As A Result Of This, Many CCC Parishes Have A Longer Sunday Service

June 20, 2022 / Olaiya / Church Build-up / 1 Comment »

As a candidate agitating for change in the hours spent on Sunday services in CCC, I discovered reasons some parishes cannot have a shorter service, except for longer services if the bull is not taken by the horns. To think of it and to be more realistic, all CCC Sunday activities can be achieved within three hours at maximum (except special activities). If maximised well, by opting out of irrelevant tasks that do take our time.

Due to intense observation, #cno has discovered why some parishes stay longer during Sunday services is a lack of discipline from the choristers. Few choirs in CCC are disciplined while many are not, which can be seen in some of the smaller parishes. If they were well-disciplined and well-coordinated, then such a parish would have a shorter Sunday service.

Choirs don’t care to sing from morning to night if given the chance, most especially when there is ample synergy and sound combination between the vocalist and instrumentalists. Some see Sunday service as a day to come around to display all that they have rehearsed over the week and to showcase how proficient they are, especially those who minister carnally. Many of the choirs who fall into this group are the ones who don’t go to choir practices.

The parish shepherd should create a schedule for every ministration for the choir, and it must be adhered to strictly and there should be a sanction for the violation. By controlling, coordinating, and supervising the activities of the choir, the parish would be sure of a shorter Sunday service.

Also, the service conductors play another role in this aspect. The normal readings are supposed to be taken seriously, some off even reel them out off hand, majority of them will be reciting it like a primary school pupil thus elongating the service hours. And when they pray, wjere they are supposed to keep it short and simple, they turn it into a festival of prayer.

Last but not the least are those three-member prayer members, gosh! Many of them need to be beaten in the buttock for derailing the order of prayer.


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One response to “As A Result Of This, Many CCC Parishes Have A Longer Sunday Service”

  1. Olu says:

    Allow parishes to do what works for their members. There are a lot of parishes doing 3 hours services. Go and join them and stop complaining.

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