Boy, 9, Chained By Dad In Celestial Church Says: ‘I was Starved For Months.’ The Kunle Hamilton Submission

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boy chained by cele fatherWhat should be done to a man who starves his own family, chained his own child for months and yet claims he is sent by God to shepherd a church for Christ? This is the latest of the many misdeeds that bedevil religious houses in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, on Friday July 22 rescued a nine-year old boy, Master Korede Taiwo, who had been chained for months by his own father, Francis Taiwo, the shepherd of a parish of the Celestial Church of Christ in Ogun State.

The NSCDC in a statement issued on Saturday, stated that the boy was rescued from the Celestial Church of Christ, Key of Joy Parish, Ajiwo at Ajibawo in Ado Odo/Ota local government area of Ogun State, where he his hands and legs were chained. He was exhausted, pale and was unable to talk when rescued.

Korede was accused of habitual stealing. His stepmother, Kehinde, had reported Korede to his father who then chained his son’s hands and legs. Korede’s ordeal continued until neighbours informed NSCDC officials on surveillance patrol of the area. Members found in the church premises led by Korede’s stepmother initially resisted Korede’s rescue. She has since been arrested and handed over to the police, while the boy has been responding well to treatment at the General Hospital, Ota.

Speaking to Sunday Punch, Korede confessed he stole food at home, in the neighbourhood and in school. He explained that his father never gave his stepmother any upkeep allowance and he was starved for many months, hence he resorted to stealing. However, he says he doesn’t want to return to his father’s house. He also said he wants to be a medical doctor and would like to go back to school. His father escaped during Korede’s rescue and is still on the run.

This is sad, very sad. Too many charlatans own and run parishes in white garment churches who have no business doing so; notably in the Celestial Church of Christ, which is currently embroiled in a 31-year-old leadership crisis, and the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, which is still struggling to bring its thronging units back under the umbrella of unification.

While these leadership crises bedevil these large and widely spread churches, both home and abroad, different charlatans – some of whom have, at different times and in different countries, been arrested and accused of drug addiction, sodomy, ritualism, necromancy and psychiatric disorders – just set up mushroom parishes, erect signboards and start deceiving people that they have a calling to own and run gospel camps where they foster evil on unsuspecting members of the public.

In addition to allowing the police to complete their investigations on the Korede saga and then charge the matter to court, it is important that when caught, Mr. Francis Taiwo and his wife, Kehinde, must be sent for psychiatric evaluation. According to her, they are both citizens of the Republic Du Benin.

White garment churches must cleanse themselves from within. Crazy incidents and parish shepherds like this force right-thinking people to question the Christianity of these Africanised churches. Indeed HAMILTONSTYLE investigations reveal that even those who believe in the tenets of these churches still quit by the droves on grounds of “image crises caused by 31-years of leadership tussle” and “too many controversies and negative news surrounding the church and its front-line leaders.”

Barring bad news like the Korede saga, HAMILTONSTYLE can authoritatively tell its readers that the Celestial Church of Christ has some of the most outstanding gospel music teachers, composers, singers, multi-instrumentalists, seers, preachers and miracle workers in the Body of Christ. In academia, professors and doctors in varied disciplines (including chartered theologians) abound in the church.

There isn’t any profession or vocation, from top to bottom, you won’t find Celestians in Nigeria and around the world. They are in top political positions and are technocrats in government. The church has parishes all over the world, at least on five continents.

While its leaders keep fighting themselves for administrative and financial control of the church, thousands of Christian misfits like Francis Taiwo (definitely not a Beninois name as claimed) have broken their ranks and set up thriving spiritual casinos – destroying destinies, marriages and defrauding thousands of people.


The terrestrial have soiled the celestial as it were, and for the sake of decency and sanity, all the culprits involved in the Korede saga must be brought to justice.

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