It’s Better To Be Joyfully Single Than Miserably Married- Ayaoba Eyinju Eledumare

November 10, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / Add Comment »

celestial-couple-2 celestial-coupleMarriage is honourable. Just like in any position of honour, you must be ready to reflect the dignity and beauty that comes with the marriage institution. You must also be ready to take on the responsibilities with such a position. Don’t see it as just the next step you must take because you are of age or because it seems like the next best thing to do, etc. You may end up being most miserable. There are many who are either in a hurry to get married while others are sorry they are married. Don’t be part of either group.

Be confident and so sure of the lifelong commitment that marriage requires from you before going in. If, for whatever reason, you feel as though you are not ready to dedicate yourself to the demands of it, don’t get married just yet. Be real with yourself and don’t make your marriage a ‘trial and error’ case. Whatever you do, don’t go into it casually; it’s better to be joyfully single than miserably married!

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