Breaking News: Oshoffa Parish: US Federal Authority Put Church On Lockdown

September 9, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 7 Comments »

The presence of Rev EMF Oshoffa on American soil has brought nothing good but chaos. After being respectively warned not to come and cause more leadership chaos that will disrupt the peaceful coexistence despite the fact that there are two divisions, his coming to America has led to the Great Oshoffa Parish being locked down by the US Federal Authority.

Details coming shortly


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7 responses to “Breaking News: Oshoffa Parish: US Federal Authority Put Church On Lockdown”

  1. Angel says:

    Who ever bears this name “Alagba Ijo”
    You’re evil
    Agbaya with no conscience
    God will judge you for your participation in church downfall

  2. Omo Olorun says:

    Does anyone writing these posts have even a limited education about USA laws?
    Do you know about separation of Church and State? Do you know how many YEARS of litigation efforts before a case involving a Church would take before it reaches a federal court?
    Seriously, dont just post whatever someone sends you, investigate even ONLINE for 10 minutes.

  3. Obedient Servant says:

    A good journalist will investigate the truth before publishing anything. Oshofa Parish has never locked down Pastor just left the Parish few minutes a go after praying for members.. I pray that you will not be bias. Why do you always publishing bad news about our Pastor ? Celestial in America will becomes ONE by the grace of God. How ? God knows .

  4. Peace maker says:

    Any one rejoicing over this is an agent of the devil.

  5. Alagba Ijo says:

    Max Solomon lo ko Iyà won…..
    Benji Benji go and look for work,
    EMF be watching your shoulders. Balogun is a nobody in CCC USA …. He is not worth SHIT.
    We already have enough evidence to send him to jail soon, together with all your fake regionals that I’ve collected money from any member of CCC. They will all go down.
    AKANDE wife snatcher we have your file pending in the legal department.
    We have just started…..

  6. Alagba Ijo says:

    🎶Kangu kangu kangu a kangu si bi kan 🎶
    A fi igba ti o te ni America.
    Hope other Diocese are learning
    Hope other Parishes are learning
    Hope the shepherds and church workers are learning
    EFCC are waiting for ADENIYI and Friday in Nigeria
    Awon ole imeko.

  7. Otito says:

    O dara be o. Eku ise Oluwa

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