Asking A Prophet To Tell You Who To Marry Is Completely Irrelevant

May 21, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / 3 Comments »


I could remember those days, if you decided not to go to school and wanted to learn a trade, you would be asked to list up to four trades and proceed to a prophet to pick the most suitable one.

The truth is that everything in life is not all about prayers all the time. God has given us brains to decide on some issues without bothering Him with prayers because there are things by default we should be able to handle by ourselves.

The question is since many trades picked by many people do not guarantee success or successful practice of the trade, do we say the visions and prophecies are not genuine or better trade to learn according to the prophet?

Same in marriage. You ask a prophet to pray on the names of suitors, and he tells you what the Lord said about the names. You pick one of the names as your husband. Asking a prophet to tell you who to marry is pure nonsense because no vision or revelation would reveal the differences in character if the man or woman is a cheat or becomes a cheat later, etc. These are two people from different backgrounds coming together as one.

Many youths settle into the wrong marriage because of a vision and chosen suitor by the prophet. The prophet needs to be very careful when it comes to the vision or choosing a life partner.

As I said, everything is not prayers. All you need to do is to look for a suitor who can tolerate, two drivers who cannot drive a bus concurrently, so they say. You have to choose a partner that you are comfortable with, character-wise, sleeping habits, eating habits etc. Also note, that there is never a perfect being, none! No one!

We need to stop going to prophets before suitors can be picked. Pick yourself up when you notice compatibility and support with your prayers. Shikena!


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3 responses to “Asking A Prophet To Tell You Who To Marry Is Completely Irrelevant”

  1. Bolatunmi says:

    I and my partner had asked from three prophetess with a pastor and they all say it’s good to go including a cleric as a Muslim, suddenly, I deceived to go for a prophet called to my church and she was saying something totally different. I started to think that but this person is godly that no one has ever gone before God for my sake like he has done to want to accept God’s calling as he’s been called as to walk the part because of me the most because he honors God in me and to serve him as I’m the one who made him started worshipping God unlike every other men who never cares but insult me about my service with Godand left. The question here is, can I still go before God for a conversation because the more my partner is making a deal with God because of me and he’s been going through a mental breakdown.

  2. CCC-LOVE says:

    It’s not wrong to consult God through a prophet or a shepherd for serious matter like marriage. The mistake is being jumpy or to not follow the directives given by God.

  3. Peniel says:

    You are right sir , meeting with prophets to choose for us is wrong, but we can pray to God on our own for directives Provers 3:5-6

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