Bro Demola Replies Prophet Kunle Hamilton, CRC, Others

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Below is a reaction from Bro Demola on reading on #cno that Baba Banjo has confirmed his submission concerning Papa SBJ Oshoffa over the Pentecost Day and Juvenile Choir Celebrations.

“Reply To Kunle Hamilton, Reality Check, Ajagun And Others

Empty vessels make the most noise, says the intellectually sound market women.

Iwe ni mio ka, moka ogbon inu. I am not lettered but I have sound wisdom.

Eniti oni nkan ana lati fi han omode loni komode lemo basema seto ola oun lanpe ni agba. Bomode bade ba agba rin ani nkan agba.

One that has the information of the past to guide the children of today so that they will know how to navigate the future. And any child that washes his hands well shall dine with the elders.

In the days when there was no social media, we ran from pillar to post for information about the church and, posterity will give us our credibility.

When everyone was busy learning other things, we were busy learning the truth of the church.

Kunle Hamilton, you were not in Celestial Church then, so you cannot talk about this, Egbon Ajagun, I am highly disappointed in you. You could have contacted those who were ahead of you that have the full information, you were a trumpeter and after that, you went out of service, your children will see this and feel disappointed that you lied publicly.

I don’t even know the Reality Check guy or whatever they call him, he was definitely a nobody, so, there is no point talking about an unknown person who probably needs unwarranted attention

But the credible elders that walked with Papa have responded. Anyone who wants to respond to this as in the days of Papa SBJ OSHOFFA should showcase his profile first.

I will address this before the end of today but I just felt like, as one of those wise men in Celestial Church today, I should let some people know about their error via your CNO platform.

Bro. Demola.”


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7 responses to “Bro Demola Replies Prophet Kunle Hamilton, CRC, Others”

  1. Spirit says:

    Demola lack respect, to the elders. Kunle H is not your mate in CCC, You maybe gifted but authority doesn’t gives you the audacity to address the issue the way you acted. Who told you kH is no where in CCC. Your profile with KH in CCC is an embryo,infact Demola wings need to be cut off. Your dubious act in abroad are kept for your future stories.

  2. Cele born says:

    So, bro Demola knows more than the pastor himself. It is well

  3. JJC says:

    we all know they are all fools .
    who be AJALA wey dey write MEMO .
    The same way he was disgraced from CALVARY PARISH naso they go DISGRACE hem comot cele.
    We all know people who know the TRUTH abeg the likes of KUNLE HAMILTON has no say on the doctrine of the CHURCH .

  4. Oosaekun says:

    Ti a ba leni ti a koba ba ni..nise lama n pada lehin eni. From time immemorial, the ONLY sin this young man, Ademola Bolaji has committed in the sight of the elders is that he’s been engaging them on the need for the establishment of TRUTH in this fold. This is another saga of which those who knew the truth deliberately kept quiet UNTIL Bro Demola responded in an interview session in UK ??. And to further back up his claims, he told the elders in this church to find out the truth of his claims abt d issue in a communique written by Baba Bada in 1987…… So, what’s the issue here?.
    Our atamoatamo in dis church is damn too. We have practically forgotten our divine assignment as a church and start chasing shadows.
    E go soon CLEAR for our eyes when the OWNER of His church takes charge sooner than we think. Then, we will know who’s saying the Truth or NOT.

  5. Evang Joshua Sanni says:

    I wrote that the approach used by our elders in this our church has shown that they are not being lead by holy spirit. I said, Bro Demola has been one of the factors that has kept the faith of CCC youth. I expected the elders to have invited him and resolve this issue before the response letter. Until we learn to resolve issues with forgiveness and unbiased mind this is the type of judgement and. Insult that will continue to hit our elders. So shameful

  6. Another concerned member says:

    Brother Ademola is right.Are they not showing they are empty of the knowledge and statutes and teachings God gave SBJ Oshoffa. Are many not of us not going against what God gave SBJ Oshoffa ? Should we not humble ourselves to learn the truth from those who know. We still have elders who know these things. Baba Banjo knows how things were in Papa SBJ Oshoffa’s days but we have now gone after the worldly things hence the state of this Church. Only God will save us

  7. Concerned Member says:

    This is display of arrogance and ignorance. Those who claimed they know are empty vessel

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