Is There Anything Called Ceremonial Cape For The Choir? (See This Photo)

May 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 16 Comments »

Papa Oshoffa lived a good life when he was on the surface of the earth. Most of the tenets of the church were done, not only by him, but by many people through divine intervention.

Since the only thing that is constant in life is change, perhaps, if Papa was still alive today, this kind of things we have transported into the church would still probably be accommodated. Disobedience to laws of God is destructive not to only to a soul but to your religion by ignoring it as well as by disapproving its tenets.

Since the death of our amiable founder, no one ever demonstrated, so far, as I am aware, the tenets of this church like him. Maybe disobedience to the doctrine is the reason the church is where it is today.

We stand to be corrected though, is there anything like ceremonial cape for the choir? This seems to be the first time I am seeing a thing like that!

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16 responses to “Is There Anything Called Ceremonial Cape For The Choir? (See This Photo)”

  1. Ogowewo Obaro says:

    Celestial can only get it right if only leadership tissue is completely eliminated and we all conclude to unite and fear God. Fear of God is totally gone .

  2. Dami says:

    Am thinking……. Can we just start from somewhere??? Thanks to God am not the pastor…. So many altar will be removed

  3. Debo A says:

    Ceremonial or no ceremonial!!! All these things are not going to make us to make heaven. There are so many negative issues facing the church. Forget the outward appearance and look inward. The most important thing is to win souls for Christ. PERIOD.

  4. wusu Mathew says:

    CELE is now ceremonial church elders most not sleep o

  5. John Bada says:

    What I remembered vividly papa oshoffa said concerning the doctrines, tenets and traditions of the church which Baba Bada strictly affirmed throughout his lifetime is what papa said that the church is complete. We must not add to it neither deduct from it. The was a sacred directive and must adhered to it because am am sure they knew that there would come a time like this and other times to come when some overzealous members who out of their own selfish interest, aims and objectives will want to change the original ways and practices of the church to their illicit ends which will invariably and regrettably church its relevance and the purpose of which it came to earth.

  6. femi Adedeji Williams says:

    My celestial members .what i know is that if papapa is still alive today,he must have brought many new things to so called celestial church. Most of what papa done in d oldies many churches have not got to stages nothing new has been brought in and we are losing youth .we can help them,Ife -oju much within us.may God help us.

  7. Ayobami ogunjobi says:

    As 4 me,have never heard such in my own church,where dey nw get dis stuff from me I don’t knw..all I can say nw is may God help our life and change us 4 d better,because d coming of our lord JESUS is@hand nw….let’s change 4 good…thanks

  8. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    The cape has been since the 50th anniversary of this church and am surprised that some are saying they haven’t seen it before ?
    I have been a choirmaster for decades now,

  9. Passing By says:

    Ven seyi fetus, nothing like such, it’s mainly for organist, keyboardist not for all choir members, choirmaster has his type of sown regalia which coyotes it’s position not like weekend AsobEbi type

  10. Nkwachukwu says:

    I think its absolute nonsense

  11. Sister Toyin Salvation Parish says:

    Yes we have ceremonial choir dress, since the year our elders introduced white overall for evangelist and above including L/S/S/E/S and MC started wearing white overall, the choirs also use the choir rope colour use for the organis as ceremonial choir dress.

  12. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    Yes there is… This cape has always been there, it’s usually used for cantata.
    And the vocalist would wear the big type (white with blue tape round the neck). That’s what central choir choirmaster wears. It is not a wrong cape pls.

    • Oluseyi says:

      Oga ven, which central choirmaster?
      In all my years living with Brother Wole(Baba Adetiran) I have never seen him in this, this is a white cape, it is totally different from d white and blue robe used by instrumentalists.
      All my years in d choir, and since I was born I have never seen any cape like this live, I only see this in pictures.

  13. Lizzy says:

    Ceremonial Cape indeed… Pls our elders should put a stop to it.

  14. John Bada says:

    Cele my beloved celestians have we totally lost it?

  15. Shina says:

    This is rubbish n should be corrected

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