If You Have Anything On Jorotom Bring It Out, I Will Post It- Segun Awonusi

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Segun Awonusi is a shepherd in one of the parishes in Abeokuta, Ogun State, he was at the event that revealed some facts the authority at Ketu has kept from the members of Celestial Church of Christ. I guess he’s right with his submission but if you have anything contrary kindly come forward with it, we will publish it as well.

“Indeed we must change from dubious way as to attain salvation, build and protect Saint SBJ legacy and structures left behind. Our Children are leaving this fold en-mass… never again. All enemies of progress in this fold shall lick the d
ust. No more scamming of CCC members again under disguise of Emi so pe, Emi wipe, Don’t Lie on Holy Spirit. God can’t be fooled but Humans are fooling themselves… We must do things the right way henceforth. We are in civilized world. I need no reward from anybody. I can’t be bribed, Never!. All is vanity. I stand for Truth.

Behold oh ye! Celestians, the photos showing #5.7 million recovered at Ketu office with unexpected visit of Jorotom led taskforce security operatives. No competent judge will cover this up. Seized and taken to Bank… If there are proofs against Baba Jorotom, bring them out, I will post it out also. I fear no one but God. The friendship of this world is enmity to God Almighty. A
m not and will never be a Rebel. The truth must be said.

The people involved in these sharp practices were sacked and paid with three months’ salary in advance yet they recalled them back to be working in the said office just because they need some people to help them carry out their acts. Don’t worry, judge will unveil other things when we get to court, mo palu fun yin naa, e ti tow obo soso, dandan ni keri eje”

-Segun Awonusi

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9 responses to “If You Have Anything On Jorotom Bring It Out, I Will Post It- Segun Awonusi”

  1. Chris Dedewo says:

    Segun I really appreciate your quick response to the issues on ground but one clear thing I want you to understand is that why is it today that we as knowing that there is cash in the office after they move Jorotom as chairman of the building committee? So many questions that need answers some of you meant not know how Jorotom becomes chairman building committee of CCC W/W as far as am concerned there is need for an urgent press conference.

  2. Ajiun Falokun. says:

    Ojo na pe loni ijo mimo…..The spiritof papa Oshofa is now walking in our midst,after the ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ.Remember 30yrs is at hand.Papa Oshofa e ma ba ise yin lo.

  3. Olufunmi ibk says:

    Eti ri nkanknan, they haven’t seen anything yet.

  4. halley says:

    Owo lo n da arin gbogbo yin ruu,even u the writer#Owo shaaa!

  5. Aponke says:

    Why should news like this be published, why should police be involved? Eyin agba tootoo o, eni esin apon apo apon … No other denomination unveils its deeds in public like CCC. Why

  6. fola says:

    if anybody google celestial all what the person see are junks and trash


    Hnmmm! CCC hymn 608.

  8. fola says:

    I felt so sorry for Nigeria at large, for we so blessed with the church that suppose to cleanse the WORLD now the wold is even cleaner than the church itself. Omase o. This kind of write ups shouldn’t have been on internet at all if truly you guise are helping the church as claimed. With due respect the whole writes up has no point. What happened, why, when and what’s going to happen next. What’s the purpose of the written? Is it to keep the people informed about what’s going on and the part you took or as a means of communication with you opponent. Fire cannot quench fire. Everybody need to actually sit down and think otherwise the world will soon be recommend any members of celestial for psychological evaluation.

  9. Most Snr. Evang.Doherty Oladunjoye. says:

    It’s my sincere prayers that the spirit of papa saint SBJ Oshoffa descend and fill the hearts of our Leaders in the Celestial Church Worldwide.

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