Baba Maforikan’s Burial Brings Celestial Leaders Together, Mobiyina, Shonekan, Others Unite

November 25, 2016 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 22 Comments »

That love is stronger than death is one statement of fact that played out itself today at the burial of the late octogenarian who passed away a few months ago, Reverend buri-99 burial-000 burial-00 burial-0 burial-2 burial-3 burial-4 burial-5 burial-6 burial-7 burial-8 burial-9 burial-33 burial-34 burial-43 burial-66 burial-78 burial-087 burial-90 burial-324 burial-333 burial-444 burial-554 burial-674 burial-888 burial-ayo burial-debbie burial-women burialProphet Paul Surulere Maforikan, a very resilient and respected Celestial leader.

Today at Majawe, Ibadan where he was interred, top Celestial spiritual leaders all teamed up to commiserate with the family and as well bid the deceased farewell. It would interest you readers that Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa was physical present to pay his last respect.

There are other spiritual leaders of the church such as Reverend Shonekan, and head of Unification, Snr. Evang. Tosho Oshoffa and M/C Edith Oshoffa who all came together a united body of Christ.

With this new development, it looks like the lost glory of the church through leadership may be returned as many of the leaders were sighted engaging themselves in serious discussions and it’s obvious the major reflection is about embracing peace and unity for the advancement of the church.

This scenario reminds me of one of the quotes of Robert Lee Fulghum, an American author and Unitarian Universalist, “I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.”

22 responses to “Baba Maforikan’s Burial Brings Celestial Leaders Together, Mobiyina, Shonekan, Others Unite”

  1. Omoba Bisi Odukoya says:

    Good day everyone. Inasmuch as I appreciate the contributions to date, I hereby wish to add a different dimension. Iam privileged to be well informed of the fact that irrespective of what anyone may personally have on Papa Maforikan, his wishes had always been UNITY OF THE CHURCH. It was advised by one of the elders that everyone should come back to the root. Is the root willing to accommodate? Not until these warring factions are allowed to air their opinions? The Administrative seat at Ketu MUST be prepared to publicly apologise for causing dichotomy in the church immediately after the death of Papa.

  2. Ikalomo Ayelosomodika says:

    Don’t write what you don’t know about editor. Your Maforikan has no good record before God and humanity. Nothing glorious happened on his burial site, and he has killed more than those who came to bury him. All of you saying rubbish don’t know anything about this herbalist.

  3. Sup. Evan. Ade-olu James. says:

    I hope by now we will all learn a lesson that,no matter our positions,Rank, and otherwise we should learn to live this world better than how we met it. Rest in Peace a great prophet of God.

  4. Taiwo Adenike says:

    Rip baba.A great leader indeed.good night

  5. Sola Ogunlana says:

    Ijo mimo ti Christy celestial lati orunwa Ogun osho Ogun aje Ogun emeree kole bori rre ,
    Emaa ba esin jeo

  6. white bull says:

    Baba oshoffa baba bada baba ajose baba jese now baba maforikan one day we will all go shepherds evangelist mother celestial s brother s sisters e.t.c and all those spoiling and making the church great will stand in front of judgment of the lord gbogbo wa niyio duro niwaju oluwa ati ewe ati agba aosi rojo wa it’s now for us to change and fear the lord so you can serve him in truth god bless celestial r.i.p baba surulere baba to Ni suru sugbon maforikan

  7. white bull says:

    Celestial church is a very good church but money is the root causing problems we worship money and not god in this church. We have a great problem some are in this church to make money and some are in the church to make it great the ones that are in it for money are more than the other

  8. S/V/S/Eva. SONAIKE ADEYEMI F. says:

    Adeui Baba Maforikan, your death will serve as catalyst that will unite Celestial Church of Christ and shame all the antagonist of ‘one Fold, one Shepherd’. Those that are fuelling the ‘disunity’ in the fold should fear God, respect the Founder of the Church, SBJ OSCHOFFA. “Eni soju kose, eni sehin loju”. A very good and solid foundation has been laid by Pastor SBJ OSCHOFFA, what others are putting on it is being watched and noted.

  9. Fasina Mayowa says:

    May is soul rest in peace and I prayed God should create everlasting love understanding in celestial

  10. Johnson Bamidele Doffon says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  11. Josh says:

    Thank God nobody came up with a story of some “signs in the heaven” thing this time. People seem to have grown up at last.

    • Olasunkanmi Oshin says:

      At least we are doing away from propagandists,may his departure brings understanding of life. Papa Maforinkan has tried is best,is upto those left to know that dead is reality one day shall be one day,God can’t be mocked.

  12. Pro. Chaplain Tom-niyi (chairman burial committee) says:

    Let all the Spiritual Leaders be sincere with themselves, fused and unite together, if they were able to do this for few hours to give honour to the rested soul of Rt. Rev Pastor Paul Suru Maforikan, then in sincerity they should be able to do more for the living Christ Jesus. Please sirs remove all garments of pride and adorn garment of humility in Christ. Rest in peace Baba Maforikan.

    • segun Oladimeji says:

      Absolutely sir you just speak my mind.At the end of the day it won’t be about garment or rank but how well did we contribute in making the church realise the essence of it existence. And the question they should all sincerely answer is what will they report to PAPA when they all meet at the great beyond. R.I.P baba Maforikan.

  13. ubakama james oluwadamilola says:

    praise d lord, I knw baba is resting at d bottom of d lord, all wat I want to see It that let all d remaining leaders come together and make dis celestial one bcos we are d last boat of salvation, I was born and brought up in celestial so there are sometin we need to make right, by nw I expect celestial to have a university, I expect us to have a secondary school down to d lower school, I expect us to have a standard hospital, a standard health care centre, with dis we are making d church for interesting, create employment for celestial member, that is wat d other church use to make there church stand, I pray that God of celestial God of our father SBJ Oshoffa will help us all amen

  14. Evan. Ijeh Ify Steve says:

    Baba stood for peace and unity of Celestial Church of Christ and the celebration of his life demonstrated this salient fact that was misconstrued. May The God of Celestial bring his fold peacefully under one umbrella in Jesus name, Amen. Rest peacefully at the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ Baba.

  15. Debbie says:

    That’s a big sign that Baba wants Celestial to be one . His burial is unique some how I don’t know if any other person notice that. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

  16. Adeshogamoses says:

    Rip baba

  17. yomi Newton says:

    loyal and dedicated leader. rest in peace Sir

  18. Imoleayo oyindamola says:




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