Any Evil Done In Darkness About The Church Should Be Exposed – Pro. T. Michael

May 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

A concerned member of this church has frowned at the idea of people trying to stop social media users who write about bad habits of some of our members. He’s simply known as Prophet T. Michael.

In his reaction to an article, ‘Wolider receiving phone calls while on trance’ Prophet Michael said, “God is not to be mocked! You cannot be in trance and be receiving or making calls. It is absolutely ridiculous and that’s a fake Trance. Even if you are in front of the prophet that is in trance there is no guarantee the Malika will give you message they do not control themselves but the Holy Spirit Does.

Point 2, if the Spirit of God wants to minister to you wherever you are in the world the message will get to you.

Point 3, any shepherd who allows someone in trance to be receiving or making calls is definitely not in spirit and not worthy of being s shepherd, because they are supposed to be spiritually praying and being In Spirit with the Prophetess or prophet.

My last point is, Please don’t misconstrue what the Pastor Founder said about Holy Spirit in a video interview. He himself being a prophet is completely submissive to the power, direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit and that is evident in his humbleness. The first mandate given to papa is that the Celestial Church of Christ is a church inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit and that is clearly stated in our constitution, end of story. Again Papa is not the Holy Spirit.

Just to digress a little bit in response of not putting our dirty Laundry in public, it is worth noting that the Catholic Church hide their dirty laundry of child abuse for a long time and many lives were destroyed and they paid million out but the blemish will remain on the church for ever. This has led to many reforms with the Catholic Church now. Any evil done in darkness will be exposed in the light.

If the intention behind the Celestial Church’s dirty act is to expose the bad apples amongst us for tarnishing the image of the church, I am all for it.

May God continue to direct Hos church in Holiness.

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