Between Edward, Harton Parishes And Rev Mobiyina Oshoffa

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Things are happening in some UK parishes of the church and if care is not taken, they might end up in a bad state. Our source informed us that what happened in Edward Parish and Harton Street parish may be repeating itself in Clapham over some nasty acts of the Shepherd which the elders of the church frowned at.

What happened, according to informed sources is that, currently Edward and Harton Street Parish are not under Ketu authority because of their shoddy ways of handling situations concerning the church.

Edward took Rev. Mobiyina to court and they said they won the case and has declared Rev. Mobiyina Oshoffa personna non-grata at Edward Parish.

Hear what one of the aggrieved members said, “Quite unfortunate that a lot of big parishes are not under Ketu anymore, all they do is to come for money and not do anything to put a proper structure down. We are wiser now, we are going to campaign to all UK Dioceses to desist from associating with Ketu because of the way they go about things. We are tired and fed up with their imposition tactics.” We can run these parishes on our own till the ‘Messiah’ arrives, there a lots of Parishes in Nigeria that are operating under this system and good things are happening in their parishes. The money for the church will be kept in a special account till the ‘chosen’ one gets to the throne, no matter how long it’s going to take.”

In a telephone discussion with one of the aides of the pastor, Solomon Oshoffa over these matters, he said “nobody can stop Pastor Mobiyina from entering the UK. Regarding the issue of money, I can’t say anything about that, I was not with the pastor in Edward. In fact, very soon, Pastor will be in the UK and nobody can stop him because he’s not a criminal.”

Another source in London, a prophet from Delta State, Samuel said all the allegations concerning Ketu are white lies as Edward parish has sent a letter to Ketu for a new Shepherd after the case of Olumide Lawson and Ketu has sent Baba Nunayon to London to get things in proper shape with the parishes. “This morning, Baba Nunayon worshiped at Harton Street and has instituted a committee that will usher in a new shepherd because Ketu is thinking of choosing a shepherd there instead of transferring one there. Edward Parish is 100% under Ketu and that’s the fact I am telling you.”

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2 responses to “Between Edward, Harton Parishes And Rev Mobiyina Oshoffa”

  1. Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

    Honestly, Celestial is ripe for management overhaul. We have fine well educated guru among us that can make a difference.

  2. Elder Ken Shogunle says:

    No man can take this Parish off Ketu, any Parish who forgets its source will dry up. Check those parishes not operating under the authority of ketu if they are really doing well.
    Harton Parish is God’s own parish and will always be under ketu authority.
    God bless Celestial church.

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