Bringing Back The Glory Of 1947 Is A Task For All Of Us- Fisayo Joe

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(Letter to beautiful people of Celestial Church of Christ)

Celestial Church of Christ has given birth to so many talents in all denominations across the global world, the fact remains that we have succeeded in producing great talents to other denominations such as Pastors, Ministers, Revivalists, Gospel Artistes, Instrumentalists, etc.

Show me one denomination in Nigeria where you’ll not find one of their key role models as former Celestial Church member. The grace (Luli) of Celestial Church is bigger than the people managing it.

Nothing is wrong with this church till date but rather some individuals are liable to making errors because this church stands on God’s promises and God is always right.

At Luli Concert 2016, I saw so many talents that are yet to be discovered, rare legends to be and glory of the world. This great generation of ours will surely rule and give birth to giants if the youths of this church are sincerely ready to work with pure heart, mark my words, we will rise again and again to rule the world.

However, to rise to retentive stage in leading souls to Christ, we must be focus and full of determination.

Having said that, this entails more passion for Christ, we must stand in unity and accordance to achieve the aims and main objective of this great church.

Every member of this church has an impact to take so as to move the church forward; we must bring back the glory of 1947 with passion and zeal for the love of God in Celestial Church.

Our glory is undeniable; I hope you remember the former slogan given to us by the world back in the days? (“Orogo lai de Celestial” meaning the only place to encounter divine glory is Celestial) but nowadays it has been changed to (“Cele tan e, o wo bata” meaning Celestial is deceiving you, you are not putting on your shoes). To restore the glory of this church, all members must do the needful with holiness.

The holiness begins from YOU & I.

I pray for the real spirit of UNITY & LOVE for Celestial Church of Christ World Wide.

It is high time we rebrand the image of our Church.luli-13

Fisayo Joel.

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