If Brobro Had Died….This Would Have Happened!

May 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 6 Comments »

Sometimes it’s not the people who change; it’s the mask that falls off.  Steve Pelemoh popularly called Brobro had been through death but he was returned because there is a purpose for his life in this church and he’s yet to fulfill that obligation. Though, he has remained the number one Celestial Church singer who will always nail it. He calls a spade a spade irrespective of your position or social stand. So, just like us, many people do not like him.

A while ago, the global CCC was filled with emotions on hearing that Brobro was at the verge of death, that he really sick and suffering from paralysis. From all walks of life, help came and he survived the ugly ordeal.  Since that time till now, no one has cared anymore what has become of him until recently that rumour of his death surfaced and being peddling around within the fold.

Now, if he had died, Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide would have mourned him. Every CCC member would have used  photo on their various social media platforms. Facebook page, twitter would be buzzing about him, Instagram would  have splashed his photos to mention a few.

If he had died, we would all be crying, shedding crocodile tears and asking God silly questions, at least if we were going to be two-faced, let’s make one of them pretty. Life is funny. People are really not worth the trouble. The essence of being a member of this great fold, according to Papa SBJ Oshoffa, is to help one another. This is the foundational H2i.

Now Brobro is alive, he’s not dead, at least, not for now. He’s staging an epoch-making event that will forever be in the annals of this church. The Brobro Golden Jubilee anniversary is an event that requires a lot of money to put together, hence this clarion call.

For instance, there is going to be a golden Jubilee album by BroBro himself with 30 other gospel artists that will be launched on the said day wish requires close to a million naira. Secondly, about 800 thousand is also required to secure the venue (The Blue Roof, LTV), plus Ankara or branded T-shirt to make the night colourful. Above all, much is need for publicity and awareness ahead.

And most importantly, all the proceeds from this event goes into the STEVE PELEMOH BROBRO MUSIC FOUNDATION to further his treatment, while the remaining will be commuted into his welfare.

We therefore call on well-meaning Celestial members to support this great and noble course, as the labour of our heroes past must not be allowed to go in vain. Much has been committed to this course and much more is still needed. The date for the program is Friday 24th June.

Account name: Pelemoh Steve Brobro

Account Number: 3032985475, First Bank Plc

Please let’s do this for posterity sake!

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6 responses to “If Brobro Had Died….This Would Have Happened!”

  1. Bishop says:

    That’s ccc elders ways use and dump things and they want some one to serve them…

  2. M/S/E Kings says:

    Truth Celestian is not available, terestians is the one left, Stomactic is the one left. Baba Brobro, God is your strenght. You will not die now, you will still declare more works of God IJn …. Amen.

  3. Seyi Harmony says:

    I pray and hope it is well by God grace…Yio SeeSe !!! Thank you for being who are Baba BroBro.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Celestial won’t support him now, since he’s not praise-singing them like Mega 99, this is a man that will blast them when they go wrong and you think they will like him, lailai. See, even your pastor dey collect 1m naira per month, one naira no go comot from him to brobro. Na stomach dey are all fighting for

  5. Biodun Adeojo says:

    It’s human nature. We love to use and dump. Tqhank you so much editor for this beautifilul article

  6. evang.dada olakanmi samuel says:

    i don’t no d reason why we celestians like d use & dump system.

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