This Is How Bad They Have Turned Celestial Church To (Photo)

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apostle-ekuonlaI am not trying to judge or apportion blame on anyone or anything here but I just feel it’s high time we made some corrections regarding some abnormalities that have become the order of the day about our church. I know no man can put a fellow human being right but God’s interference.

If the truth has to be told, methinks these so called ministers in the church who allocate all sorts of titles to themselves should be cautioned or sanctioned. For crying out loud, where is Apostle in the anointment/Rank of Celestial. The fact that someone has called himself a Cardinal and nobody is doing anything about it doesn’t give anyone an impetus to think that anybody can do anything haphazardly.

For crying out loud, the stool of Papa Oshoffa is still being occupied by someone, at least, if anyone is accepting the fact that he’s the head, let’s give respect to that stool the late founder left behind. Anyone sitting on it should be respected.

No doubt, Imeko is for all Celestial Church Members and as a member of the Convocation Committee, I don’t think it’s right for anyone to storm that place and constitute a marketplace/revival where he’s being addressed as Apostle by his followers.

Enough of all this embarrassment called worship. I am sure, God will not answer a disobedient servant…He won’t, the holy books say so.  It’s a total arrogance to the constitution of the church and of course law of God.

I hope appropriate authority would look into this and readdress this issue as soon as possible. Anyone who comes to that holy land to deface it should be well dealt with. The tenets and doctrine of the church should be well adhered to. And if you feel you are above the authority, remove the franchise of Celestial Church of Christ and call your church any other name, maybe, your followers will still follow you.  No man is above the law, no man is above God!

If we continue to look away from this, let’s all have it at the back of our minds that, God will not do for a man what a man supposed to do for himself.

I rest my case.

15 responses to “This Is How Bad They Have Turned Celestial Church To (Photo)”

  1. HAVILAH JAMES says:

    This Church is behind not because God forsook the her but because of human factor. The members are good at bringing down and not at celebrating good things coming out of the Church for the Church of Christ at large. Look at how the writer wrote as if this man had committed an offence that is likened to dragging the stool of authority with the Pastor. This man placed this Church hymns on the global scale to the point that other denominations plus muslims are taking in our hymns “saying- they knew not that Cele has a good hymns like this” I go with the man who is of the Opinion that you meet the Apostle DAN himself ask questions, you are not the 1st to ask such. As old as our Church is so many things are new to us. If you know a “Bishop” in this C.C.C i believe you will call police and prosecute the person. What you had just done is what the scripture call Backbiting and Know for sure backbiters will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    What is your Purpose in the World and this Church.

  2. iyiola says:

    Sincerely speaking, all i have seen in the ranking in the Church has ever being formalty that has no substantial prove for its essence. So far so Good ranking to the level of Evangelist is the most paramount then the office of the Pastor. every other ranks are just ‘bunch of adjectives’ that has no annointing than to just occupy position in high places in the church which continues to create competitions in the church. I think it is time the leadership of the Church waited on God for guide/amendment on ranking before it finally go out of Hand.

    This post is not to criticise anyone nor the Church but a charge to look into RANKING, does it worth it, who deserves it and to what extent.

  3. A Celestian/USA says:

    A church should be a body of Christ. The body of Christ is ONE. Why should there be so much negative talks from Celestial Church members about their own church? Do members of other churches go about writing negative stuffs about their churches and pastors? You invite a friend from another denomination to come and worship with you in a CCC parish, and all of a sudden a shepherd begins talking some very odd things about CCC. It demotivates one to invite someone else again. This must stop. The gospel must be promoted more than anything else. The more people listen to the right gospel from the Bible, they will be able to digest it and begin to live according to what they have been taught. Please, Celestians, let’s promote the gospel than personality.

  4. Evang Abraham sulaimon says:

    Celestial church is the only church that I see that we don’t have law agent they should be a committee that we be checking our choir album before the album we be out.

  5. Rufai says:

    Celestial church of christ can not be destroyed by anybody, nobody can turn it to a bad church because it was not formed by human imagination, wisdom, or flesh but by the holy ghost.
    Their is different between celestial and celestian, I believe you understand what I mean;; the moment you bath with the sanctify water with the song “MO nlo sinu ijo mimo 2ce moti fi owo mi kowe ohun rere pemi koni pada mo” that’s when u become a celestian , Celestial is the church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Halleluyah!

  6. Ten-ten says:

    Only God can save us in this great church .. Position and money will not kill us … Rank is 2 much

  7. AA Peter says:

    In as much as I appreciate the works and effort of many of these men of God. However these ranks and titles are not recognize in the CCC structure, I do not have any problem with cardinals, Venerable, Apostles etc. I am not casting any aspersion on any titles or ranks, having spent over 30 years worshiping in this great church, I enjoy the title of “brother”
    My worry is, by the time the problem of unification and factionilisation is settled we will be face with problem of title.

  8. esskay says:

    not only that even the rank of mother celestial is not constitutional,

  9. Omotayo says:

    I agree with just one of the comments. The one that spoke about Baba Olabanji too. I understand what’s happening. But I think sometimes we create issues where they should not be. Some people do things ignorantly and if we claim that there is so much love in CCC, why couldn’t you put him to order first before coming to lambast him online? Apostle or not, I call this washing dirty linen. And sincerely Ijo Mimo doesn’t need these kind of things. If Papa Oshoffa were to be alive would this be the way he would address this matter?
    Like Jesus said, many just profess to be sons of Abraham, but they don’t do things like Abraham.

  10. Alaba says:

    He is only advertising himself and not Christ. So far you don’t carry the logo of celestial church of Christ , you can call yourself any title.

  11. Lana olakunle says:

    I pray GOD will take over HIS Church from all these “wana show my C.V” and self-acclaimed M.O.G…. Hmnnnnnn

  12. Mayowa says:

    It isn’t a revival, he is music Apostle the same name Remi Olabanji calls himself. He wants to launch his latest collection of CCC hymns

  13. Gbadebo Bukola says:

    Good talk…..there must be discipline in CCC world wide. They should set up an disciplinary committee. We have alot of law enforcement agencies in CCC world wide, the authority can make use of them.

  14. prophet Kunle Sonubi says:

    What’s the opinion or stands of the trustees because one of the functions of the trustees is to defend and protect the Church’s rights .

  15. Akindurodemi Israel says:

    This is nice pieces! Where apostle found in celestial ranks? May God forgive us. The self acclaimed apostle must be call to order.

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