Be Careful Of Talisman And Sorcery In CCC

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It is now a trend in some parishes on social media channels these days where Christian and self-called prophets, and parish leaders are advertising and enslaving people with black magic, and spiritual works, luring old and new members of the church into a magical circle.

The truth must be told to you multifaceted members too, some of you are drawn to these prophets and parish leaders because their black magic works and correlates with what you are doing for a living, most of you are not in the temple of God to worship God or walk in accordance with His principles but because the sorcerer in charge has something you love.

Matthew 24:28 where ever the carcass is, there the vultures will gather.

Some out there especially, those in their 20s, 30s and 40s don’t know what is allowed in the church and what is not allowed in terms of spiritual works, they just plunge into everything. If you’re a Prophet, Shepherd or member using magical designated combo or talisman, or complicated spiritual materials you’re spiritually lazy and empty.

If truly you want to claim spirituality, your prayers, fasting, lifestyle and Celestial Church of Christ ‘allowed’ works should move mountains, not all these diabolic and occultic materials you’ve intoxicated yourself with.

The Bible and the code of conduct governing this church are against sorcery, talisman, and black magic, using it signals where you belong, don’t call yourself a Prophet or Shepherd when you’re a Sorcerer or Magician.

Do not tarnish the image of Celestial Church of Christ.


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