever evil practices are done, with someone putting on garments, the name Celestial or Cele is immediately thought off. This is portrayed in movies, drams, comedy skits and the likes, hereby giving the church the name it is not… There are several ANTI Celestial acts out there that people think belong to the church but it is important to clear the air on that so people can understand.

  1. We do not use multicolored candles in Celestial Church of Christ. We use only white candles which is symbolic of light, as seen in the book of Leviticus, candles and candle stands are used..
  2. We do not use any item requiring blood or the likes like goat, fowl, penguin, dove and the likes. This is totally un-Celestial. We use lifeless and bloodless materials to represent and symbolize in spiritual works.
  3. We do not go on the mountain; instead, we are in spirit. Being in spirit is a Celestial term that is proper.
  4. Flogging with brooms or loins excessively is not a Celestial Church practice. We proceed as the Spirit directs or leads. The items are used to touch and dust off not to beat
  5. We do not shave the head entirely or keep shabby and unkempt beards. It is un-Celestial and rebellious in the eyes of God. The leaders of the church are great example for us.

To be continued.

-Myk Tola Jnr Adele

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One response to “Anti Celestial Practices People Must Know”

  1. Ann says:

    I read your write up and i wonder if you are capable of saying the truth. I am a victim of the torture that goes on in your church, against my will, just bcos my mother in-law thinks it’s the right thing to do. Beating on the face, all over the body with brooms, by adults and I wonder if Christ had not done it all for us. Celestial church of christ you need to repent and embrace God. Stop deceiving and misleading innocent people.

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