Are Our Leaders More Sensible, Spiritual And Holier Than SBJ Oshoffa? – Prophet Gabriel Folorunsho

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received from Wolider Segun Gabriel Folorunsho. “Those who are hell-bent in rubbishing or destroying the works and legacies of Our Great Patriarch SBJ Oshoffa of blessed memory will soon meet their spiritual Waterloo. Many things have gone wrong in the church and this is not the Celestial I met over 40 years or the one Papa Oshoffa left behind. But when you are trying to set things right, people with some level of mental degradation will start calling you names.

Whether we like it or not, let every Celestians get prepared for the spiritual revolution that will soon be carried out by the 7 Archangels who descended with the church in 1947.My advice is this, don’t support evil and do the right thing. Don’t support corrupt leaders of the church who never conformed with the dictates of the Holy Spirit in administration of this God-given gift called Celestial Church of Christ because’Onidajo aiye fere de’

Oshoffa said that Holy Spirit appoints and anoints His prophet for the church. Our hymn 331 further testifies to this. Pa Oshoffa did not act selfishly and greedily like our leaders of today. Because of their selfish pursuits and greediness and lust for power, they almost derailed God’s intentions for the church which has resulted to the fact that the yardstick for measuring the church’s spiritual and progress has now reached marked acceleration. God who has now overtaken Nigeria and started cleansing will soon overtake the government of Celestial Church in Jesus name.

So, all destroyers and detractors of this great church beware. The Spirit of my great Father will never forgive you all unless you repent.

Ref: Go and buy Oshoffa’s OGTV video interview about succession after him. We have all been misled by not following his said utterances in that interview. The bible says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Celestians of today shine your eyes and follow the right path. Let me ask you this, “are all the leaders of this church more sensible, spiritual and holier than Oshoffa? If they are truly good leaders, they would follow Oshoffa’s footsteps and will never go against his words. There can never be any progress and unity until all clergies and laity bury their pride and arrogance and conform fully to the words of Oshoffa and the Holy Spirit..Jeremiah 6:16..Let us return to the old paths…..I rest my case for now.”

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6 responses to “Are Our Leaders More Sensible, Spiritual And Holier Than SBJ Oshoffa? – Prophet Gabriel Folorunsho”

  1. prince says:

    God ve mercy

  2. CCC By Births says:

    We have leadership in ccc and many who are willingly to work for better are out numbered by selfish, deceitful ones using the name of God. Enriching their pockets via opportunity they met and even threatening those truthful members diabolically. Don’t be surprise that most celestial churches today are 60% eating and dinning with satan while 30% are on Tenets but 5% are both into spiritualism and occultism mixing it up together while the other 5% sits on the fence standing neutral and watching. So how do we defeat the 60% unless we come together and stand on the truth like anti corruption campaign of PMB and install a checkmate mechanism in place. I wont be surprise if they discovered that those members grave at imeko is found cash stock with millions of Dollars. A change in all we need right now and tranparency. It is Long-term due which A member of the incumbent trustees had been clamouring trying to impose computer system of accountability and employing rightful ones in the admin office at ketu, all was met with brick walls as they believed in Raw Cash deals.Now the cat has been let loose. It won’t be a surprise to see our youth take over the Helms of affairs in this fold. As you can see, The stone which the builder rejected eventually becomes the pillar of the house. Bro Demola of Greater tomorrow, its time to swing into action having seen the handwritting on the wall. Not by violent but heavy consultation cut across which must have legal backing. Violent cant solve but A round table conference forming constitution is now the ultimate which our amiable Revd Mobiyina Oshoffa is highly against because of his pocket. He did it all to all his siblings and his fathers wives hence no one supports him but Solomon and Benjamin, those incumbent beneficiaries selling their birthrights for stipend and selling off their fellow families into slavery. Well, we need accountable leaders. Jorotom has said his, pastors version too while we await court decision. Take note that Baba Owodunni won at Supreme Court against Baba Bada cuz of defected constitution, same goes Revd. Shonekan Bolanle at High court Ilaro after 10 years and same on constitution defects as advised by those judges. What else do we need? Lagun had put a structure in place to the advantages of their Workers, So also Revd Omoge. Revd Adeogun had a biggest edifice mightier than imeko at Benin Republic. Can you now see who is dragging Celestial backwards occupying the Holiest position? Ketu, makoko, imeko. No achievement but fraudulently acting. JOROTOM and every members in cabinet must come out openly with their records of stewardship if they are bold enough. Happy Dirty deals exposure 70th Anniversary

  3. tayo animashaun says:

    What is celestial church of christ vision? are we heading somewhere?

  4. Gabriel blessing temitayo says:

    we want to have good leadership and we have to refine our youth system. trust is ingredient of credible leadership. There are folks in the family and every facet needs credible leadership and how credibly are you? leadership is a function of followership, It might not be a perfect leader but somebody who has a direction and it’s a result bad leadership we found ourselves here. I have 4 Ps of leadership 1.Person of the leader 2.  people of leader 3.process of leader 4. productivity. it’s a shame celestial our back are against the wall? what is happening to us CCC? Is it in DNA or in the things we eat? E be like say our head no correct

  5. Gabriel blessing temitayo says:

    we don’t have leadership in CC. leadership is a journey is a marathon, is not a dash. how good  leader have u been ccc leaders? because for someone to be a good leader u must know where u are going. What is the problem of the people and u have to know what dey want. the first thing of leadership is knowledge and our leaders has no knowledge

  6. tayo says:

    What is celestial church of christ vision? are we heading somewhere?

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