Are We Celestians Possessed With The Spirit Of Saul?

February 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Wordafresh / Add Comment »

Many a times I see Christians that started well but ended up badly. I describe them as been affected by the “spirit of SKing Saulaul”.

King Saul in the Bible started well, in fact, 1 Samuel 9:2 describes him as a choice, young man and Godly. And there was not among the children of Israel a godlier person than him. But do you realize that this same man had to seek counsel from familiar spirits. Hmmm!!!

Now what is the spirit of Saul?

This is the spirit that makes an anointed man of God or a Christian to start brilliantly but will later make them to end badly. Spirit of Saul in the life of a Christian/Anointed will make him/her to be in a hurry and in the anxiety of making it big and quick. 1 Samuel 13:1-15

Spirit of Saul in the life of a Christian/Anointed makes them to disobey the voice of the lord and trespass against the prophesy of the lord. 1 Samuel 13:13.

Spirit of Saul in the life of a Christian leads them to covetousness and gluttony. 1 Samuel 15:9 God clearly instructs King Saul to destroy everything in the land of the Amalekites but due to covetousness he spared them for himself

Any Christian with the spirit of Saul will cease to keep to the commandments of God, sin will take charge of the person. 1 Samuel 15:11

Spirit of Saul leads the Anointed/Christian to tell lies. 1 Samuel 15:13-15, they began to find excuses to support there wayward lifestyles

Holy spirit clearly departs away from the life of a Christian/Anointed that has been taken over by the spirit of Saul. 1 Samuel 16:14

The spiritual anointing on any Christian/Anointed person with the spirit of Saul clearly Dries up.

Another thing that happens to any Anointed/Christian with the spirit of Saul is that, God will replace them with another person. 1 Samuel 16:13,God destroys that “call” in their life and gives it to another person.

Evil spirits automatically take over the control of any Anointed/Christian with the spirit of Saul

Finally, any Anointed/Christian with the spirit of Saul will automatically dies uselessly. Enemy will finally prevail over there lives, their family is destroyed and afflicted before God. 1 Samuel 31:1-13.

However, the only way to conquer and destroy  the spirit of Saul for any Anointed/Christian is to strictly obey the voice of the Lord and keep to God’s commandments 100% and with all their powers, there’s no short cut. Celestial hymn 632 says:

It is hard, it is hard. To gain everlasting life, it is hard. The world is ending soon, the world is ending soon, the whole world has turned upside down, the world is ending soon.

Be thoughtful, be thoughtful. Think properly and repel, be thoughtful. Amen

I pray that God will destroy every spirit of Saul in your life in the mighty name of Jesus and heaven will be our home on the last day, amen.

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