Anu Ajayi Reveals Dirty Stuff On Oluso Owolabi Oni, Disclaims Being A Prophet

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Still on the matter. Ven. Most Snr. Evang. Anuoluwapo Ajayi, who has been at loggerheads with his shepherd at New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester, UK has reacted to the allegation made by the member of his church over his usual habit of wearing prophet garment. He disclaims this in a message sent  to #CNO and we are publishing it for all to see.

“For those who said I started parading as a prophet, l don’t have Wolida’s sutana let alone using prophet’s three cross loin. You develop hatred and jealousy due to the gift the Lord gave me by revealing your secrets. l could remember the time the church member were scared of bowing down their head during the jingle of the bell.

The church patron, Opeyemi OJO, ABIODUN  OLUMORAN, BAYO ODUNIYI, OWOLABI ONI and others called me that  they have been told that OWOLABI ONI kept Juju (OGUN)under the altar .They  said l should go into the altar to verify because they know my spiritual ability. On getting there I saw lots of unclean things under the altar. The spirit of God said l should not expose him but l should warn him to take Juju out of the altar and stop doing that again which l did. You can see the reason why he hates me.

Owolabi Oni hate me because I always speak the truth, the issue of Ranti Olabisi and her boyfriend that she sent to prison. Ranti’s boyfriend disclosed to me that Owolabi Oni was having secret affair (Ohun  ba Ranti sun) with her girlfriend. After series of findings, Ranti eventually confessed. That was what led the guy to hit her and nearly broke her eyes. The guy was sent to prison. When Owolabi knew that his secret has been revealed to me he hated me the more.

They lied that l and my wife was ent packing from our previous church Rehoboth Parish London, it’s a blatant lie. You can confirm from H/M/S/E  JIDE IKOTUN, THE CHAIRMAN of the above named parish his phone no 07956508697). We often go there occasionally .They always lodge us in a hotel. They are lovely people and so caring.

They normally called me ( OLORUN AANU )  The Shepherd, My Mentor S/E Yemi Adesiyan Made Me The Evangelism Chairman Of The Church When I Was There And I Made A Proposal Of In His Presence Of Which Is Still Functioning Till Today Every Sunday @ 9 am to 9 .45am

They lied that I and my wife always call police for  people, it is a false  allegation

They said my wife brother gave her paper and my wife gave me paper this is false  allegations .This is what my wife brother posted to the church whatsApp, “New Jerusalem parish for a classification of the false allegation that people spreading around regarding my sister’s paper or her family. I Philip wasn’t the one that gave them paper and before accusing or assuming, make sure you have all the facts or you may contact the home office for your confirmation. Only a fool opens their mouth accusing without knowing the truth. Get your facts right!”


For those that said my wife got fake name you are f**ls, l married my lovely wife legally for some years before coming to the UK.

I appreciate you all for your support.

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14 responses to “Anu Ajayi Reveals Dirty Stuff On Oluso Owolabi Oni, Disclaims Being A Prophet”

  1. janet says:

    I ave known mr anun ajayi for a very long years during university level up til now. He was a well kmown person dat say d truth and love the work of God. He married his wife legally and dey are both Happy. Mr owolabi confess ur sin and let d devil of ur life be ashamed. You can neva offend a true man of God and go Scot free u wll be purnished for raising ur hand up to beat ur fellow human being wen u are not from phycatric hospital.

  2. Lizzy Tovide says:

    Oluso owolabi bring down your ego and beg Evang Anu Ajayi and CCC as a whole, which I know God will forgive you,Anu i know is a gentle ma that do things right

  3. SEUNELIJAH says:

    Wow…. God is watching!
    Your acts chase people and discourage people from the fold.
    So how can CCC cleanse the world with such manners?
    I wish the fold CCC was sent through a White man, you all would have been investigated and disciplined if necessary.
    What is Ketu and Imeko doing to this?
    ……let me stop here….

  4. Alayo Lobade says:

    @ omo cele ni mi, the way you are coating the bible shows that you are a Devil, because this is the way use to coats bible, when you said you haven’t heard owolabi oni side of the story and you are here running your mouth like a tap water, we all know you are owolabi oni. Is better you stop all these your drama and face the reality. Idajo oluwa nbo lori gbogbo asebaje

  5. Bonaji Akintade.. Prophet says:

    Olorun Asanu ijo eeee…with all dis dirty sorry,is like no more serious work in u.k again? Celestial ole baje…afi eni to bafe baje ninu e loku..note dis.

  6. fadeyi says:

    Evang ajayi,cause all this problem to your self.
    1you said,you didnt put on Wolider sultana. That means you are an evangelist not a prophet.
    2,when you are not a prophet,how could the spirit speak to you..
    3,you send a message by some church member but you lied to them. Those the Bible or Holy Spirit tells us to what are you preaching. You lied to the people and God. What you fall to do now turn against you.

    • Osas says:

      are u a christian at all, if not u won’t be asking dis kind of question.
      so it is only prophets God talks 2?

    • oluyinka says:

      Nawa ooooo……. God speaks to anybody that is spirit filled and inclined. Open yourself to be spoken to. Holy Spirit lives in you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This omo cele ni mi sounds like it is Owolabi Oni. Everyone knows the truth but unfortunately, many elders of CCC Jerusalem Parish try prevent your evil deeds to be exposed and I can understand why. I believe it is because many believe you should be given chances to change for the better or maybe because your family was the founder of Jerusalem Parish, whatever be the case, only God knows. Not withstanding, whether a full shepherd ordained by God or an acting shephard, you have a duty of care towards your congregation and an authority given to you but to my experience with you, you have misused it. I pray that you do change and God forgives you. God sees everything we do and mind you, Oni, you can not continue to be a HYPOCRIT because you clearly are one. Our characters and actions in life will lead us all to a certain destination in life, whether good or bad. This is your destination. May God forgive us all for our sins, Amen

    • Omo cele ni mi says:

      @ anonymous. You can see that it is very easy to be misled because you get easily carried away by what you see and what you hear, but I am only moved by the word of God. Sorry to disappoint you but I am not Shepard Oni in question. I am omo cele that stands for what I’m sure baba Oshoffa stands for because his spirit lives on, for which is respect for constituted authority and oneness. Isokan ijo mimo lo je mi logun. So many people have left CCC for Pentecostal churches simply because of Anu Ajayi’s in CCC. They come to platforms like this and wash CCC family issues in public. I have being trying to convince some of my friends attending Pentecostal churches to join the fold, I introduce them to CNO. One of them called my attention to Ajayi episodes and said awon omo ijo mimo to n yeye ara won kiri. I felt so ashamed. How do I evangelise to such a person. So I had to make my own investigation. Do you know that ‘won a GBA, won ko mo nkan kan, I will disgrace him, ma yeye, ma dirty e, of what benefit are those comments and atitude to CCC. This dramas takes place in CCC parishes every day, every service. Bo o ba o pa, bo o ba o bu lese attitude does not help ijo mimo. As I have mentioned once, my comments have being based on Ajayi’s write ups and my findings, I have not spoken to the Shepard, so dear I am not Shepard Owolabi Oni. Bi a ba sin Olorun bii tatijo, a da wa lohun bi I ti igba ani. Itesiwaju, isokan, Ife, isowopo, agbara ati ogo ti a so kale ni odun 1947 lo je awa OMO CELE, OMO OSHOFFA, OMO ABRAHAM logun o, ki i se ariwo oja at all. Hallelujah 7

  8. Omo cele ni mi says:

    1 Samuel chapter 5, When the Philistines took the ark of covenant of God to the house of their idol dagon, Orissa dagoni subulule, o wo lori, tapa tesan e kan. In chapter 6 vs 19 of the same book of Samuel God killed thousands for what ANU claimed that he did. Still on the alter which symbolizes the ark of covenant of God in CCC in 2 Samuel chapter 6 vs 7 the Almighty God killed uzzah for touching the ark, o ma fe ran Olorun lowo ni. Ephesians 6 vs 5 to 8 ‘ servant, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ. Not with eye service as menpleasers .,…….’ I hope with the following passages you understand what is wrong with you and where you have lost it, please find yourself before it is too late. Most people go to church because someone said Oluso yen gbona, o n pa Idan gan ni. Ajayi you don’t even no the power in the name Jesus Christ in celestial church. Bibeli wipe, e LA oju e ko fi riran e ni eti e ko fi gboran. Every Sunday you sing Oh Christ my king on your kneels and yet you opened your mouth gbalaja calling attention to what is not. ‘Iwa rere no n toro fun yin, eyin wooli MI gbogbo ………… All you have being writing is to discourage the true and fervent worshippers from attending the church. Ka to da eniyan, God had already sent Satan and the falling angels to this world, the book of job said that when the sons of God gathered Satan joined them as well, stop diverting the attention of celestials to where there is no salvation. Salvation is only in the name Jesus Christ on which pillar celestials stand. People like ANU Ajayi have accused several Shepards in CCC world of ‘te pepe nidi’ but listen and underline their words very well, and what you will here is that they are better than these Shepard’s. A won O!L!E ibi ti won ko gbin si Lan fe ti ka. On promiscuity obirin to ba n se agbere bi ko ba panara e, a pa oko. @ least 80% of attendance in churches are women, and they always seek one on one attention of the Shepard of the church, and as the Shepard would want to please and attend to them individually on counseling you labelled them as promiscuous. For women that seduces and get Shepard to sleep with you, go and make your findings ,won ki n Jere oko and if they are still courting the man, won ma n padanu gbehin ni, it is not anyone’s doing, ase Oluwa ni to protect the Shepard’s. The book of psalms says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. Ko fi egba won le omo ijo kannkan lowo. Seek the face of God when you go for worship, minister to the Shepard and the church as much as God as blessed you with interact with the Shepard’s when its needful and go to your HOUSE!!!!!! Stop seducing and harassing the Shepard’s in CCC world wide. Shepard’s and Celestians be careful of Anu Ajayi’s in your congregation, they act as saints and people see them as such but they are FRAUDS. HIJACKERS ibi ti won ko gbin si lo ti fe ka. They will flood your church with members, later they start imposing conditions on you and if you say No to their demands, then they show you their vampire skils, won ki n fe lo lowo ofo, ajegbodo ni won o ……

    • Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

      Anonymous God Bless your Spirit of Discernment BIG time, Ameeen. Truly Omo Cele is trully OWOLABI under Coverage.

      Look Owolabi, Ohun ti ko da Lo’ruko meji, Kp daa ni. You have Sold yourself out here many times in the name of comments. You are defending yourseft @ every SINGLE remark. You are justifying your evil deeds o ma se ooo, when evil takes total Control of ones mind, his sense of reasoning becomes Statically Posessed.

      You may think you are what, Smart, Intelligent, Clever hnnnnn, O ku Iseju kan. What goes around comes around.

      Very Soon am going to post you and all your members like Peace that Fat Silly boy you hooked your boys Ajeku with.

      I have all your reall names, pictures you will all Smell yourselves. I don’t know this Ajayi guy, never met him but from all indications YOU HATE HIM BECAUSE HE SENIOR YOU IN ALL SPHERES OF LIFE.




      • Omo cele ni mi says:

        @ tawaka.I see that you have really being following my comments, if your “discerning spirit” tells you that omo cele ni MI is the same as Shepard Owolabi, then o discern seere, ofonnothing, but I might be tempted to attend the parish this Sunday because it only means that Shepard Owolabi is a very focused man of God who is dedicated to the word of God. He relies on the word of God more than hear say. He is not distracted by ariwo ero, but believes more on ‘ki ile Oluwa ko pa roro” when people like tawaka comes to him toncomplain about other members of the Church, igba, awo, ikoko baba isasun thatnhas not being placed well, Oluso Oni maa n lora lati fesi ni. If you think that I am Shepard Oni, then I am very sure that he must be meditating on Gods word, praying and seeking Gods face on this issue, which is what I known that I will do, no wonder he never commented or responded to your write-ups. Thank you Shepard Oni for not disappointing the omo Cele’s. Tawaka When you did not attend the watchnight service se won ni ijoko e sofo ni, tabi ibi toti lo se isin, se won ni ti won ko ba ri e won ko ni dogba fun esin ni, that is if you had attended any ‘cos your type, ile yin tabi ile ijo le ti n ki HNY. Rather rather looking for what is not right in a church, go and read your bible and meditate on the word. Joshua said that this law shall not depart from my lip but I shall meditate on it day and night.

  9. Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

    Wonderful!!! Ven. Evang. If not for your reference to following the Instruction from Jehovah Almighty, I would have tell you 1 or 2 things concerning your findings inside the Altar of JAH. But as I have acted in Strange Manners which nobody seems to Comprehend my Actions.

    You so Called Elders of CCC New Jerusalem Parish Manchester, Walahi you all need to wake up from your Slumber if not,…….This Owolabi man will end up killing Someone and you will all PAY THROUH YOUR NOSE.

    Mr/Miss Peace and the Idiot that cammed me a Name, what have you to say to this???

    Mr Reporter you have done a great Job here. Kudos to you Sir,. I hope Elders of CCC will do something about this shaa!!!!!…..

    YeyeOlomoPlenty JesusBae1luv Tayese1 Cares for All

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