Anu Ajayi’s Exposé On Shepherd Oni, His Journey From London To Manchester

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When I came from London, my intention was to go to LIVERPOOL to setup my own church of which my father in the Lord, BABA Nunoyon knew about my plan to move to LIVERPOOL to set up my parish there. And also the shepherd  of CCC The Rehoboth parish London, my mentor, SUP/Evang. Yemi Adesiyan knew about my plans of opening my own parish there.

When I got to Manchester the Lord directed me to New Jerusalem Parish to do his work, because He has a lot of work for me in that Parish, and the Lord asked me not to work for anyone again but in His House. And for the past two years I have been doing what the Lord asked me to do, His work in His house  free of charge for no cost from anybody, neglecting my family in this process, working late nights; And I wasn’t based on any salary or benefit from the church. I was working for God because He directed me to New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester.  When I got to the parish I observed some things are not being done appropriately in accordance with CCC doctrine.

  1. There was no Lantern in the Altar of God in New Jerusalem Parish, and I noticed the shepherd lives in the church.
  2. Hourly service was neglected, and the shepherd will be in his office.
  3. Wednesday 9am service for the needy was also neglected and the shepherd didn’t care about all the devotional services.
  4. And the prophet and prophetess service for Friday’s 10am to 12 noon was also neglected.

Then I approached the Shepherd about the significant reason of a Lantern in the Altar of CCC church and also the devotional services that were not taking place in the church and the spiritual implications to the church. When I noticed he was taking to all the observations that I brought to his notice then I asked the Shepherd what is the cost of a befitting lantern so that I can give him money to purchase it for the church, because it is very important for a lantern to be in the Altar of God in tune with CCC doctrine.

He gave me the price of the Lantern which I gave him the money and he purchased it and he put in the Altar of God, I was also the one providing the lantern paraffin for 6 months from my pocket, and there was excess paraffin then I stopped. The third Sunday when I got to the church in the morning before the service I was called by Prophet Daniel Adome that all the church members had decided that they don’t want shepherd Owolabi Oni in the church anymore, they wanted me to join them in the meeting of sending the Shepherd away from the church because of the atrocities he had committed since he got to that parish. There was this particular issue he committed with his close friend’s brother, Ade’s girlfriend, and all the incident was recorded in the laptop and the laptop was brought to the meeting, when they were about to play the shepherd Owolabi Oni’s recorded Video With his close friend girlfriend I was the one that stopped them from playing it, and I told brother Ade to delete the video and give Shepherd Owolabi Oni a second chance. Then I said any one among us that has not sinned before God should be the one to throw the first stone, and that was how I made peace that very day for him.

And I also promised to talk to him to change his ways and even Bayo Oduniyi his evil counterpart was there on that day amongst the people that were saying Owolabi must go on that day and he couldn’t utter a word in that meeting to defend Shepherd Owolabi. All CCC parishes in Manchester knew about the incident that I saved him from. After the incident he lost his respect and dignity amongst the church members because of the atrocities he committed.

I was the one that regained back his respect. After the incident when he talked in church people murmured and they refused to listen to him, I always stand up to defend him amidst the  members on his behalf that they should show him some respect that he is God’s representative in this parish. After the incident he called me that he had something to discuss with me in his office, that he has secured  a job and he would like me to support him with the church activities, because his job is delivery and he may not be around for days, and he doesn’t want when people come to church and not meet anyone there.

He said because he not in capacity to do anything spiritually. On that spot I told him my intention of moving to Liverpool and established my own parish, he now said, “ don’t please, the good things you have started in this parish do you just want it to die like that without nurturing it to a certain level? You can’t go like this oh!” Because of that statement he made I now referred back to all my previous four observations to him about putting things right, he now said you see why I don’t want you to go now. He said please support me for a while before you leave.

I asked him why is prophet Daniel Adome not doing the Friday prophets and prophetess service for the church and I also asked him why was Prophet Daniel not made Wolider of the church and he said do I notice he doesn’t know how to read and write, and I asked him that why are you saying this? He said can’t I see that he hasn’t conduct any services since I came to the parish and I kept quite. He said that was why he said I should take charge and put all my observations in place in the parish, I reminded him that I may leave at anytime, he said why are you going, we will build this church together. Then I started putting all my observations to make things work out.

At that point I started working in the church from Monday’s to Sunday’s working wholeheartedly in the church attending to members, doing the weekdays services, especially the Wednesday service which became very popular in Manchester, even none members were coming for the program then. This was when the problem started. The so called Bayo Oduniyi who was in the church for ages, whenever I am about to end the service with the grace , Oduniyi that was not at the service from the beginning will just come in and interrupt the grace from the back without  anyone noticing that he was even in the church at all. So I will drop the grace and allow him to finish the grace. He did that for two weeks and I reported to the elders of the church and they called him and said but you were in this church when nobody and you did not pick up all this service when it was down, and this man pick them up and you when to interrupt the program. They asked him to apologize to me which he did and I forgave him and we hugged. Not knowing that it was just a camouflage. The second week he started showing jealousy and hatred towards me and also poisoning the shepherd Owolabi mind towards me, that the way people coming to the church because of the programs I was anchoring and my popularity in the church, the members and none members have accepted me and as a revivalist that if care is not taking I will take over the church from him.

From then I notice the shepherd was became cold towards me and I went to see him in his office to find out why he changed towards me, and he said, “I didn’t change towards you, is just that some members are telling me that you are now becoming more popular than me, that if care is not taking you will take over the church from me and chase me away.” At that point I reminded him about my early plans of moving to Liverpool to start up my own parish and that if I wanted to take over from you I would have joined the other members when they wanted to chase him  away then.

I told him that did he remember that it’s this same Oduniyi who was among the people that said that you shepherd Owolabi must go. After the incident I and my family left the church, for three month. We started going to another church, it was a shepherd from Nigeria that came on a visit that gave me the massage that some people had offended you to the extent of vowed not to associate with them again, that the Lord said they are coming to apologies and  l should accept their apologies because of my work you are doing there…To my surprise after three days the church patron, Evang Opeyemi  OJO came to my house on behalf of the church to plead that I should come back to their church of which I accepted their apology, because of the  program l got ,l didn’t go back immediately he came, two weeks after, an elderly woman  called me from the church that  they wanted to have a meeting with me that l should please honor them, which l accepted .The church elders and the women were present at the meeting except BAYO ODUNIYI, they all apologised that l should please come back to their church and continue the work of God.

One week after BAYO ODUNIYI, Owolabi  ONI and JIDE ELEGBE who changed his name to peace on social media with the aim of raising false allegations against l and my wife. There was an issue of a woman That l should give her jingle bell water (OMI INU AGOGO) after given her, OWOLABI ONI called emergency meeting he said that the woman l gave water to is his candidate after collecting £50 from the woman and the woman picture, after then he changed the church padlock, since then l only go to their church once in a month”…To be continued in our next post.

37 responses to “Anu Ajayi’s Exposé On Shepherd Oni, His Journey From London To Manchester”

  1. Fatoyinbo Abel says:

    Alot of things are going wrong on this page and CCC generally, we find it difficult to manage trival issues that optimum caution and discipline is required to tackle …… Following the story from the onset, i come to discover that no orderliness in CCC, the elders dont know their place,some people are here to purposely earn cheap recognition…..OMG, We seriously need discipline in Celestial Church of Christ. All hands must be on deck to resolve this issue and the leaders in that region should do the needful because all these jagoons comments and personality attacks are not needed. And to the moderator or co-ordinator of this page,if truly you are a Celestian please ensure you put up measures to show that you meant good for our dear church…. Peace be upon us

  2. Eld. Abel says:

    Alot of things are going wrong on this page and CCC generally, we find it difficult to manage trival issues that optimum caution and discipline is required to tackle …… Following the story from the onset, i come to discover that no orderliness in CCC, the elders dont know their place,some people are here to purposely earn cheap recognition…..OMG, We seriously need discipline in Celestial Church of Christ. All hands must be on deck to resolve this issue and the leaders in that region should do the needful because all these jagoons comments and personality attacks are not needed. And to the moderator or co-ordinator of this page,if truly you are a Celestian please ensure you put up measures to show that you meant good for our dear church…. Peace be upon us

  3. Albert Timmy says:

    I have read through the posts by both parties and all I can deduce from it is jealousy.Shepherd Owolabi allowed jealousy and anger to becloud is sense of reasoning by stabbing evang Ajayi on the face. Even if it was the victim that provoked the shephard,he should be able to control is temper or what is he teaching is congregation about patience and humility.I for one know evang Ajayi as a humble,loving and spiritual man of God that has passion for God’s work.If not for the weak leadership we have in celestial church,the shephard ought to be sanctioned, to serve as deterrent to other “Mike Tyson” so called Men of God that preach with their mouth but their hearts are filled with filths.

  4. Sup/Evan From KETU says:

    Finally! Finally!! Finally!!!
    KETU I.H.Q has confirmed AJAYI’S anointment certificate to be authentic from.
    So let the truth be Out and let devil be ashamed,
    It’s now obvious that you guys do not have any of the requirements!!! and you started your PROPAGANDA on the innocent man AJAYI that he is not a SHEPHERD NOR WORKER and what is he doing among shepherd washing of feet.
    If you have any doubt!!!!!

  5. Lizzy Tovide says:

    Evangelist Anu is a very good Man ,he stands for truth always. And which I know he Will over come ijn

  6. 1 of ur CONCUBINES says:

    You this OMO CELE NI MI, you are encouraging OWOLABI with his evil act, by the time his facing the consequences, he will be left alone ok!!!

    • ade says:

      And what is the consequences. Least he gets deported, and from all stories written, is evang ajayi not an illegal immigrant. So if the immigration is reading this, let them look into his immigration status

      • Wale says:

        We are talking about wat d so called shepherd did here and u are talking about immigration….
        It is very obvious ur sences are not walking well
        My advice for u, don’t be like ur fighter shepherd ooo

      • Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

        Are, I can see your bitterness towards this Ajayi man. You will be Surprised and Put to Shame if you are both asked to tender your Stay Permit….mumu

      • Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

        Hahahahaha Ade, read further down and Hug a Transformer, AJAI IS HER MAJESTY’S SON BY NATIONALITY……LOBADI GOBE FOR YOU NONENTITY IN THAT PARISH.

    • Omo cele ni mi says:

      @ 1 of your concubines. I don’t usually respond to your likes because you are so obvious. Your type just come to church with 6 stepped pancake powder, jewellery gbangba + transparent sutana. No tangib!e responsibility that you do in the vineyard. Your tagert is for the Oluso to notice you and the mission is to sleep with you. Common slangs among your type is ‘ti Oluso yii ko ba tie femi, ki n sa ti ni omo kan fun ni sa’, ti n ba ti n ri omo yen mo ti tan mo Oluso naa ni yen. You don’t need to be crying ibosi now, omo elepo ni e, you can easily lo tun igo e fo now. In the bible when Sarah asked Abraham to sleep with Hagai God told him to go ahead, even after Isaac Abraham still had 6 other children with another wife.. God did not condemnn him for that. @ a point he even introduced himself to the Israelites as God of Abraham your father. Solomon had many wives and concubines but the bible only recorded Rehoboam as his son. David went to the extreme of killing a man to marry Basheba the mother of Solomon, Gods anger on him was for an short time, God loved David so much that he said that David is a man after my heart ,Dafidi eni ni okan mi ni’ we call our Lord Jesus Christ ‘The son of David, the root of Jesse’ I am sure at one point or the other you must have mentioned ‘Oh God of Oshofaa, Olorun Oshofa’ All these my fathers in the lord at one time had concubines. God love Abraham so much that he said to Himself will I hide this thing I am going to do to Sodom and Gomorrah from MY FRIEND ABRAHAM!!! Do you know that Abraham has a mansion in heaven? This is just to let you know that ohun ti a ba se nipa ti ara, ti ara ni, ohun ti a ba se nipa ti emi, emi ni. This is just to respond to your comment let’s not go there? Ko si ohun titun ka labe Orun to fe ni o sese sele si Iwo, o ti sele ri, and you are not the end of the story to such. Iwo ni ko rin irin e si iwaju ko ye ma lo ma re idi niwaju a won Oluso kiri, otherwise wa a ni idigi 10, just counting lo ma pe, Ko si Oluso kankan to le fe iru e yi, a won IYA yard ma n wa very polite and highly conservative, not I go expose you, e ti mo n kan kan, pure garbage. You better change your ways ko le ni ibujo ayo, ki Olorun le fun e ni ade ogo ni ile oko.

  7. Mr Joseph says:

    Yes, this is exactly the real fact behind this story. Ever since I’ve been a member of this church ,I have known that Bayo oduniyi and Jide elegbe are the one causing problems and confusion in the church. They posses all evil qualities and also the one passing the shepherd till he messes himself up totally this time. They both turn the church upside down. Ever since Mr Ajayi had stopped attending the church , we don’t longer enjoy our services any more and most especially the Wednesdays services. Our shepherd is now the one facing the consequences, what a pity & shame for an elderly man to be pushed wrongly without thinking twice. But I strongly know that OLU IJOMIMO will take up this case to vindicate Mr Ajayi and the evil ones will take regret their actions terribly. As a member of New Jerusalem parish Manchester, me and lots of our Church members are really against the foolish action of our Shepherd and his so called counterparts who were his enemies before and now turned out to be his friends in other to destroy him. And as for Mr Ajayi , to say the fact , God has greatly used him positively in our parish and no doubt about that. But no matter how good you are, there will still be some people to envy, antagonize and hate you for no reason. But as for me and majority in the church Mr Ajayi is a very good product and reputable man of God. So its better we say the truth and let the devil be ashamed. This is my own quota. Thanks

  8. Omo cele ni mi says:

    I have being expecting this writeup for some days now. Thank God you are healthy enough to write ara e ti ya, oju e ti heal up Hallelujah! I will comment even though I have not read or listen to Oluso Oni’s side of the story. One of my Aunts used to say that it is better to be called a fool than to open your mouth wide and remove all doubts. The fact that he has not said anything does not make what you are saying right. The opposite of black is not always white. ‘Ilu gangan laiye, based on your own writeup for now I will comment ‘iro lo ba de’ God did not send you to that parish otherwise you would not keep repeating in your writing that you told the Shepard you where leaving, ‘opolo e ri ibitutu to fe ba si ni. Let’s assumed that God sent you, most arrogant Christians believe God send them to teach, correct and take over, ‘ofo ojo ekeji oja’ most times the Holy Spirit direction is for YOU TO LEARN, ‘yara lati gbo’ God left Eli the aged priest to speak with the child Samuel, there is a purpose for that. Pastor Adeboye of the RCCG mentioned some time ago that a Lady tried to seduce him in his office and he had to box her out of his office. Another man of God is facing tribulation in Nigeria based on the lies of a girl, many ministers have faced such and many will still face promiscuous allegations against them. Some have kept mute just as Shepard ONI has done while others have tried to defend themselves like Pastor Suleiman in Nigeria, but does that make the allegations against them right NO!!!!! Eniyan lo n wo oju, okan ni oba adakeedajo n wo..The fact that you and your wife have taken to the web displaying so much garbage has said everything about your persons meanwhile Oluso Oni who has said nothing with his wife, I believe he is not single, has earned not just an applause but a standing ovation. He is truly a matured Christian, he will not wash dirty linen outside. ‘Ile eni lati n je ekute onidodo. I empathize with Shepard Oni, New Jerusalem parish Manchester if Ajayi’s family still attend the church ‘e Ku iroju or any other parish he might be going ‘e Ku igbalejo Oran, pason ta fi na iyale n, o n be lo Anu Ajayi ……..’ For mentioning events and individual names in the church, go and mark your calendar today for as much as God called baba Oshoffa ijo Olorun ati ise oluwa a ma te si iwaju ni. Your worldly wisdom can not take you far ask for divine wisdom with humility and God will give you a true and great portion in His vine yard. Ko ye lo odun mejimeji ninu ijo ma tu ijo ka kiri, Oluwa n wo o, o n wo ise OWO e. You can easily deceive people and get them to sympathies with you, but can you deceive the author and the finisher of all faith. Ye dun mahurumahuru BP mo congregation, kuro ni ile mi kii se kuro laiye. Awon ti e se iru e si lana won ti de tan lati wa je oba leyin Lori ni. Remember isore aiye, isota Olorun. A word is enough for the wise.

    • 1 of ur CONCUBINES says:

      Hmmmmm!!! Owolabi you are a disgrace to the shepherdship fold,you no dey shame,with all this atrocities u committed in Ajayi,s write up ,so you are comparing yourself with the real man of God that has no are an adulterous ,this is not the matter of girls seducing you have a wife?you only got concubines with one one child all over the world.which I,m one of them .Is better you don’t go there or else hmmmmm

    • Samaritan says:

      Omo Cele what do you call yourself, you’re agent of devil people like you should be throw out of celestial, You guys knew the truth but refused to say it. Ere ise re sa ni iwo yio je, kaluku yin yio je ti re, very soon all the weeds in Jerusalem parish shall be cast out, Jerusalem has no enemies anywhere, you guys are the enemy of that parish you guys should repent before is too late. As for you Owolabi you’re in the mist of enemies believe it or not those guys are digging a pit in front of you and cover it with cloth when you fall into it they will back up. Pretend as if all is not well then you will see other side of your faithful friends, I know you’ve realized your mistakes but your arogancy and backing from your bad supporters will not let you do the right thing, A word is enough for a wise.

    • Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

      Omo Cele, you make me laugh, is like you are one of Owolabi’s FikaRodi, in fact you kind should not be found close to WHERE GOD’S NAME IS BEEN MENTIONED. CHAIII Omo Cele indeed.

  9. Ogunrotimi Opeyemi says:

    OK o my own advise plslet peace reign in our church o pls e fi emi sons o Oluwa ko ni pana emi wa o Mr Anu eku use Oluwa pls be careful o more grease to ur elbow

  10. Alayo Lobade says:

    Owolabi oni has nothing to denying because when the incident happened, the news was all over Manchester. People still have all the proof and evidence concerning that. Hardly he knows that the people pushing him are his greatest enemy. They want to exposed him but they don’t know how to go about, that’s why they push him to a man of God. Lo ba fori jona. Lo ba gboorun ara re. Lobatan

  11. Mrs Olabanji says:

    What!!!!!!!!!! What kind of Shepherd is this. How could a CCC Shepherd neglect and boycott these important services in the church. Which doctrine is that? What a big shame and surprise.This clearly shows that he is a fake shepherd. I wonder how he share the grace and the entire church says amen. No wonder he couldn’t control his temper to the extent that he stab a member out of jealousy. This criminal must be banned from the church or else he will commit more atrocities than this. The CCC authority must surely look into this matter, so that this fake shepherd won’t continue to tarnish the church’s image. Halleluyah

  12. Alayo Lobade says:

    To all of you that gangs against Anu Ajayi and the family shame on you. Envying and adulterous people. Anu Ajayi is a good man and goodness is about character, integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral, courage and the like. And he has all these qualities. Why do you want to kill him. Instead of you to pray to be like him. God will reward you all.

  13. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    VMSE Anu Ajayi, to God be the Glory. On this your account, I will wait for Shepherd Owolabi to present his side, by refuting, denying or confirming within 72hrs ( o gb’ejo eti kan da…..) After this, I will personally get involved in the management of the fracas and truth and justice shall prevail. With the likes of Sup Evang Segun Owolabi (Manchester 1), Sup Feyi Atere (Bristol Parish and Circuit Head), Sup Evang Adenuga(Salvation Ark), Sup Evang Bayo Oduwole (Glasgow Parish), to mention a few, the Lord El Rabboni shall prevail. Although Iam in Sweden but my able friend and soldier of Christ in CCC is there with you in UK. Call him, Sup Segun Omoba on +447534974661. The Lord is good.

    • Superior Evang Segun Omoba says:

      Halleluyah to all in the house. Iam not here to take sides but state the facts. I have come to bury Caesar, not to praise him ……
      Iam hereby informing that VMSE Anu called me as directed by my father and friend, Baba Aihonsu. My account hereby is on what I heard from and saw in him through the IMO. I will implore Shepherd Owolabi to react to all claims by Anu Ajayi above please. For those of us getting involved, we need to trek carefully because the UK Authorities are monitoring these posts and comments, even if you write in your dialect, it will be decoded and use as evidences. I learnt that this is gone beyond the church authorities but we can still calm down the waves, if we do genuinely care. I can categorically confirm that as at 10am today, VMSE Anu can not open his left eye. This issue is now a Manslaughter case involving a subject (citizen) of Her Majesty. Trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake an…. hhhhhmmmm

      • ade says:

        Please sir, what if Sup owolabi is not aware of this site. Demanding a reply is not mandatory. Let Aina go ahead and do what he feels is right. And the lord shall prevail

      • Superior Evang Segun Omoba says:

        My brother/sister in the Lord, Ade
        Iam aware that Shepherd Owolabi is aware of this forum and site. He brought the story up first before the various responses. To you that claimed Anu Ajayi to be an illegal immigrant, I want to notify you that all of us are illegal immigrants by political and geographical dispensation but in the spiritual sense, devout members are citizens. Let it be noted that, by law, once there is issue of blood involved in an argument, humanity takes priority. Criminality sentence is worse than immigration issues. And even, if and if Anu Ajayi is an illegal as claimed, he may be lucky with amnesty and Her Majesty pardon. We should address the issues at hand and not the personalities involved.

        Grievous Bodily Harm with intent to kill
        Desecration of the Holy Altar
        Obstructing Community Peace
        Inciyement of Violence… to mention a few

  14. Olufunmi ibk says:

    Interesting…………… Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju Oluwa

  15. Omo Baba Jerimoyamah says:

    I am speechless.

  16. Mr Blessing says:

    O ga ooooooooo, ninu ijo mimo yiiii naa. This is so pathetic. Wicked people with evil thoughts and ways. This is a factual prove to this case, envy and jealousy is the reason why the Evangelist was almost killed by the wicked shepherd. Think twice ……….
    God is watching you all. And for Evang Anu , may the power and glory of God In your life continue to multiply more and more. Bless you

  17. Bro Oluwatosin Ekundayo says:

    CCC hymns say…Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju oluwa, ati ewe ati agba a o si rojo wa……I wish evangelist Aanu quick recovery……what an easy going man

  18. Ifeoluwa says:

    The truth is finally out ooo
    Dey now want to send Bro Anu away so dat dey can share d church members and dey all will ave dere candidates to collect more money from dem bcos God has used him to grow d church
    Evil pple change ur ways life is not about money alone dere is a lot to life ”’ki la o wi,ki la o so”
    So wat will u tell GOD ALMIGHTY Wat will d so called shepherded tell GOD I pity u all u want to kill Bro Anu bcos of d money u want to make from d members wat a shame know wonder u want to kill him……….
    oya come and comment to save ur evil face again as u ave been doing since ur secret has been out we are expecting u ooo
    But we are not stupid we all knw d truth

  19. Alayo Lobade says:

    Unbelievable, can you see how you exposed yourself olusho owolabi or whatever you call yourself. Where are the people behind you now. Those people behind you are your greatest enemy. Ijo maa jo lo mo n weyin e, o ti di ijo iwonikan.

    • Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

      Also Lobade, what goes around comes around dear, whatever you sow, shall you reap. Evil has been going on there for long and JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY sent his Servant to Liberate them….Glory Halleluyah You are really blessed AJAI my brother, Keep on Bouncing in the Spirit of SBJO……Shame unto Satan and his agents.

      Owolabi you brought this story out with the hope to Destroy the True Servant of JAH, see your life now. Anyway you gain something, YOU ARE KNOWN FOR YOUR EVIL ACTS IN CCC…..KUDOS BOI!!!!

  20. Osas says:

    it’s a pity wat sum ppl will do in d house of God.
    mercyful is our God.

  21. Temmy says:

    Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju Oluwa, A tewe, ati agba a o si rojo wa. CCC hymn 283.
    Ole ki tidi mu ejo ro

  22. Olumide says:

    As if I am watching movie pls continue the story oooo.

    • OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

      Olumide, hope you Started from day 1? If not, you have really missed. Go back to day 1 of BLOOD in the Altar. Eje Lobade o, on the Eve of Good Friday @ New Jerusalem Parish Manchester.

  23. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

    Lobafinished Candidate INSIDE the house of God…….ONIBARAA, what is Owolabi Selling ooo, £50 for Omi Agogoo haaa Omo IjoMimo now am getting something Clear here…..Peace and what is your Name again, I told you Buys is a Season film….Okay nau…. Let us Continue OOO.

    Olomoplenty is on this, I tell you no turning back…..TO BE CONTINUED LOBADE JOOR!!!!

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