Bad Tale About A Brother In A CCC Parish

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Calamities are inevitable when you don’t know who you serve. This is a story about a brother in a parish who was doing well within his capacity, and God blessed him with a Toyota Camry, a very immaculate car.

This brother was not satisfied with what God had done for him, and he was never contented with what he had. What he had then was someone else’s prayer points, but he didn’t know who he claimed he was serving and he introduced his knowledge to govern the affairs of his life.

This brother woke up one day and sold the immaculate car, and he was challenged, “Why do you sell your car?” Are you intending to buy new ones? Some close members of the church enquired. Lo and behold, this brother sold the vehicle to be able to raise money and learn spiritual work because he was convinced that it was the easy trend to make cool money from people who don’t know who they serve.

As time progressed, he was learning spiritual work. You know, when you learn new things, you will always be triggered with excitement to practice what you have learned. This brother started displaying spiritual work on Facebook to attract clients and to reveal his new status to the world.

To cut the whole thing short, a dispute happened between him and his master under whose he got his training cornering his client for spiritual fortification. This resulted in a serious physical and spiritual fight between them, and at the end of this, our brother was tormented to the extent he had to run for his life. All his secrets were made public in the public domain. Meanwhile, he lost everything he gathered.

When you believe you have the power to make yourself wealthy, the beginning may appear smooth, but the end is always destructive. God’s time is the best. Be warned!


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