Biblical Reasons Celestial Church Observes 7-Day Lenten Fast

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As all Christians worldwide celebrate this season, it’s my pleasure rejoicing with us all. This period signals the “last leg” of the 40 days fasting of most Christians and heralds in the trials, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is noteworthy that while most Christians observe 40 days fasting during this time called Lenten season, members of Celestial Church of Christ observe ONLY THE LAST SEVEN DAYS – Passion Week.

Questions had been asked by members to clarify this variation in length of fasting period 7 days versus 40 days and various justifications had been given. The most common of it is that ‘the non-wearing of shoes’ of members of Celestial Church of Christ is a form of fasting. However, in this era of spiritual uplift and enlightenment, members are always interested in Biblical justifications of our actions. During this period, salutations within the fold change.

Palm Sunday -Hosanna, in line with the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem. From Monday through to Saturday, it is HALLELUJAH – in assurance of victory during the trials and crucifixion of Christ. On Easter Sunday, the salutation comes back to Halleluyah – Victory ascertained at the resurrection of Christ.

There are many Biblical instances of 40 days fasting ranging from Moses (to collect the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai -Exodus34:28,  through Elijah after killing Jezebel’s prophets 1st Kings 19:8 to Jesus Christ before starting His mission Matthew 4:1-2) but none of these was compelled for Christians to observe.

However, the Bible commands us all generations of Israel to observe 7days period of Unleavened bread during the month of Abib (March/April in the Jewish calendar) Exodus 23:15; 34:18. This is also known as the period of Passover. Note that Christ was crucified during Passover. With the above summation, I could deduce that Doctrines of Celestial Church of Christ is Biblical.

We do not fast for 40days during this period because the Bible does not mandate it. It is good if you can afford it but not mandatory.

The last seven days of the ‘Lenten Period’ fall within the mandatory feast of unleavened bread, signaling victory from oppressions of Egypt. And Christ, having been crucified during Passover, we take this period as sober reflection on our activities of the past. And by His resurrection on Easter Sunday, we take delight in hope for betterment of our lives in Christ. To this end, it is clearly seen that members of Celestial celebrate 3 seasons in 1 in the Lord

1 Feast of Passover

2 Trials and Persecution of Christ

3 Resurrection and Birth of Christianity

Looking forward to further enlightenment

-Sup. Evang.  T’ Bisi Odukoya

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9 responses to “Biblical Reasons Celestial Church Observes 7-Day Lenten Fast”

  1. Pansy says:

    do you break this fast daily to eat.?

  2. oluwafemi adedeji williams says:

    pls what is d meaning of the hallelujah in ccc sir

  3. Snr. Evangelist Kunle Almighty says:

    All is well o. Not the title, but the mantle, Let us all be prepare to witness Christ by allowing the indwelling Holy Spirit to work in us.
    After the resurrection, and ascension, the disciples received power of the Holy Ghost and we’re bold enough to witness. Let us all stand to witness Christ instead of ”heeding to fable sand endless genealogies which minster questions,…..”(

  4. Ainasu Emmanuel says:

    Dis passion week everytin dat is unable to breath shall breath in JESUS name amen

  5. Emmanuel Ogunremi says:

    Let me first commend you for this hints. But as a further contribution to this discussion/topic, the content in Exodus 23:15; 34:18 is better explained in Deut 16:8. According to Deut 16:8, “Six days thou shalt eat unleavened bread: and on the seventh day shall be a solemn assembly to the Lord thy God: thou shalt do no work therein”. This is the practice in CCC. In CCC, what we observe is the six days of eating unleavened bread (six days fasting i.e from Monday to Saturday) while the seventh day is for solemn assembly (Easter Sunday). In CCC, during the six days of fasting we shout HALLELUJAH while on the seventh day we shout HALLELUYAH at the solemn assembly. It is a pity today that our people are no more adhere to the tenets. Bless u all.

  6. Odukoga O'Gbenga says:

    Pls take note DT CCC fasting is from palm-sunday to Saturday after good friday making it seven days. Pls comment…. .

  7. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    I hereby challenge all our fathers and mothers in this fold to tell us why then is 7 days fasting TOO MUCH for us. Instead of these 7 days, averagely, Celestial members take 4.5days, not up to 5days even. Assumption is that as soon as Jesus Christ said ‘It is Finished’, then all fasting is finished? Noooo, it should not be like that.
    To me, I believe that our fasting is both on sober reflection of our activities of the past and also feeling the passion of Christ to have undergone such a grievous punishment for mankind.
    By 3pm on tge Horrible Day called Good Friday, Christ was recorded to have breathed His last, does that mean that mankind should just ignore Him like that? Naturally, while His mortal body was placed in the sheol, members of His family and relatives together with the disciples would still have been mourning. With the biblical recordings, there was mo retreat or jubilation until early Sunday morning when He was reported to have risen as He had earlier on promised. Therefore I will strongly object to ending the mandatory fasting on Good Friday after ‘It is Finished”. To God be the glory Hallelujah

  8. Superior Evangelist Barrister Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I appreciate this exposition and justification for our 7 day fasting in CCC. Thanks.

  9. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Good explanations. I’ve been asked severally too ,much better equipped with the shared explanation.

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