Baba Oshin Knows Who The True Pastor Is, I Gave Him The Message Of SBJO- Akinfenwa

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Prophetess Akinfewa sent a message to us having read one of the articles on #CNO that she gave Baba Taiwo Oshin a message Papa Oshoffa showed to her in a physical realm some years ago concerning who should be the Pastor.

Read below her message as sent to us, “Some years back I had a very terrified dream, so powerful and too big for my age, it was all about Celestial Church of Christ. In the dream, Papa Oshoffa revealed a secret to me about the church and our next pastor. When I woke up real life around 6 in the morning I saw two legs of an adult in my room, I was terrified, I was lying down on the rug because of heat I couldn’t look up but I remembered the voice I heard said “why are you afraid? It’s me SBJ Oshoffa, I want to send you a message to Celestial and the elders worldwide. Go and take a pen.” I stood up and I went to pick a pen it was still two legs following me in my apartment. It took me hours to write the message so after writing the message the voice ordered me to open my Bible three times and the scriptures given to me for the three times was written down in the message and lastly I heard the voice instructed me to deliver the letter to Baba Oshin .

I rushed down to my church at River valley estate Ojodu Berger (ifeloju parish), my shepherd then in respect of Prophet Niyi Fayele took me in the church bus to CCC, Akinode Parish to meet the shepherd in person of late Oladele and from there we proceeded with one of my church sidemen also and elder commonly known as Daddy Wunmi (elder Adiatu by name) went to Agidingbi and from Agidingbi to Ketu. I saw Baba Oshin, prophet Ajose Imeko, Baba Ojo that I should bring the letter out for the whole Celestial. This were the three people I met on that day, I taught Baba Oshin would send for me after I left but instead he offered me money, there is much to that letter oh, Baba Oshin can’t denied the fact, he knows where our pastor is, when they are ready I will talk and spill the beans concerning who Papa told me to be the Pastor. I remain myself Olufunmi Akinfenwa.”

Dear readers, what can we say about this? We have been wondering in the wilderness for so long, we need to know what the content of the letter is please

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45 responses to “Baba Oshin Knows Who The True Pastor Is, I Gave Him The Message Of SBJO- Akinfenwa”

  1. Sheriff says:

    We are truely Israelites wondering in d wilderness for four hundred years.since we knw d truth den let jxt tackle d issue for wier it started.
    If we continue lyk did pastorship today pastorship tomorrow, we will jxt be a laughing stock to other Christian domination. Plssssßsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss let us fight for unity.wit all dis fitins our founder will BT be happy in Christ blossom.Halleluya o

  2. OGD says:

    what a hell is all this about again, every one want to become pastor or want their favourite pastor hmmm! all I know is to be united. God answers prayers Now so what else. please let’s face the God of celestial and forget about uncountable vision here and there concerning who or not supposed to be our pastor . One love is celestial but nowadays, money, position, famous, connection, e.t.c. E jawo kuro ninu ote, se e ti gbo ki aye yin le ni ilosiwaju. Ese. ???

  3. Dr. Michael Odewale says:

    Hmmmmm, Fresh Oil for a Church in disarray.
    Otito….Otito……. Otito Lolorun Baba Wa …………………
    The Elders knows the Truth but they will not speak the truth. how will they bite the fingers that feed them. behind every romour …
    As for me, i know the is coming, when the time comes you will all seek for true directives of the Holy Spirit. All fake prophecies that has brought people to power. functioning without the unction, will soon expires. Politics. We need a spiritual leader not a regalia leader. Celestial church Idajo de o.

  4. Say Sammy says:

    No matter the challenges CCC is facing presently we remain the best church ever
    I’ve been to redeem, winners,CAC etc but d glory of celestial is incomparable
    Music, Bible , worship name it we remain the best
    God still answers prayer in CCC what else do we need
    Eni toba gbagbo to si gboran yoo riye nijo mimo….

  5. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    I don’t want you to believe me or my message but I know and I am sure something very powerful is about to happen and everyone will know the truth and will be free. Our late pastor told me not to go for anointing when he came visiting 3months after his death that whoever lay hands on me for anointment will fall and die but they will misinterpret it for they have eyes but can’t see that is why I never go for any anointment since papa’s death the fact from our Pastor by Holy Spirit. Isele nla yio se Ti gbogbo wa yio si mo otito yato si eke.

    • Olumide says:

      @ akinfenwa me myself know we never had pastor since, all these people know what they are doing they are only playing us and God is going to play them even play their heaven.

    • Olumide says:

      @akinfenwa not only you, my spirit keep on telling me why do you want to kill person, who soever lay hand on me for anointing and not the real pastor can not see the third also there are still many children of God in CCC that has never and still refuse to bow down for Baal. I believe your message 100% when CCC pastor come no body is born to have fashion. Go and check the account of Saul and David when they were made king because is from the lord.

    • Olumide says:

      They went to hide a fake prophet in the bush and now come out that he was sent by papa oshofa why can people be so evil to this extent and I don’t blame them they are acting according to Satan their father.

  6. OLA says:

    i can not believe after so many years CCC is still struggling with who is suppose to lead the church. If members of CCC are honest with themselves it is easy to know who the right person his.
    All you need to do is gather all the prophets in other denomination like CAC, Tubernacle church founder and Cherubim & Seraphim prophets ,also their is one or two other churches too in Nigeria i can’t remember their names
    Please do not include CCC prophets/prophetess because 95% of them no longer hear from God.
    i am a member of the CCC in the past but i left for so many reasons which i can no longer mention. i reside outside Nigeria i cannot believe what CCC turn to.
    The elders of the church needs to get rid of all this garment they are all wearing that does not have any meaning at all.
    How can you have six pastors at the same time definitely something is wrong some where. The worst part of it now is you have a pastor in the UK and also a pastor in the USA,
    Please renounce all this regalia and let peace reign. Even the materials they use to sew the Sutana is absolute rubbish.
    IF you attend any function in the UK now you see the members spraying money in the church as if it is Ki Ultimate that is performing.
    CCC need to wake up and take you place among other Churches in Nigeria.

    • Olumide says:

      You are very right @ ola, this people even know who the pastor is, they don’t even need any consultation again only that devil will never allow them to do the right thing because is their father

  7. Enikanosaye I.M.O says:

    At this critical stage in CCC I don’t think there’s need to censor any beneficial information before being reveal to Celestials. We have to fight for the cause of CCC and never expect any automatic or supernatural restoration from God. If we fail to put our house in order, hmmmm…

    The said Pro. Akinfenwa did the best in relating the vision to the best and highest person to handle the case of pastoral palaver in CCC. For Baba Oshin to have kept mum all this while there would have been a technical and spiritual reason for that. I believe it is the appointed time to for such revelation to be established. If the vision is truly from God for CCC, it will be established by 2/3 (two-third) of all CCC members.

    Evang. Alonge has done the best by getting us informed by the state of development in the church. This is the only avenue thru so many Celestials get informed about the goings in the Church.

    For criticisms of him and this site, let it be sincere, godly and constructive… If it is purposely to cover up thrashes of some elders and leaders drawing backward of the Church, always remember there’s end to all things and there’s wrath of God of this church.

    Lastly, for the money given I don’t think it was given to him to induced him to conceal the vision. I believe a form of pat on the back for such revelation. Either money or prayer what’s d essence of both? Motivation and recognition. Don’t let us condemn anybody, all judgment belongs to Jehovah.

    All is well

  8. Superior/Evangelist Kay celestial city parish says:

    ( celestial city Parish)
    Olorun ijo mimo ko gbawa lowo etan ati iwa agbara Amin…

  9. Kolawole Anthony says:

    We dont even care if you are using fake name or real name, because we have checked online, nothing like Fola Oke, it’s obvious you are one of the aides of your EMF. Well, we represent Alonge Michael, that’s the truth but we will appreciate it where you have Alonge Michael calling your pastor blind. If you are done with your stupid act, reveal yourself. We have top meaningful Celestial members from all walks of life who have asked Michael Alonge, the Editor not to react or comment on any issue, the reason you are all ranting is simply because he is doing better than you. And for the mikeangelonews, OMG! it’s doing very well, to God be the Glory. Just tell us what you do mr. Silly and let’s see if you know are pained by a success recorded by a young man. something you have failed to do. I pity you though, when the season is over, you will be left with nothing, though, you have always be a nothing and nothing you will remain. Silent is the best response to a fool who uses embezzled money as ticket and processing to

  10. Fola Oke says:

    Micheal Alonge, you are sabotage to the church as a whole, It is a big shame to see a superior evangelist saying all these online. (Ayodele). In your sentence I quote “We are Celestians, we have read the story”, the way you deduce the message is different from the way others understand it so don’t claim we celestials say I read.
    During the days of Papa Oshoffa which that ingrate Micheal Alonge posted about saying He made mistake of having too many children, we all have only one recognize International Office which is in Ketu Lagos Nigeria. We have only one celestial church of Christ.
    The same Micheal Alonge replied a post I read on here saying EMF is a blind man taking everywhere by His brother. Come to think of it Late Prophet Timothy Obadare of His blessed memory was blind during his days and non of His member mock him as a blind prophet, iru omo wo lo je Micheal. epo tabi alikama.
    Your Modus Operandi should be based on moving the church forward not painting the church black. If you can remember vividly micheal you started with a worldly news website called can you post a news that Baba Obasanjo made a mistake having too much children. If you can then I challenge your right.
    Well its not your fault, I challenge all celestial youths mostly the celestial youth leader w/w, we are creative, we all need to be given an opportunity even among the BOT to have a firm and running ICT center for the church as a whole, where we can disseminate current news, information’s, enlightenment and as well training for young youth who aspire to become a shepherd.
    Bringing up unnecessary news will not only give others a wrong impression about the church but goes a long way giving the young youths a different perspective of the church.
    As for you Olufunmi Akinfenwa, where were you all these years you received the dream and what year exactly? Let us see the write up if it’s true.

    • Olumide says:

      At sister Fola God will forgive you of your lies if you are ignorant you are free but if you are not ignorant of all these rubish you are trying to defend God of oshofa will punish you. Which youth are u talking about even no shepherd can pray for his children to become CCC shepherd again. Where you give money to tosho and henry to transfer you to better parish without asking from holyspirit and transfer the likes of prophet abode segun to bush where there are no body that can understand his level of his of the best revelation teacher CCC have as you did not make the world of the man to be heard in the world so also God will deal with all of you one by one.shameless sis fola… said why is akinfenwa revealing the secret at this time have we ever have voice in the media before, she went to tell baba oshin so is it you she should come and tell……shameless fola…my name is ojo olumide Ezekiel am not using fake name like you, you can go and bring together all your satanic servant truth will prevail at last and every dine you recieve in this lie you guys are portraying you shall pay for all even before death in Jesus mighty name…amen

  11. Oba Luke says:

    sis. fola pls fola efcc is coming for u

  12. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    Regarding the money he offered it was in the presence of alagba ojo and many but I rejected the money then he ask me to kneel down and he prayed for me.

  13. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    I am ready to say it openly anywhere, anytime, baba send some men to interview the man in person some years back. Let’s ask him why? I kept quiet because what I saw was beyond me and at the same time the person is someone very close so it was a shock to me.

  14. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    I am Olufunmi Akinfenwa, a cape elder sister as at then.Go to ifeloju parish river valley Berger ask for elder Adiatu baba wumi , we went together in the church bus. If I don’t have the copy of the letter at least I have my medulla oblongata still in order. Think before you comment here is not a child game.

    • Olumide says:

      See we all believe you ma, every youth that want this church to move forward believe you don’t mind that fake sister fola It is time for God oshofa to fight and win

  15. Fola Oke says:

    How are you so sure of these message before posting it on your website? Do you confirm from the both source before a defamation act? In which year was this message was given? Do you know Baba’s Age now, i guess 92years and you just post a news without even getting facts. a yoruba adage says “agbo ejo eyan kan da, agba oshika ni”.Besides this site is not registered with the church. your aims and objectives creating this platform is to cause hatred among celestials members which is glaring. you’ve been bringing up controversy news rather than news that could bring love and unity in the church. celestial is a spiritual church whereby if truly the so called message is real and important it won’t be given to only olufunmi akinfenwa. Please celestials be aware.

    • I will personally reply to this, the reason is because it challenges my right as an individual practicing my profession. Madam Fola Oke, I will contend this with me anywhere, i do not need the right of any authority to float this site. We have our modus operandi and we have not violated constitutional dictates of the church in any form. Open your dictionary and you will find ‘Celestial’ as something of the above, your church as you claim is registered as Celestial Church of Christ? So, what are you talking about here? Is the church an authorised owner of the world ‘Celestial’? And I as a bonafide member of Celestial Church of Christ, i have the right to use a platform i deem fit to express my opinion as regards issues in Christendom, it doesnt have to be strictly Celestial Church of Christ alone. Anyway, i do not need to go into that with anyone here. For not hearing from Papa Oshin, Madam, i am sure you can see that it was a letter sent to us and we have sent out the message for reactions from Papa Oshin and other Celestians at large. Even her daughter Imoleayo was copied two days before we decided to publish. There is nothing defamatory about this aunty Fola Oke. And for you saying we cause hatred with our stories, please read other stories that have not caused any animosity. Bye for now.

    • Sup. Evang. Ayodele says:

      Wat nonsense are you talking about Fola? We are Celestians, we have read the story, Wat is defamatory abt it? Obviously, u AR one of d enemies of progress saying this here. Are you one of those who have been indicted to have embezzled money? You said register his site to which authority please? To Ketu? Portnovo? Lagun? Owodunni? Shonekan? Orhoboni? Omoge’s factions or which one? Before you comment here, try and get some brains ok?

  16. Prophet wale says:

    Celestial member let be careful ooo this prophet that God sent a message and delivered the message to person he was sent to and now they offer him money in his statement he can’t tell us that he did not collect the money or he refuse the money. If his story is true can he come out with the letter again, if he now come out with it that means, since many years the prophet and baba oshin having putting the whole celestial church of christ in darkness.

  17. Adeniji moses oluwasegun says:

    It is well

  18. Omo Baba Jerimoyamah says:

    Why the secrecy,if God truly sent the message to his Church,come out and deliver it without fear of man.Perhaps this is the reason why the church is not going forward as it should, Cele @ 70 no progress still moving in circles.

  19. Superior Evangelist Barrister Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Prophet Akinfenwa said he was offered money. He is silent on whether he accepted the offer and the amount involved. If indeed he received the cash, he is able now to return the money and with a contrite heart disclose the message he handed over to Most Superior Evangelist Taiwo Oshin. I can understand Baba Oshin not wanting to rock the CCC boat with an explosive message. However, Prophet Akinfenwa cannot continue to keep silent. It is long overdue to be made public. There is a reason for him coming forward now. He could have kept mute for ever.

  20. Superior Evangelist T Bisi Odukoya says:

    CCC Words, Iam sorry at this point in time, aba Oshin can not be left out of this because he is being accused of ‘hiding the truth’ which is tantamount to aiding and abetting division and corruption in the church. Baba Oshin will definitely like to clarify some of these salient points

  21. G says:

    I support the 10th comments, revelation come from God not from human being that cannot see above is knowledge, have we ever heard prophet or prophetess giving us messages that your father,mother,brother or sister say this or that let us b wise our dealing it issue,if the message delivered to baba oshin and he carry our normal investigation about it that the message is not in favour of the message he will deliver it ,moreover am sure the baba always received all that kind of messages CCC is about OLUWA WI not baba say.observation thought

  22. Superior Evangelist T Bisi Odukoya says:

    We are getting nearer the end of the tunnel. Iam leaning towards the submission of Superior Evangelist Aihonsu. Let us tread carefully.
    1To Sup Evan Sokunbi and Prophet Jerry, the message is for Celestial worldwide BUT directly sent through Prophet Akinfenwa to Baba Oshin
    To this end, the messenger had done the right thing and Baba Oshin could have done right thing as well if the message specify a particular release or revelation time or date.
    2 As to the ‘implicated witness’ mentioned above, they may not be aware of the content of the letter except the messenger hinted them and then this will no longer be confidential as it was directly for someone else.
    3 The best way out now is for Baba Oshin to confirm or deny the message. He may not reveal the content of the message yet except it is im line with the instructions of the message

    Listening to Baba Oshin’s address at Makoko sometines last month, I sense something is fishy somehow but the Elders are more paramount in the presentation

    • ccc words says:

      Please leave Baba Oshin out of this issue because, do u know how many massage baba oshin has received about CCC all the massage will herd is I saw baba oshoffa he told me this or that, Even one of baba oshoffa son said baba oshoffa told him to be Pastor, every body saw baba oshoffa, my baba Oshoffa can give message of confusion to the Church own by Jesus Christ, please I want ask a question and I need an answer who is own of Celestial church of Chris? Jesus Christ or Baba Oshoffa? They don’t see Jesus to give them revelations, only Baba oshoffa everytime. The last time on revelation I saw Jesus clearly and the next person i saw is Baba Oshoffa. I rest my case

  23. Kolade john olubiyi says:

    Him mm I know that baba oshin has something in is mind when he told the world that he also had a dream if could remeber., the old man will still tell us the truth all what I know is that the letter is not in favour of mobiyina or ccc ketu I rest myCASE

  24. Ebenezer Sokunbi says:

    To prophet Akinfala,
    If truely the message is 4d whole church w/w then why can’t you deliver the message to the whole world instead of delivered it to baba Oshin .you are not sent to baba Oshin you still disobey God and if you make the correction now you will see the punishment from God and the person you said you dilevered it to also be punish . Is not 2late to repent.

  25. bro okeowo emmanuel says:

    I personally do not ve anything to say to this, not until I confirm d authenticity of vision. One of persons been mentioned (elder Adiatu) by the prophet is like a father to me. I will ask him if this allegation is true.



    • Omo alase says:

      This same problem has been troubled this church for long and now you brought another revelation that you can’t revealed. Please sir Delay is dangerous let all celestial member understand this revelation before is too late. May God bless His church.

  27. Superior Evangelist Francis Aihonsu says:

    Halleluyah 3x
    Let us be careful in dealing with this issue.
    1 We need to ask Baba Oshin – does he know this man by name Prophet Akinfenwa? Can he confirm or deny the “allegation” levelled against him on this submission? Can we have access to this “golden piece of writing” referred to here?
    2 We need to question Prophet Akinfenwa – Can he testify to this statement of his before Baba Oshin? Can he think of any alibi to support this his claim? Is he sure that the aforementioned persons ‘implicated’ to be living witnesses above coujd corroborate his claims?
    3 We need to check on the elders ‘implicated’ what they can say to the claim

    Go be with His church. Amen

    • Leader Temitope Ajayi says:

      Well said sir. I think that will unveil the facts.

    • Olumide says:

      Sir please read all her response to fola Oke she mentioned two people still alive that went there and even those that knew when she rejected the money.

  28. Oluso yinka says:

    Oro re o Wonni agba ki WA loja ki ori omo tuntun wo egbawa oooooo

  29. Evang Ayo ade says:

    God have mercy.that was how a man came before papa S B J Oshoffa’s burial that he saw Papa Oshoffa In cocoa farm somewhere in Ondo state and that gave him cowry that Baba Bada is the next pastor.hmmmm.egbe ni fun eni ti a ko fi ran to je.

    • Olumide says:

      Than one was the plan work of the then trustee no be God at all, see most of this people don’t even fear God lieing against God, gave him cowries as if we are harbalist God will punish them all

  30. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    The man (messenger )with the letter is still very much alive. Do we wait until otherwise before we hear the truth? Is the message not for the entire church worldwide? Now that they have kept the contents of the message secret, how positively has the church fared? At least we now know our common enemies. He should go ahead and tell the entire world that message if he is so sure except he wants to look the other way because his conscience might have been bought if he ever accepted the money he was given. He may not have read where God sent a prophet on a mission and ordered him not to eat, drink and return through same way but the man of God disobeyed because he listened to man’s voice of deception. Did he collect the money? If yes, that was a bribe.
    Please come out and save celestial church from Celestians

  31. Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

    It is well…..

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