Basic Ingredients That Make Your Husband Stay With You Alone (Must-Read)

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God created men and women PRIMARILY FOR COMPANIONSHIP, other attributes follow. I am not an advocate of polygamy but facts must be stated to create awareness. Woman was created by God ‘from the man’ to stabilise man’s mind in order to fulfill God’s assignment of him on earth. Thereby, all activities of women should be geared towards this BUT that does not make a woman to be inferior to man.

In reality, women should be mindful of equality with men, it is not scriptural (Bible, Koran, Torah etc.) In search of this ‘peace of mind’, men will continue to ‘explore’ except the wife in his life can endow him with the expected respect and affection by not tampering with his ego. I don’t know why some married women don’t wake up to their responsibilities in marriage until it is too late. Some women wouldn’t just do the needful until there is serious competition with a mistress. Why do you need to wait till your husband starts having another affair before running helter-skelter?  You should be the first in everything to your husband before one tiny girl shows interest. No matter the games she wants to play on your husband, she should meet you up and doing, fully in your duty!

Forget about s3x, though it is very crucial but there are other important factors that are MORE CRUCIAL


Be the first to show it! Some women never used the word “sir!” for their husbands in their entire life. They say after all, “he’s my best friend!” so what? He is also your best husband, leader and FATHER, so give him that respect! I’m not asking you to use sir 24/7 but there are OCCASIONS that demand you treat that man like the KING he really is. If you do not respect him and another lady lavishes it on him, he will fall for her.


Why do you think he works hard, bought car, built a beautiful house or go on extra miles for you? He wants to be admired, simple! Admire that man! Some wives say “what for? Is he doing what his mates are doing? He doesn’t have a good job, does not give us money for food, we live in one room apartment and he is ugly and dirty so what is there to admire?” Aaaah My Sister! A lot! Admire the fact that he married you, you should still be single and in your father’s compound.

Admire the fact that he works hard daily to give you what he has. Admire him for being there for you, enduring your weaknesses and choosing to stick to you no matter what. And no one is ugly.

There is a part of your husband that is handsome. Focus on it and admire him like you are seeing him for the first time. He will cherish you for it.


A man can kill himself for any woman that praises him. Sadly, most women fail woefully in this area and secret affairs are on the increase on daily basis. About 90% of married men now have affairs outside marriage. A married man can’t do without praise. He needs it to stay “alive” in marriage. Praise your man like you are going into competition, there is someone waiting for you to fail so she can take over.

Some women stupidly see their husbands like an idiot who has no special need in marriage. They think they can treat him the way they like and he will stay faithful forever. You are all aware that some Men of God are now having affairs like crazy! No man can stay happily married to a woman who sees nothing good in him or who is bitter, critical, non-appreciative, abusive, disrespectful and rude! Praise works wonders!


This is not the first. Some women are gurus in bed but fail woefully in other areas and wonders why the man still have extra-marital affairs. You will hear, “I’ve done everything, why does he still have an  extra-marital affair?” How many things did you do?

Only s3x? Good food? Is that the only thing he needs to enjoy marriage? Show him compassion, mercy, tenderness, forgiveness, admiration and praise and you will see your marriage turn around by 360°. However, s3x is very important to a man, he doesn’t joke with it! So please, don’t deny him. Some women say it’s not their fault, their men don’t ask for s3x, you better ask! Why must he be the only one asking for s3x? Initiate s3x! Dress to “kill” him! Be seductive! Know the part of your body he likes most and use it to seduce his brain out!

If you are busty! Good asset! Wear push- up bras, leave some mighty cleavage and keep strolling around him. Sit beside him, bend in front of him, serve him food with your cleavage in view and don’t let him rest until his assignment in the bedroom has been fully carried out. If your asset is the bum, thigh or legs, wear eye popping bum shorts and keep rotating around him, he should get the message.

Send him sexy messages at work and “unload” him when he comes back. Don’t turn him on without offloading him, a man must off load! You won’t be happy if he does that on his secretary! Touch him and ask, pull him close, kiss him, and take initiative. That man will never notice another woman and will make you his number one woman for life!

It’s high time we put full stop to adultery. “A wise woman builds her house” and take proper care of her family .Take a very good care of your husband to keep him faithful forever. Use it and your marriage will never be the same again.

God bless you, Bless your home and Bless Your Marriage!

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