Before The News Of My Death Gets To You

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His landlord sent him and his family packing because he could not renew his house rent.

He then applied for a loan from the manager of the company he was working for, but the loan was not approved.

He contacted the influential man in his community, but could not find help. He then called his relatives on the phone, but no one helped him.

He went to Facebook and posted, seeking for help, but the only thing he got was: 2 likes and 0 comments.

He became frustrated and sent 120 messages to friends on his contact list, asking them for support of N100,000. Unfortunately, only 10 people responded to the message. Six out of the 10 said they had nothing to give. Only one out of 4 people gave him N20,000, but the rest kept apologizing and eventually stopped picking up his calls.

The landlord locked the house!

His family was thrown out and left at the front door of the house with their belongings.

He became more frustrated!

He went everywhere in search of help but could not find one until nightfall.

As he made more effort in the dark, looking for a solution, a truck ran over him and killed him instantly.

The next day, news of his death spread everywhere.

His Facebook friends made 2220 posts on his wall, mourning his death and expressing their admiration for him.

The landlord immediately ran to open the door for his family to go in to receive mourners.

The influential man who earlier refused to help him, took some food items and groceries to the family to cook for the mourners.

Preparations for his burial began later and his friends, who formed a committee raised N1,200,000 through donations to feed sympathizers that will be coming from different places.

His co-workers also raised N300,000 to collect booths, chairs, and other items. Where Is Our Humanity? And I hope you will start to do the needful before the news of my death gets to you!


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2 responses to “Before The News Of My Death Gets To You”

  1. Sup Evang (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa JP, MPIC. says:

    My brother ko si Iku loju e. Oma gbo, wa to. Awon Omo ati omo omo yio maa se aponle re. Amen.

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