Becoming What You Want With Your Decision

March 16, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Youth Arena / 4 Comments »

Ayaba AderonkeEveryone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things. The secret to happiness is to do what you like while the secret to success is to like what you do. How much are you willing to admit that what you’ve become up till now, and what you will be in the future are because of your decisions today. You are deciding who you are with each passing minute, and you can become what you want as long as you decide to do so.

So, to be decisive rightly sometimes makes you strong and taking such decisions, you must be sure of one fact that, there will not be regrets at the end of the journey. Decide is based on the word for cut, and when you decide you are cutting off the other options you have available to you. This means you are accepting nothing less than what you have decided on.

So, brothers and sisters, take the right decision today and be fulfilled in what you have set out to achieve! God bless you all! Kindly leave a comment or be part of this forum!

-Ayaba Aderonke

4 responses to “Becoming What You Want With Your Decision”

  1. Prince Lambo says:

    She is a role model to celestians as far as I am concerned..she is one in a million preaching the gospel as a member in the fold,contributing creatively to the realisation of these great church in other for us to work and move in one accord according to the our hymn 605…
    Kindly rebroadcast Ayaoba Adeeonke for a betterment of a growing celestial….

  2. Wonderful and inspirational says:

    Thanks for the inspirational and spiritual prayers y

  3. Salam Adekunle says:

    So true what you said, our future is in our hands

  4. Literarilly,your thought is your future because what you think from your heart is what you will do.out of the aboundant mouth speaketh.we need to be careful of what we think because it lead to action

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