Army Barracks Road, Mokola Parishioners Groan Under Baba Noah Ikumehinlo

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At CCC Army Barracks Mokola, the parish is currently not what it used to be under the present leadership, Noah Ikumehinlo.

Some members have anonymously sent a petition to the Ketu authority led by Rev EMF at Imeko stating the precarious situation of the parish and why the authority should urgently come to their rescue.

“I am a secret service agent, and I am humbly writing this letter as a concerned member and worshipper of our dear parish, CCC Army Barracks’ Road, Mokola, Ibadan, to bring to your attention the state of the church by highlighting the nefarious attitude of the
Shepherd in charge, Ven. Sup. Evang. Noah Ikumehinlo, and the Parochial Committee, led by Sup. Evang. I. O. Olatiregun.

The general complaints of the entire Church against the authority of the parish are as

1. 1. I regret to inform you that, as I write this letter, 70% of the parishioners have
fled the church to neighboring parishes due to the shepherd’s interactions with
them and utterances during the services. Members, who are not financially
secure, in his opinion, are not human enough.

2. 2. It is heartbreaking to inform you that he (the self-proclaimed Baba Bada’s
protege) knows next to nothing about the CCC injunctions and thus tramples on
our legacies. With little or no regard for the constitution or the order of service,
he would intentionally shorten the service on many occasions, even up until the last Sunday service on August 7, 2022, to accommodate his various spiritual works, all in the name of selling the already expensive spiritual materials to members with curses to those who refuse to follow his commands.

3. He curses anyone who does not go with or follow his (Shepherd) sentiments at will during the service.

4. He allows strangers dressed in mufti to enter the church for worship, and as a
result, the majority of them come during their menstruation. His wife’s frequent
worship in the mufti is a prime example. When asked about menstruation, he said,
quote, “The spirit of God told me not to chase them away because we might be chasing away people who will help the church financially, and as for menstruation, leave it to God to judge.”

5. As against preaching the word of God, he leverages the pulpit to brag, curse, and mock Baba Adekanmbi (founding shepherd of the parish) and parishioners who show displeasure at his wrongdoings. He would always boast that the
The pastor can never transfer him from the Parish until he is done with the
assignment given to him by the authority to end Baba Nunayon. So, it is the belief of many that the authority empowered him to do whatever he likes in the parish. This detail can be seen in some of the live feeds of CCC Mokola via Facebook streaming.

6. At every opportunity he curses and insults the choir. He finds joy in
downgrading the choir at all times. No service passes without him cursing or
insulting the choir. Presently as the harvest approaches, he banned the choir
from rehearsing for a singular reason that their songs disturb him while
sleeping (Laughs).

And when he was approached, his response was, that a guest
artiste named Moses Harmony has been paid to function with his band boys as
choristers on the harvest day while the church choir members would vacate the
barricade; this has never happened at Mokola. A premier choir of 50 years…..To Be Continued!


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14 responses to “Army Barracks Road, Mokola Parishioners Groan Under Baba Noah Ikumehinlo”

  1. Oju oluwa nwo o says:

    #10,000 for alaga ikole every Sunday,cause he his always on of the officiating minister( and once you officiate automatically you are an alaga )except if his not around, please calculate it ..Omo olorun oga ogo have you ever for once come out to do alaga and if yes ,how much have you dropped so far .
    As your name implies….Eja ka beru olorun o.
    There are some churches you will never see there shepherd drop a dine for any collections whatsoever.This same man won’t stop paying tithes and always the first put money in collection trays every Sunday
    Ere ise re ni iwo yio gba.
    To the writer…. Is your life and everything about you, of God 100%?

  2. Omo Olorun Oga Ogo says:

    Don’t let us get this thing twisted,we’re not talking about church building or extension,we are talking about morals here,and going by what the church secretary wrote that the church extension is completed,the shepherd didn’t complete that,it’s the contribution from the members that was used,how can the shepherd even complete it with his money when the highest amount he has contributed for alaga Ikole is #10,000 ,is that what was used to complete the church?Contribution from members is used to complete the church project.As for the petition,let’s leave Mokola Parish and go to Agidingbi Parish,Lagos where he came from and hear from them,whether it will buttress the petition or not,it’s as bad as the day he was brought to Mokola for the first time,not a single member of Agidingbi parish followed was brought to our hearing that he was sent away from the parish before coming to Mokola,the reason for his sole arrival except for the people from the pastor’s office that came with him, I don’t know what Mokola has done for the authorities to deserve such person as a can someone who rose to the level Of Ven/S/E be saying “walaitalai”inside the church,saying vulgar words like “baba e”saying any member that buys anything from outside,saying abusive words at every point in time.the person’s prayer won’t be answered.This is too much.I’m very sure the secretary that wrote ,wrote under diuress because everybody knows the truth and most especially God knows the truth and the God of Celestial that we are all serving will judge accordingly.IJO MOKOLA KO NI BAJE LORUKO JESU

  3. Ijomimo leto Akure says:

    CCC MOKOLA IBADAN is not anybodys property so don’t let any body deceive you(new member) I was born there so I know a little about the church please ooooo am not supporting anybody but don’t put our issue on social media these is my first of seeing such thing

  4. Ijomimo leto Akure says:

    Halleluyah what a nonsense is this why don’t you inform the parochial committee before posting such thing on social media for me my advise is that stop condemning shepherd in mokola…..Because I held that the one they brought last is not good so these one too is not good please don’t spoil the church because I don’t know anyone of them and I pray not to know them,The reason why am writing these message is that I don’t want my lovely parish mokola to be like one of celestial parish in ilesa osun state they do condemned shepherd every time till now the church is not in good term please ooooò

  5. Alagba Olu says:

    May God forgive the soul(s) behind those allegations.

  6. Secretary CCC Army Barracks. says:

    Secretary CCC Army Barracks Road Mokola lbadan. I wish to respond to your allegations levied against the authority and the Shepherd of the parish CCC Army Barracks Road Mokola lbadan. All what you wrote were only made out of your ignorance as an insider in the church. The Shepherd we have is a visionary and an up to date a spirit filled man of God. Right from when he was posted the church has witness tremendous and great transformation in both the physical and in spiritual. It true when the lights come, darkness dissapial. Everything you wrote about Mokola Cathedral and the Shepherd presently we’re all to draw us back from the level of development that is ongoing. If you don’t know, let me enlighten you further. The Shepherd had never send any member away. He is an experience and discipline leader who will not tolerate the lawlessness on the part of those who claimed to be church workers, hiding under these to dupe the innocent members. Some claimed to be prophet and prophetess and gave satanic prophecy to enrich themselves, some even established parishes to dipopulate this church. But God of Celestial is in charge, our church is multiply in members every day. Glory to God in the highest.Since the time of his arrival at this church, no one has ever accused him of sexual abuse, where you get him doing that you need to establish your fact. So if a Shepherd is approached for spiritual assistance, your conclusion is that such a woman must be having an unholy affairs with the Shepherd. You have a dirty mind and you’re very far away to the kingdom of heaven.Mind you, the new development and the progress in every aspect of the church are serious challenges for every reasonable individual in the parish. He and the parochial committee that you condemned were only serious to improve on so many outdated aspect of the parish. Within very little time he has spent with us, there is no aspect of the church he has never touched. The project of the church extension is completed and the renovation of the existing one is what you can see for yourself. My own advice to you as a secret and faceless agent is that, you can settle your grievances with the Shepherd and stop being an enemy of the progress. The door of the parochial is open to anyone. I pray that, God will forgive you.

  7. Concerned Member says:

    Whoever comes online to claim otherwise, (Accomplices, Culprits, supporters in crime ) concerning this ongoing hullabaloo and allegations which appears to be 100% true ABOUT CCC MOKOLA WILL SEE AND FEEL THE WRATH OF ALMIGHTY GOD, AMEN!!! I see a comment by the secretary claiming the allegations are baseless SMH. WHOEVER CLAIMS THE CONTENT/CONTEXT OF THE LETTER IS BASELESS WILL EXPERIENCE THE VENGEANCE OF GOD OF CELESTIAL !!!!
    Why would people tell this kind of huge lie against the shepherd WHY?? Are we dumb ? Are we stupid? Enough of these petty lies from the secretary please.
    What exactly is expected of the secretary,Will he speak in support of the letter ???
    THE CHURCH IS IN DILEMMA, and I think people are under the shepherds spell !!!

  8. Concerned member says:

    all the allegations are 100% true,nobody should say anything to support that man,I am a member and all what was said are facts ,except the relationship scandal, I can’t say ,but in all sincerity and with fear of God,all the allegations are true.he said no night rehearsals for choir because they disturb him…he says offensive and abusive words all the time.he says Arabic words ,like “walahitalahi”,yasin”and the height of it is leaving the altar during new moon service everytime .Threatning the members with police arrest and all.People are not happy to come to church,others that can go to other parishes have gone,for real…..Mokola has never experienced this kind of tenure from a shepherd before…Therefore,this must stop .

  9. Jokeyjoke says:

    Am not sure all your write-ups are true sir cos I worship in mokola…

  10. Assistant Secretary 2, CCC Army Barracks'Road. says:

    I am a bonafide member of CCC Army Barracks’ Road, Mokola, I am also a member of the Parochial Committee of the church, I have read the write up and all the allegations therein which are totally false and baseless. I hereby on behalf of the noble church respond to the baseless allegations this;
    It is true that CCC Army Barracks’Road, Mokola is no longer how it used to be as the church has gained more genuine worshipers and the church has witnessed more growth in terms of structure and beautification.
    I make bold to say that there are no nefarious activities as alleged.
    It is also not true that 70% of the church members have fled the church as the church daily welcomes new entrants into the church. People who are not financially bouyant have never been treated as less human.
    Ven Sup Evang. Noah Ikumehinlo is a man of integrity and is well knowledgeable in the tenets of the church.
    The church services are always duly conducted and it is also a fallacy that the shepherd curses his members.
    The church at the moment is in a massive state of extension and renovation, and the church is being beautified at I type.
    He has never mocked Baba Adekanmbi as he always pays obeisance to the departed Baba Adekanmbi and he always acknowledged that he is in Oyo State on transfer and whenever he is transferred he would gladly take his leave. He has always stated that he s 100% loyal to the pastor.
    Who has leveled allegations of cursing the choir , this is also baseless as the choir does their practice as at when due, and as I type, the choir are having their rehearsal in preparation for Baba Adetiran’s service of songs tomorrow afternoon.
    Is it a crime for the adult harvest committee to invite a guest artists for harvest day. It is also not true that the choir would vacate their barricade as the choir would perform as usual as well as the invited guest musician, mind you Moses Harmony is also a Celestial member and not an outsider. It is a general tradition that guest artistes are invited on harvest day.
    If there is any grievance against Baba Noah, it would have been better that the writer visits him and thrash things out with him instead of putting the church in a bad light in face of the public.
    On sexual abuse, he who asserts must prove, it would be so so good if victims of such sexual abuse make a report to the necessary quarters for proper investigation and sanctions. It is criminal to make such grave unsubstantiated allegation..The writer should pray for forgiveness of sin as Baba Olatiregun, the Parochial Committee Chairman, is a man of integrity who is a peace loving and a gentle man. It is so sad that the writer does not consider the family of this great man of God and some families that this baseless allegations would put in disarray.
    CCC Army Barracks’ Road, Mokola is loyal to the Pastor and would not do anything to disparage the Church.
    It is also evident that the writer is not a loyal member of the Celestial Church of Christ, as writing such things online would only go a long way to paint the church in a bad light in the eyes of the public.
    May God forgive the writer.
    May God continually bless His church.

  11. Omo ijo yi says:

    I guess his mission is to shatter Mokola to the ground.

  12. Raphael says:

    I knew it will definitely get to this stage, God will rescue Cele mokola from the hands of Celestial Politicians

  13. Alagba kunle says:

    A house divided. What a chaotic mess we are all in. God will come to our rescue soon. Alleluia

  14. Ajinherere says:

    What a mess we find ourselves!

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