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Alagba Chris Ogbaisi has commented on the recent Punch Newspapers publication where the registered BoT disclaims the illegally constituted BoT by Rev. EMF.

Though, Rev EMF’s lawyer, whispers informed #cno, allegedly said that it’s no big deal, that an ordinary letter to the court will take care of it. He is alleged to have given them the assurances that the publication holds no water.

Meanwhile, one of the social media commentators, Chris Ogbaisi says, “this is a right step in the right direction for the public awareness, that transactions with the church authority require caution.

This is a clear caution to even Celestial Church of Christ worldwide that CCC is a registered church operating in a country that has laws backing it up.

The corporate affairs laws is a governing rule book that does not recognise Pastor In council or one-man shows. I always say this, you cannot build something on nothing. On what ground is the newly unregistered BOT led by Prophet Emmanuel Shoyemi operating?

What amazes me more is, that there are elites and elders among them who cannot stand for truth and justice, who cannot see beyond their petty ambition to either call the pastor to order or distance themselves from this abnormally.
I expected the second defendant to come up with a communique dissociating themselves from this professional misconduct.

Also, send a warning letter to the pastor letting him know the implication of his actions.
I wonder why Justice Lifiu has not put Rev EMF behind bars for this show of shame and contempt. This at least will make some greedy elders sit up.

With this publication and after verification from CAC, any member of this church or general public can file a legal action/criminal suit against Rev EMF Oschoffa and the unregistered Trustees for deceitful acts, impersonation and attempt to defraud the general public.

I am sure if a peace move hit the brick walls this time around before the next sitting, then people will be put behind the bar mark my word.

So sad that a whole Barr. Adewale SAN cannot have a meaningful mediation and use law which he has practised for decades to save the church from the hand of Rogues in soutana.

I am highly disappointed that a person of high pedigree and who has made his name known Baba Oshin will be dragged into this mud.

The consequences are obvious.. reversal of all decisions made, setting the church back, the Pastor gradually strolling to jail, and the likes of Folorunsho, Shoyemi, and Tony chasing shadow ambition. I don’t really expect Tony Onoh to take up this appointment why not tell them to do the noble and revert to you not just taking up the appointment without consulting your lawyer.

For whoever cares to know the party maintain the status quo simply means the pastor should hold on with the following;
1. Appointments
2. Annointments
3. Acting on pastoral functions which include parading himself as a Pastor with the unregistered BOT, transfer and appointments.
4. He should hold on with spending returns from the church.
In all of these, there has been flagrant disobedience to a court order which I hope the Pastor’s advisers are conscious of?

This is my strong advice to the Pastor, have said this and I will repeat it…
Have an indoor meeting with Baba Banjo without your empty head advisers,  hold on with further disorganisation of the church as we witnessed in Calvary again recently giving you negative perception and reducing loyalty to Ketu.

Set up a genuine reconciliation committee. He should consult me on this personally not on this platform. There are genuine and educated men of honour in this church who cannot compromise their professional calling and mortgage the future of this church sake of personal ambition.

Finally, let the pastor halt further anointment and grow spiritual anointment so that God can reveal Himself to him. He should be mindful that Satan is as powerful as God and God never relieved him of his power while sending him to the world, he empowered him more with riches ( perversion ) but not salvation.

The Pastor needs to genuinely seek the face of God in all of these travails and shut his ears to lies and deceit. Seek God in this trying period.”


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