Atmosphere Of God’s Presence But Shocked To See The Choir, Even The Shepherd Being Influenced

July 18, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »


I have heard countless times that the only way to discern if a parish is bestowed with the Holy Spirit is when they enter the church and they feel the inspiration. Then it is assumed that the church is real and based on the pure Word of God. Don’t be surprised and be deceived that not all inspiration comes from God.

I was invited to minister in a parish with my strings but I arrived late, so the service had started already. Immediately after I entered, the kind of energy emanating from the youths of the parish, the instrumentalists, and the choir was heavy and I was amazed. People were running into a trance and the atmosphere was charged until I got seated at the barricade and discovered all the instrumentalists and some of the choir were drunk and all the songs, instrumentation, and dancing steps were made visible under the influence of alcohol.

The drunk drummers play, believing they are drawing God’s inspiration but unknowingly drawing Satanic inspiration. We can’t continue in sin and still want the grace of God to abide, says the Bible. It takes a discerning spirit to decode.

Do you know a satanic church can still draw demonic inspiration and you will think it is God’s inspiration if not firmly rooted in God’s Word?

To decode which inspiration is from God or Satan is once the parish conducts and acts do not align with God’s Word then you know it is from Satan the Devil. According to the Bible, you will recognise them by their fruits. Any parish that violates the scripture and God’s principles by their actions and guidelines raises a red flag for you to know that the inspiration emanating from such a parish is from the devil. Try it and see!


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