Any Age Limit For Transfered Shepherds In CCC?

May 28, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Give & Take / 3 Comments »

I have been wondering if there was an age limit for transferred Shepherds in our Church, CCC. #cno findings have revealed that there is none.

In Celestial Church of Christ right now the elders who are ageing do not want to leave the office for the younger generation because of one reason, to me, selfish interest. Their case is likened to politicians who often do not want to leave office after the expiration of their term. They turn out to be Oliver Twist, always wants more! But for a spiritual matter like ours, it requires strength and stability, once those two have failed, the work can rest.

Lots of young shepherds are struggling with finding a parish but just because the old ones have refused to rest and pass on to the younger ones, they’ll continue to struggle.

Many Celestial Church Shepherds are very old and weary and are supposed to have turned to teachers that would impact the emerging generation with their wealths of experience, they are the ones fighting to be transferred to a juicy and fertile parish where they can get more money on Ipin.

This, however, might have been one of the reasons a lot of seminarians who graduated from the Celestial Church seminary are doing nothing. The only option for them is to go lay a foundation so they can become a full-term Shepherd, nobody is ready to learn or serve under anybody.

Now we know why we have all kinds of untrained and untamed shepherds acting haphazardly, denting the image of the church since there is no central control.

I think the age limit should be considered to be inculcated into the Celestial Church constitution for shepherds on transfer.

I rest my case!


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3 responses to “Any Age Limit For Transfered Shepherds In CCC?”

  1. CCC-LOVE says:

    Let us all go back to the roots of SBJ OSCHOFFA before it’s late then all these issues will be solved.

  2. Alagba Ijo says:

    It’s so sad that we want to act like churches that are well structured, providing amenities for their staff,while we just transfer innocent Shepherd’s and asked to develop virgin lands. Catholics have retirement benefits for their workers,so they can afford to be transferred anywhere. What is the salary of Shepherd’s? Go back to the drawing board and make provisions for all it’s workers with retirement benefits. Why is MS Evang Taiwo Oshin not officially retired? Now Shepherd’s have to pay 200.000 and above to become AVSE. Those who don’t have the money will resort to doing what it takes to level up. Alleluia

  3. Israel Pepemeje says:

    I love this point because you can never see a pastor in Pentecostal churches above 60 plus still pastoring a church they are all in they’re respectful church seminary teaching as a teacher but in our case in celestial they want to remain there till they die because we are lack of structure and administration. How can you transfer a shepherd to somewhere without checking is activities and the way nd manner is being acting in the parish where is posted Celestial authority need alot work to do

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