Boko Haram Kills Shepherd, Massacres Students Celestial In Mubi, Adamawa (Photos)

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Celestial Church of Christ is bereaved at the moment. One of its parishes in the North has been seriously hit by the stings of the Islamist terrorist Group, Boko Haram sparing no soul in the massacre if information gathered from a source in the North is anything to go by.

It’s obvious, this is not a moment of joy Mount Zion Mubi 11 Mount Zion Mubi. 2 Mount Zion Mubifor family members of Celestial Church of Christ, Mount Zion Parish, Mubi, Adamawa as the dreaded killers squad, Boko Haram has reared their ugly heads into the church killing the shepherd, wife, brother and a large numbers of students who were members of the church.

It’s shocking that no news has carried the vicious killing of large numbers of people in the church except that Boko Haram struck and hundreds of them were badly hit by air-force strike. The news conspicuously left out the church and the massacre of students and their shepherd.

The Shepherd, Olajide and his brother, Mathew were gruesomely murdered and burnt beyond recognition.

May the souls of the deceased rest in the bosom of their creator! Amen

49 responses to “Boko Haram Kills Shepherd, Massacres Students Celestial In Mubi, Adamawa (Photos)”

  1. EKENE says:

    May their souls rest in peace Amen,for the boko haram they will never see peace in their lives and those that stand as their backbone,,,,most high God Jehovah and there is no other god before him or after him,and the holy bible says, hold your peace and I will fight for you,,,,and you thugs calling the name of Allah killing an innocent souls,you worship devil and you are the children of darkness,deceiving your self and your generation, black painted the name of Muslim ,Do you know the amount of innocent blood you’ve waisted,there blood is crying for you in heaven,YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE HEAL AND THE TORMENT,your power or weapons will never save you when Jehovah God arise,DO NOT BE DECEIVED FOR GOD IS NOT MOCKED,REPENT AND ACCEPT JESUS AND BE CONVERTED,GOD IS MERCIFULL,REMEMBER THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH.

  2. Femi says:

    Baba joko sinu tempili……..ohun ti aye ma n on se….dis is just a barbaric acts… or later dey will be forgotten in Jesus name……we leave the fight for our creator….. Awon to Ku foro Kristi, awon to ru agbelebure…..may their soul rest in the blossom of Der Creator.

  3. reachel says:

    what a grace lost our church you will ever be in our heart may soul rest in peace

  4. Marcus Raphael Omars says:

    what’s a Great lost to our Church you will for ever be in our heart. R.I.P

  5. MSE Kabiyesi OJOMO ADEDIRAN says:

    May GOD Almighty forgive them their sins and grant them Heavenly Kingdom amen. The scripture in the Bible says keep short your GOD will fight for you. Certainly GOD Almighty of Celestial Church will surely fight for them in Heaven. I pray that soon and very soon d so called boko haram group will die prematurely in Nigeria.

  6. Alonge Michael 'Dele says:

    RE: Boko Haram Kills Shepherd, Massacres Students Celestial In Mubi, Adamawa (Photos)

    Our attention has been drawn to the story titled above. We would like to categorically state that no mischief was intended with the publication, as it has been confirmed that the incident did actually occur as stated, but with a time difference. No mention was made of it by any quarters as at then.

    We appreciate those who have worked along with us to keep you informed. Thanks and remained blessed.

    Alonge Michael

    • Mrs Ola says:

      Halleluyah sir. Is it at all possible to get in touch with members of the parish or the state evangelist. Do you have any details at hand or can you help find out. Anticipating your response.

  7. adedayo says:

    May their soul rest in perfect peace. The Lord will fight for us and we shall hold our peace

  8. Olajide ayobami says:

    May God rest there souls dou u got the news late they where killed over a year now its nt recent they two olajides where my uncles and hv been in mubi for over 30years now wounder why such wicked people would kill them for nothing ….the soul of the wicked will nt no rest

  9. Sir-HELLEYGS. says:

    To the Boko Haram,we leave you for GOD; to the Celestians, Awaja Awaja Awaja ninu aye, Belele a o na bonono, Moni seroba robana Micheali, a o belele, a o na bononi…..RIP…(Amen)

  10. T.A.M. CCC Ogudu Central says:

    Babaaa, nii wakiti yi, gbe ise owo re gaaa, ki gbogbo aiye lemo peyin le ran wa n’ise. Lasan, l’aye yi gbogun, wakati naa de t’aye o wariri, labe agbara mimo Jesu. May their souls rest in perfect peace (Amen).

  11. Omm says:

    Boko haram group shall be destroyed permanently in Jesus name, egbe ni fun esu ati ise owo re….It’s time for everyone to pray against such occurrences. RIP to all the departed souls, awon to ku fun oro kristi….

  12. tawio samuel says:

    RIP my brothers and sisters in the Lord, olorun olu-ijo mimo a te yin si afefe rere.

  13. Testimony OnIfade says:

    General Buhari and The Sultan of Sokoto need to do something on the islamist embarrassment quickly. The culture of silence maintained by these leaders are sending wrong signals to the entire world. It is as if they are behind the killings. Please, I urge the leaders to speak out on time.

  14. heryomide says:

    I know for sure that, they can never go Scot free.Rip

  15. Princess says:

    Celestians worldwide ds is the time to pray together to put an end to ds and stop fighting for one leader or the other.

  16. Sarah says:

    May their soul rest in the bosom of the lord. Hmnnmmm it is well.

  17. Koya Adebanjo says:

    Hu! Eloi .Metsuda the right hand of GOD.will smirked them,

  18. sunny sho. says:

    Surely God will rise and destroy all that have done this,they have invoked d wrath of God upon themselves and they will surely pay for this IJN.

  19. Modupe says:

    May the blood of the Celestians killed in this manner be upon the heads of their killers up to their 10th generation on the surface of the earth ! May Olorun Oshoffa not forgive them even if they chose to repent and affliction shall be their portion forever and ever!
    My condolences to the bereaved families and the Church of God. My advice to southerners in the North East is to relocate back home and save their lives until total peace is restored in the region . This is blood letting too many !!!

  20. J ola says:

    Ina o mo oju Eni tio da meaning fire didn’t recognize whoever started it. President Buhari you started it by your words of encouragement giving to the northerners youth to make Nigeria ungovernable that brought bokoharam. The history’s will never forget you. Some follow follow who have nothing in their heads will always fight whoever that criticized you for your actions that brought you to power. The soul of all that lost their life because of your hungers for power will never allow peace in everything concerning you. Although you sits down there but it comfort you will never have. R.I.P to all the departed soul.

  21. Ola says:

    What is going to be the government judgement of those killers, if ordinarily a man in Sango in Ogun State named his Dog Buhari was put in prison.

  22. Sam Adekunle says:

    May there soul rest in perfect peace of God IJMN. Amen.

  23. AYO says:

    May the souls of d departed RIPP Amen

  24. Shodunke M.B says:

    May their souls rest in peace
    God ll give their families heart to bear the loss ijmn.
    God of Celestial ll fight our battle for us ,He ll protect n continue to safeguard our Sherperds, Families & Friends schooling in all Northern path of the country ijmn. We ll all come back to our respective homes, meet our families n loves one’s ijmn. R.I.P to them once again. We shall meet were we ll path no more.

  25. Showmblessing says:

    May their souls rest in peace and give the families heart to bear the loss.
    God of celestial will continue to protect all our sherperds ,families and friends all over the world ijmn.

  26. David Adesemoye says:

    This happened last year and surely not recently. The Author should confirm before misleading the public. Thanks

  27. Alagba selberacad says:

    Ijo mimo! Akoko to late for adura jagun

  28. Alagba selberacad says:

    Ijo mimo edide si ebe adura

  29. yinka says:

    Olorun Oshoffa akoko ti to GBA esan Lara awon ti o se eleyi

  30. joseph chuks says:

    Tomorrow this govt through the chief of army staff will come out and tell the whole world that boko haram is dead, No news about this because is a church, But if it’s suppose to be a mosque, the whole northern leaders will start making noise. God is watching.

  31. Anjola says:

    As for me Islam is a religion of peace n love boko haram are not Muslim but Antivirus in Islamic religion but as long as God lives they will surely meet there doom

  32. evangelist says:

    May d soul of d departed ones rest in peace………what a great lost Awon toku fuj oro kristi ….2ce

  33. Ikorodu 1 secretary says:

    Jeremiah 32:27. Behold, I am Yahweh, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? There Evil days are numbered. God of celestial will arrest them soon. All I know is they are not a real Muslim. Revelation 22:11 He who acts unjustly, let him act unjustly still. He who is filthy, let him be filthy still. He who is righteous, let him do righteousness still. He who is holy, let him be holy still.”
    12 “Behold, I come quickly. My reward is with me, to repay to each man according to his work. .May the departed soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

  34. olalekan says:

    Sorry what I see here is a partially destroyed por partially destroyed building, no sign of blood anywhere. Looks fake to me

    • toyin says:

      How do u except to see blood when it a fire incidents, do u except d blood 2 b red,wen burnt it becomes black

    • Major T O (rtd) says:

      Maybe you need to go there and see it before you believe, Mr Thomas, We are mourning now, if you don’t know what to say, please zip your mouth, Christain & Muslim are one, Terrosits are not the real Muslim that I know, they are Devils hiding under Muslim, they are not real human being, they are waste like rubbish in the bin, they’ve been cursed, they are frustrated low life animal in human skin.


    It is a pity that all the electronic and print media including Government kept silence on the attack of this satanic terrorist called Book Haram and killing of these people inside their church, are they saying their death is insignificant? Well God of OSCHOFFA will fight for his children as we in Celestial Church leave vengeance to God. May the souls of the martyrs rest in blossom of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen.

  36. Mike says:

    They called themselves religion of peace,but their barbaric acts are despicable,violent in all manner,killing Christians as if we are Christmas chicken,how long ?are we going to be silent and allow this animal to kill and maim our brethren

  37. aniyikaye says:

    Rest in peace may God of oshoffa forgive ur soul …… And as for the killer u will neva go scot free

  38. Funmi Elesho says:

    A very barbaric act against humanity. I think they are atheists, they have no God. May they never receive Forgiveness for this gruesome act. For our country we pray for peace, we pray for progress, prosperity and unity. For our departed members Belele a o na bonono. Mo ni Seroba Namichael, Zoni Belele a o na Bonono

  39. mayowa. says:

    pray may thier soul rest in peace, all what happeningt is the sign of an end time, but no matter what, JEHOVAL is GOD.

  40. Bidemi says:

    Oba ti ki peni funya je u av 2 fight 4 dis shepherd nd make dis pple regret their action

  41. omolaju Michael says:

    The God of oshoffa will fight,they already step on it

  42. ayo says:

    May their soul rest in peace

  43. A. A says:

    Their end is near.nobody play with God of celestial nt to talk of destroying his house nd killing his own people.

  44. Tosin moses says:

    Weather the world likes it or not Jesus is the King
    RIP…. To the soldiers of Christ

  45. John Opeoluwa says:

    May their souls rest in Perfect Peace…. All what we hear everyday is Boko Haram leader is dead, he’s badly hit and d likes. And this people keep on killing everyday. Which way Nigeria???

  46. oluwafisayomi says:

    What the heck is wrong with Muslims?
    What depressing animalistic god do you serve that he can’t fight for himself?
    What pathetic beliefs does he instill in you that makes you only think of nothing but pain and death to define your sick religious beliefs?
    At times like these, I wish I had supernatural powers, I’d wipe you sick lots off the face of the earth.
    Even idol/traditional worshippers do not kill people the way you do!
    Religion Of Peace My Foot!

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