Appointment Of Shepherds Will Be On Merit Henceforth 

December 28, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 8 Comments »

shepherds-2To God be the glory. It’s New Year in a couple of days and it’s obvious the wind of change is already blowing in Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide.

It has been announced that henceforth, appointments of Shepherd will only be on Merit irrespective your social stand or spiritual backing.

It’s a known fact that not making adequate findings or verifications about someone before getting appointment as a shepherd has caused a lot of damages to the image of the church. On this note, the leaders of the church have come together to fashion out a way out of the image battering syndrome caused by these ‘shepherds’.  The new development is that they have formed a committee that will check into the dossier of anyone who wants to be a shepherd. This, at least, to an extent, will know the background of the person and of course, his medical/mental history. Halleluiah!!!



8 responses to “Appointment Of Shepherds Will Be On Merit Henceforth ”

  1. frabk says:

    It’s a good idea but, the problem is within the church itself. The so-called leaders in the church, are they any better?. With division, there’s bond to be such problem as we are seeing today. What we need in CCC is good training school for periodic trainings for our shepherd because no one can stop anybody for being a shepherd when he is being called by God. For example, Catholic church has over 1.7million members worldwide yet as at now it has only 216 cardinals who must have gone through many training before appointment, CCC is less than 300 million members but has so many Most Superior Evangelists almost same number as members without necessarily going through any training. It is more like competition among shepherd.

  2. Ambassador Henry says:

    Thanks for your idea.
    But, that’s not only the issue.
    The issue is to trust only in Almighty God.
    Most of the so called anointed should personally check their M.O.T. before we began to check it for them.
    They might already have spiritual brain touch.

    I wonder,
    How a man of God, a priest calling with the name of God, turned overnight to be :
    Babalawo wolii.
    Are they Really an Evangelist or Ritualist ??.
    They should stop messing themselves around to all ritual homes to seek for help or power,
    Or, to join any Ogboni fraternity.
    Is a Taboo, before heaven, and the Angeles of God

    Enough is Enough !!!.
    Thank you,
    Enjoy your days

    A.a Henry.
    (Baba Edidi Oro 1).

  3. Jacob Popoola. says:

    Sir, it is easier said than done. There are too many ‘Chief Ashipa heads of administration who believe the church is their empire. They have no regard for people’s decisions. If they are not pleased, merits are filthy to them. If such ideas will be implemented in the near future, God must uproot those trees of impediment. Good luck.

  4. AA Peter says:

    While am not totally against educational requirement, it should not be a barrier to become a shepherd or in any spiritual position. I am not a shepherd and I don’t intend to be but I believe there are thousands of very good shepherd in the fold that doesn’t have formal education. I will advocate for training of our shepherds, theology schools or bible training schools, formal education school should not be a stumbling block to God`s calling, if it were, we wouldn’t have been blessed with Papa SBJ Oschofa. Definitely there are problems with the current set up and shepherds in CCC. Some of the problems are just the reflection of the state of affairs generally in the church, division and leadership struggle, what we need is training, re-training, monitoring, discipline etc.

  5. Sup A. Olasupo says:

    In addition to this great idea, let us set a minimum educational requirement for whoever wants to be a shepherd. The minimum educational requirement is the first the United States of America.

  6. Ven.Most KEKEKE PAUL says:

    Good idea but wont it be interupt by the elders and leaders of the church ? God help celestial church. Amen

  7. yomi Newton says:

    God help us

  8. AA Peter says:

    It is a good step but I hope it will be implemented without fear and favour and most especially with the fear of God. These charlatans sheperds are killing and destroying the image of our great church.

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