Appeal Court: EMF VS Shonekan….What The Court Told Them

June 30, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 2 Comments »

Rev Shonekan’s case against Rev EMF in 2015 where the Ilaro court dethroned EMF to discontinue parading himself as the pastor is still very much on.

The judgement which was appealed by the EMF team then was supposed to come up in the Ibadan Court of Appeal today but due to one reason or the other, the court cancelled the sitting till further notice.

As usual, #cno was informed, that the EMF people aren’t ready to hear the verdict from the Court. The reason is simple, make all efforts to have all cases adjourned while they continue to milk the church dry with all sorts of nefarious acts and gluttony.

In a chat with one of the chamber’s persons, it was gathered that the Appellate Court was in touch with the characters involved yesterday to announce the cancellation of today’s sitting and would be in touch with them later to schedule another date.

Well, I hope this is not the handwork of the Senior Advocate Artful Dodger.

For those who don’t know, “Jack Dawkins’ better known as the Artful Dodger, is a character in Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel titled Oliver Twist.

The Dodger is a pickpocket, so-called for his skill and cunning in that occupation. He is the leader of the gang of child criminals on the streets of London, trained by the elderly Fagin.”

So, if there had been any discrepancy in the battle for supremacy between the original and fully registered BoT, Rev Shonekan and EMF in court, the Dodger, might have, no doubt, played a pivotal role in making things happen. Did you get it? If you never got it, then forget about it!


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2 responses to “Appeal Court: EMF VS Shonekan….What The Court Told Them”

  1. Seyi Mordecai Adekanmbi says:

    I am not only interested in this case but will love to be a party to it if Shonekan wins again. The case has been on for so long after the initial judgment, not because there is one artful dodger somewhere but because of Former President Obasanjo’s involvement and backing of Mobiyina. What we have is a God-ordained political stand-in or Regents Pastor
    Secondly, CNO has failed the test of standard and unbiased reporting and will need to change his style of reporting to be taken seriously as well as relevant.
    We need balanced write-ups.

  2. Matthew Agunbiade says:

    This is one proof that you are not in any way better than those you criticize. No lawyer regardless of how highly placed can stop a court from sitting. Seeking for an adjournent, absence in court with our without apologies and not filling processes on time are avenues that lawyers use to delay court cases with varying consequences.

    However, a court not sitting especially in this instance can never be a ‘dogders’ action.

    One thing is certain, your report shows you are incorrigibly, disingenuouly and wickedly biased. People ought to read you write ups here with a pinch of salt.

    You can do better.

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