Barren Woman In Celestial Parish Chases Away Angel With Babies On Harvest Day

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angels-with-babiesLet us ask ourselves a simple question and it will indeed be nice if we are truthful in our responses. Do we really believe in Angels and Angelic visitations?

What is your view about Angels and their visitations? Are you one of those who believe Angels are concepts and figments restricted only to the stories in the Bible and our imagination?

We are told and taught that Angels are Celestial spirits that move around us to guide us in all we do, according to the story of the birth of Isaac, Abraham received the visitation of two Angels who proclaimed the birth of Isaac after he had successfully hosted them with the best he could possibly afford without knowing them, where they came from or what their purpose of stopping by his door-step was. This leads to the experience we are sharing here today.

Before the celebration of the annual Adult Harvest of a parish of the church situated along Ikeja/Airport road axis sometime ago; there was a revelation given to all members of the parish to brace themselves up for divine visitation scheduled for the day of their adult harvest, all that was needed to be put in place was reeled out for everyone to partake in.

Behold, the day was accompanied with much frenzy and high hopes from all. Cooking, decoration and final touches to make the event spectacular was ongoing with no one loosing focus on the revelation for the divine visitation that has been promised. The way of the Lord is and will forever a mystery. He does as he pleases but will never conform to our carnal ways.

A lady parishioner who was engaged in one of the activities of the day was approached by a male foreign beggar (a Moroccan or Sudanese) accompanied by to two young children, a boy and girl. ,  According to those who witnessed the scene, the man sent forth the boy with his alms bowl to ask the lady for food, the boy was chased away, undeterred, he sent the little girl to go back on the same mission of getting food, this time around, their alms bowl was seized and she was also chased away.

At this point, the shepherd’s wife arrived the scene and the elderly beggar asked her for money, she dipped her hands into her pocket to get something for the man, but just as she was about bringing her widows mite, the spirit ministered to her to give her best, this she did, and as if that is not enough the man requested for water, the shepherd’s wife in wanting to grant this request left the scene to go and get him the water, and this time like Abraham, she decided to bring along for him some food already packed in take-out packs.

Before, she could make her return to deliver the goodwill gifts, a young boy was further approached by the beggar, he was asked to go and bring the oranges placed in front of the small altar, as a disciplined boy, the young chap said it to the hearing of all those close by that he was being asked to go and fill the alms bowl given to him with the oranges placed by the small altar.

No one said a word either as an approval or otherwise, the oranges were given to him and he left. At the end of the day’s service while the final prayer of thanksgiving was being offered, the message or revelation was further given by a prophetess, this time; the spirit thanked and appraised them for their effort.

The Bible did say, according to Jesus, that everyone will be rewarded according to their deeds, the woman who was first approached for food, was the first benefactor to be named, it was said that it’s her 12th year of being married and childless, the two children who accompanied the ‘Angelic beggar’ were meant to be hers as a consolation for the years of waiting, she was told, she has to keep waiting for her moment of joy as the train has passed her by.

Your guess is just as good as ours, she fainted, and has to be revived, to prove to them that the visitor was indeed a Divine one, the attention of the entire congregation was called to the missing oranges which no one took notice of until that point.

The essence of this narrative is simply, let us all endeavor to be kind to as many that ask or approach us for help or favour as we never can tell in what guise or Angelic or divine visitor will come in. Let us all learn not to look down on others or see them as a bother or pain in the neck.

One response to “Barren Woman In Celestial Parish Chases Away Angel With Babies On Harvest Day”

  1. Alaba says:

    Very very Sad, this will be a good lesson to all Celestians to always treat people equally during Harvest Thanksgiving and to ensure that all visitors are well treated.

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