Before You Borrow, Read This First

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The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender. Proverbs 22:7

Don’t finance your wants with debt! Too many of us treat debt as a way to finance our wants and desires. That’s plain foolish! Because of our inability and unwillingness to say no to “stuff,” we convince ourselves that we have to have whatever that “it” is, and therefore place our families and ourselves in a position of enormous financial stress. Before you borrow money, sit down and make sure you have the financial margin to manage that debt as part of your monthly cash flow. If you don’t, pray and trust God for provision. Give Him the chance to act on your behalf, instead of immediately reaching for man-made solutions!

Desperation leads to borrowing sometimes, don’t be too desperate or else you become a borrower, learn to take in some pains of Wants (economic term of need) then you see how it frees you than being in the net of the lender… It’s a pity some people borrow just to look good and show off but they are often embarrassed and push aside… This should not be. Learn to cut your coat according to your size than be a Borrower…

Really there are some circumstances that lead one to borrow but it should be a very important reason and a cogent one like that.

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  1. Anonymous. says:

    Am sorry if this isn’t a reply to the Post. Buh, wld be glad if it can be published on the home pa for Public consumption. Thanks.


    Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ – the author and finisher of our faith. I, a concerned youth of CCC KANO Parish 1, Kano hereby write to express my gross dissatisfaction and displeasure towards the sudden oust of our dear Shepherd – Sup. Evang. (Pro.) Femi Obinyan. The news of the termination of his appointment or rather service as the Shepherd-In-Charge of the church (CCC KANO 1) cum Head of Province (KANO, Katsina and Jigawa states) was indubitably shocking and annoying.

    The event leading to his oust occurred on Sunday, 11th Dec. 2016. It was earmarked by the sudden arrival of the newly-transfered Shepherd with a delegate from the International H/Q, Ketu, Lagos State. They came with the official transfer letter (having an immediate effect clause) without the prior notice of the Church Youth organization and the majority of the Parishioners. This is largely displeasing and unpleasant.

    We (the youth) are quite sensitive and aware that the sudden replacement exercise of our (outgone) dear Shepherd is nothing but a conspiracy theory inspired and instigated by some incorrigible critic – notably a fractional caucus of the Parochial committee. The way and manner at which the event unfolded tells it all – What a conspiracy!.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes as the Church orderly proceedings (service) on Sunday 11th Dec. 2016 was interrupted. The Church announcement was deferred for some 15 minutes after the Secretary had mounted the pulpit to give the announcement. The Ketu delegate caught his attention and discontinued the service by calling for an impromptu meeting with the Parochial committee outside the church auditorium. What a disregard and disrespect to JEHOVAH GOD… I wish you had seen it – quite disgusting!

    It’s expedient to state at this juncture that the motive of this open letter is not to protest the so-called ‘ongoing restructuring’ in CCC Worldwide as stated in the official transfer letter of our new shepherd, as read to us; but an honest expression of our (Parishioners) displeasure and dissatisfaction to this development – more importantly the way and manner it was executed. Had we wanted to protest, we would have boycotted the service immediately the transfer letter was read. But as Godly people, we demonstrated great discipline and decorum. Thus, decided to leave it all to God.

    In my candid opinion, whatever had transpired between our (outgone) dear Shepherd and the supposedly aggrieved turned opposition caucus is not enough to replace the former. Like every other church member, I know it’s all a conspiracy. But be it as it were, no investigation was made by the Headquarters in Ketu on the ‘acclaimed offence’ (if any) alleged against him before taking the decision to replace him. This is to my utmost disappointment. If things continue this way, we (the Youth) maybe forced to lose confidence in the Headquarters administration. We (the Youth) have been marginalized for so long, yet, we are said to be the future of Celestial Church of Christ – How long shall we be marginalized?. It’s high time we are properly integrated into the day to day administration/affairs of the Church… If truly the future is Us.

    I hope this honest expression of my deepest concern on the latest development in CCC KANO 1, KANO – that is, the sudden replacement of our dear Shepherd, Sup. Evangelist (Pro.) Femi Obinyan would be received warmly and treated with great respect for my views and opinions.

    I plead on behalf of the entire Youth that such occurrence should be forestalled. Endeavour to acknowledge and acquaint the Youth in all matters concerning the Church – CCC KANO 1 and CCC Worldwide.
    God bless the Church. Thanks.

    Long live CCC KANO Parish 1
    Long live CCC KANO Province
    Long live CCC Worldwide.

    Note: I choose to remain anonymous, as a concerned CCC KANO Parish 1 Youth.

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