Anu Ajayi’s Wife Writes #CNO Over Her Husband’s Attack At New Jerusalem Parish

April 22, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 20 Comments »

Wife of V/M/S/E Anuoluwapo Ajayi whose husband was given a head-butt by the shepherd of New Jerusalem Parish, Evang. Owolabi Simon Oni, has reacted to the on-going fisticuffs between the church and her husband.

In a letter to #CNO, the cleric’s better half said having caused her family serious injuries, the church never came to check on him throughout his stay in the hospital with his son, who collapsed on seeing his dad with blood gushing out of his head.

Here is her message, “Hello, my people am writing this on behalf of my LOVELY HUSBAND, V/M/S/E  AANUOLUWAPO  AJAYI the person that BAYO ODUNIYI  and OWOLABI SIMON ONI so called Shepherd AND BABAJIDE ELEGBE  wanted to kill but the Lord Almighty saved him;

After what they did to my husband on 11/4/2017 the next day the church elders came to my house to plead for the wicked people because OWOLABI SIMON ONI IS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT LIVING IN UK.

He told them that he has forgiven all he did to him also he prayed for the so called OWOLABI SIMON ONI, ask them ooo. …BABA IJO said he told OWOLABI and ODUNNIYI not to come around the church premises until they show themselves to the POLICE. When POLICE came, my husband was pleading on their behalf to let the CCC BODY Settle the case and he was begging even when in pains. The POLICE made a point, about the church, and my husband was defending the church that the innocent members ( kan ma ba ri akoba ) he said that the church Elders told them not to come near the church premises until they report themselves  to the POLICE and my husband kept pleading on their behalf.

The next day my husband fainted, I called AMBULANCE FOR MY SON AND MY HUSBAND because my SON got immediately he saw his DAD in the pool of blood, shouting daddy, daddy, daddy!!! My SON AND MY HUSBAND WERE ON SICK BED, none of the church members bordered about my family’s health. They went to CelestialNewsOnline.Com and other social media platforms TO POST HIS PICTURE WITH FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST I AND MY HUSBAND.


We made a move to have the husband too react to the whole issue and his response is coming out in our next post.

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20 responses to “Anu Ajayi’s Wife Writes #CNO Over Her Husband’s Attack At New Jerusalem Parish”

  1. OPEODU Abayomi says:

    God will take care of your family

  2. Aiyetan sunday says:

    You will know good people by the way they react to crucial issues like this,some people address this matter as if VMSE Anu ajayi is contending to be the Shepherd of new Jerusalem parish Manchester but envyness comes up when you see your weakness in other people’s strength but as a man of God,calmness and devotions will build you….I advice Mr owolabi and co to repent from adultery because the church is holy..nevertheless I need to correct some impression about setting a new church.celestial church is not to be built for money making but build in the holy ghost and that is what VMSE Anu ajayi portray but this is seriously lacking in the heart of Mr owolabi…. Sorry I can’t call you an evangelist or Shepherd because you didn’t worth to be call a man of God

  3. Akinsola Damilare says:

    I have been waiting patiently to have the side of my good bro (Anu Ajayi)before commenting on this rather unfortunate scenario in one of our various(CCC) parishes in the is especially unfortunate because shepherds who are suppose to be bastions of the peace-loving dispositions that CCC represents are the ones portraying it’s exactly opposite.Be that as it may my fifty cents advise is to my brother(Anu Ajayi) to please sheathe the sword and move on in the name of Christ the owner of CCC and who we all are going to give account for in the last day.The shepherd of the church (Owolabi ONI) acted weird undoubtedly and his behavior unbecoming of a shepherd who is suppose to be a father and leader to all,but then sir it goes without saying that you also have faults.For one there can’t be two captains in a boat,it will definitely cause a confusion that can derail the sail of the boat.That you decided to show up at shepherd’s washing of feet as a representative of a church when the shepherd of the church is also present and without his consent as probably one of the three representatives of the church smacks of rebellion,your being a registered shepherd notwithstanding.That you also came to Ketu to receive the rank of venerable apparently to undermine the shepherd is also not too good sir.if you feel the shepherd is spiritually immature to shepherd you,then you don’t have any business in the parish anymore.I am sure there are so many CCC parishes in Manchester that will found your sterling leadership qualities useful to their growth and progress or you rather set up your own parish if you have been directed by God to so do and dissipate your spiritual energy nurturing it to growth and maturity.Striving and rebellion doesn’t have a place in CCC and shepherd’s authority can’t be undermined,a lot of people have indulged in it in the past and have had themselves to blame for it.The way the kingdom of God operates is reaping whatever you have sown my brother please do your best not to sow discord and strife in that church so it won’t also come to bear on yours in the future remember that bible quote which says “follow peace with all men with which no one can see God” so make peace with the shepherd and depart from that parish in peace if need be or you continue to work their in peace until God calls you out.i have tremendous respect for you and will want to see you in the future as one of the foremost shepherd in this fold setting good examples for young ones to follow and I won’t fail to point out to you anything that can impede that because as one of your protégés in the then UNAD students parish you didn’t teach us that.I am also an apprentice shepherd in a church here in Nigeria and I know that no shepherd will tolerate everything that has happened between you and your shepherd.Be assured always of my highest regard.Alleluia

  4. Alayo Lobade says:

    To all you that said Anu Ajayi and the family are not a good person, how do you measure a good person, or how do you know a good person. You say that because you are all evil, hypocrites and devil itself. Where you all blind when your so called olusho oni owolabi was begging this man Anu Ajayi to stay to build the church together with him. Because no one in the church honour the so call olusho. I have been in that church so many times and I see how the members disrespect him because of his adulterous life. You all will rot in Hell if you don’t repent and ask for forgiveness. The Holy Ghost fire that will consume you is still doing some exercise.

  5. Akin omo Akin says:

    @ olaide. @ omo cele ni mi— firstly your stupidity tells on your wrong English writing. No wonder you judge in a mannerless way. I can sense you are all great losers and evil beings. CCC is not a church for people like you and your so called animalistic &evil Shepherd. You are such a worst example and personalities for the church. Believe and accept it today that you are the one who needs to depart total from CCC worldwide for good, the church doesn’t deserve animals, rogues and cultist like you. It is called IJO MIMO . plsssssss we beg you to leaveeeeee totallyyyyyyy. Your Jealousy is killing you already and will destroy you total. Evang Ajayi is totally incomparable with your devilish and fake shepherd without authentic certificate . He is spiritually, physically, morally and psychologically endowed. He is indeed an Evangelist and prophet to be proud of, no doubt. Well , Jesus Christ was also envied and persecuted by his antagonists. Carry go sir , higher you go.

    • Omo cele ni mi says:

      @ akin omo akin, the bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge. Your thought is very shallow that is why you could not see beyond your nose. Ti oju ba fi ara bale ni dandan ari imu. Your inexperience could not make you see and smell the real wolf in sheep’s clothing. According to you I might be an illiterate but it is soooo obvious tht IWO GAN KO KA OGBON ORI, so I will give you an instance if you grew from Sunday school to the adult church and to any position you might be holding in CCC if at all you have any. You saw a boy A beating a boy named B, as an adult you move closer to them and clapped the back of A based on what you saw. Later a boy C comes closer to you and tells you that sir. boy B had for a long time being taunting, harassing, bulling and at a point that he pushed him to the ground when no one was watching and that boy A just reacted when he could not take the harassment any longer. No body is saying that boy A has being a good or bad boy before then, but the question is did you adult found out what really happened between them before you punished one for the other or you based your judgement on what you thought you saw. Anu can continue to deceive your likes ki I se iru awon kan. May God give you discerning spirit, ko le gboorun asebi lati okerere wa.

  6. Ifeoluwa says:

    Brother Anu and his wife are very gud pple
    And I know God will fight dis battle for d family in Jesus name

  7. Eniola says:

    My sister God will heal your family, please sue them to court and let the BA authority deport the stupid shepherd that can’t control is anger, mi o mo eru emi mimo to wa lara e, awon emi kasa bubu.

  8. Olaide says:

    Mrs Ajayi , you can see that, you are not welcome in that parish, Base on your claim that none of the member came or call to check on your family. It means you and your husband is not a good person. As for shepherd, is act of shame on the parish. Then you said your husband is a sherpard, why don’t you and your husband go to another parish or have your own church before it’s get to this. If you serve a true God , it will uphold your family.

  9. Omo cele ni mi says:

    From your write up here it is obvious that some lines are not filled, an half truth story is being played out here. For instance if your husband is a registered Shepard why can’t he just go and start his own parish rather than causing confusion in a parish that has already a Shepard in charge. One church one Shepard. If you feel too old humble yourself before the Almighty God and his son whom he has placed as His representative in the church ‘e lo da ijo tiyin sole chikena’ enough of the confusion that such people has you causes in celestial fold world, you fight over positions and divert the congregations from Christ the head of the church, the number 1 Shepard to ko ni rival otherwise your types would want to take the position from Him only that none of you can never carry HIs cross.

  10. EVANG s. o. a. Toriola says:

    Hmn, well I will only advise the concerned family (Anuoluwapo Ajayi) to be patient, leave everything to God to judge. God will take care of you and the family.

  11. oppy j says:

    See my sis,it is just a matter of time, those people will be destroyed by God unless they repent and ask for forgiveness from God and your family because they have really hurt the family. May God console you.amen.

  12. Amusan Rufus says:

    When should CCC stop leadership problem.headship or no headship will not take somebody to heave

  13. Queen Esther says:

    Great kudos to you my blessed sister in the Lord. I really appreciate your courage , coming out this time to clear the air. I can see that you are such a blessed, loving ,strong and supportive wife and mother. And I pray that no matter how tough the journey is in all ramification you and your household will get to that promised land of yours IJMN. I know this is both spiritual and physical fight but be rest assured that the Lord has won it for you. You have been vindicated because the devil is a liar. Based on my findings on this case, I realised that this shepherd and his counterparts are behind this false accusations and blackmailing just to gain the support of the masses. Do they think all the masses observing this case are fools? Do they think their blackmails can reduce or stop the punishment they deserve? The answer is NO, This will even worsen the situation for them and they will really pay for this in a big way because a sinner will never go unpunished .ÇCC is a great spiritual church with holy being and can never be tarnished or destroyed by anybody. This shepherd is a big stain to CCC worldwide for his animalistic nature.Pls sir and ma (Evangelist & Mrs Ajayi) we really appreciate you in CCC both in Nigeria ,London and Manchester you are indeed a good sevant of God, just continue with your good work as you have been used to and watch the results of your accusers. I wish you and your son quick recovery and you will forever reap the fruit of your labour over them. You have been vindicated and we all love you all. IJO MIMO KOLE BAJE OOO. God bless you. Amen

  14. George Michael says:

    May d good Lord protect u n ur family 4 dis evil doers

  15. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    Thanks to CNO for filing the victim’side of the issue. Having gone through all submissions to date on this saga, the followings are my lines of observation.

    Washing of the feet for the clergymen is conducted by the Circuit Head, Sup Evangelist Feyi Atere (Bristol Parish). He has the right to verify the authenticity of the certificate which should only be given to shepherds.
    He spoke with the waring parties but he was ignored -LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE AUTHORITIES
    Accused shepherd headbutting the victim – ‘ inability to control his temper – ANGER MANAGEMENT
    Inability of the accused shepherd to visi in the office could be fear of the unknown DEPOŔTATION

  16. Funmi Adebayo says:

    One thing is certain, no matter how you try to tarnish a good man’s image, the lord will vindicate him. I have been waiting for comments from our sister, I applaud you for your support to your husband. There’s no hidden place for the wicked.

  17. Kenny says:

    According to CCC hymns, be it good or evil, thou shall be rewarded accordingly, those wolves will be judged accordingly cos God himself will fight ur battle. I pray the God of celestial heal ur family n u shall conquer all evil doers cos it has been said that no evil formed against us shall prosper. So shall it be. Shallom!!!

  18. Lizzy Tovide says:

    The gud lord we serve will surely vindicate and your family ijn

  19. Segun Ayoola says:

    I still remember what God use V/M/S/E Anuoluwapo Ajayi to do in cccsp unad (now EKSU) after a powerful ministrations many life was transformed back to God. His message for that Sunday still minister to me till tomorrow. The true God u serve will uphold u sir …

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