Brobro’s Account Details Released To Us: What Can You Give?

February 23, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 10 Comments »

brobroThe story of Steve Pelemoh a.k.a. Brobro being diagnosed of paralysis is true. Our source contacted him and it has been confirmed that he’s truly down with stroke. Shortly after the story was reported by us, we have so many people calling from all walks of life requesting for his contacts and account details.

Miffed by the report, CCC Forum, headed by Evang. Adedeji Oduba from Oluwa Olubukun parish, Abule Egba, Lagos, he sprang into action and sent his account details to us.

We all have heard that baba Brobro is down with stroke, these men have done more for this church, no amount is too little to assist him with. May God of Celestial Church bless you as you contribute.  I want to plead with all of us to rise to this occasion. We all know as a Church we don’t have a robust welfare package or scheme to cater for the needs of those who have sacrificed their time and resources to the growth of the church. But as different parishes and individuals we can make an impact. Let’s join our hands together and see what can be done. The labours of our heroes must not go in vain. Either we like it or not BABA BROBRO is one of Celestial top legends.

His Account Details Below:

Pelemoh Steve Brobro.

3032985475, First Bank

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10 responses to “Brobro’s Account Details Released To Us: What Can You Give?”

  1. Tunde oyekanmi ccc olorunsogo parish idimu says:

    like I said earlier dat we hv a lot of richest pple in dis our celestial fold 2 foot Baba brobro bills & since dey refused 2 do so’let com 2geda as a choir & contributed @ least #500 each 2 help our lenged’Abi until he died ? even Lagos state choir alone can do dis’I mean d ccc choir’maybe frm church 2 church or province 2 province which Eva way”let do something”may God bless each & everyone of us Amen

  2. oluyinka says:

    I believe in giving but there are some things that are not meant to be heard at all. I believe there are people who can foot his bill amidst our top leaders but they won’t because its not an avenue to show off their riches. I pray for healing over you sir. The blood of Jesus heals u totally.

  3. ibukun says:

    olorun a fun won ni alafia pipe.

  4. Jonathan winner from CCC Isaiah parish lagos says:

    God of celestial Will heal him in Jesus name

  5. Bro. Fakoya Adeleke, CCC Majemu Oluwa Cathedral. says:

    God of Celestial Church of Christ will Heal Him and give him a speedy recovery in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  6. Bro. Fakoya Adeleke, CCC Majemu Oluwa Cathedral. says:

    God of Celestial Church of Christ will Him and a speedy recovery in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  7. Akindurodemi Israel says:

    Noted. Baba brobro deserved more thank token from CCC members. God will heal him.

  8. D'Pathfinder says:

    Give what you can afford pls, A little help.God will heal him IJMN

  9. Oki Daniel says:

    may God of s.b.j oshoffa lay d hands of healing on him

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