Arch Diocese Parish, Imeko Celebrates 40th Harvest Of Restoration (Photos)

September 19, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Spotlight / 2 Comments »

arch-diocese-imeko-00 arch-diocese-imeko-0 arch-diocese-imeko-01 arch-diocese-imeko-1 arch-diocese-imeko-02 arch-diocese-imeko-2 arch-diocese-imeko-3 arch-diocese-imeko-4 arch-diocese-imeko-5 arch-diocese-imeko-6 arch-diocese-imeko-7 arch-diocese-imeko-8 arch-diocese-imeko-9 arch-diocese-imekoSup Evang. Sunday Ajose led Arch Diocese Parish had a fun-filled harvest yesterday to the envy of all and sundry within and outside Imeko. It was 40th anniversary for the Arch Diocese, a place tagged Celestial Jerusalem. Pictures, as covered by Ass Sup. Evang. Ayo Shonekan, tells the story.

2 responses to “Arch Diocese Parish, Imeko Celebrates 40th Harvest Of Restoration (Photos)”

  1. Ayole Idowu Olufayo says:

    I love this site….God bless the creator

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