As A Celestian, This Method Will Clear Any Impediments In Your Path

November 21, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

The importance of cleaning the church cannot be overemphasized, just the same way your homes will be uninhabitable when left unclean. So, too, is God’s house. The big question now is: Is it ideal to leave the house of God unclean? or leaving the cleaning up for the clergy and those staying in the vineyard alone?

In the same way that cleaning your home makes it conducive, cleaning the church also makes it conducive for the angels of the Lord to dwell there. The spirit of the Lord dwells not only in righteousness but also in a tidy environment because cleanliness is next to godliness.

When one partakes in cleaning the church, he or she is indirectly removing hindrances and every deposit of evil ones from your life. One shouldn’t wait to be given a spiritual revelation to do this before doing so.

Sweeping the house of the Lord is one very physical spiritual exercise that many have neglected in Celestial Church. It’s a victory exercise and the Bible said we are more than conquerors. How can you be conquerors without being victorious? It’s pertinent to note that, a lot of people won’t engage in cleaning the vineyard unless they are been prophesied to do so which is a very big error.

Life is full of diverse challenges and temptations. Sweeping the house of the Lord is one sure way to keep the enemies at bay and away from one’s life. It doesn’t cost much but does a lot for you in return. There are various testimonies from those who have been engaging in this exercise on how God has made them victorious in situations.

Are you experiencing difficulties in any area of your life? Engage in this exercise with faith, and you shall be victorious in Jesus’ name! Amen!

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