Calling God Names Given To Deities; Is This Right?

November 14, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / On The Spot / Add Comment »

There are various names of God, some will say He is the I AM THAT AM, some will say He is their REDEEMER, and so on like that. Calling God a name given to a deity is it right?

Some said that in their dialect the names given to a deity can be transformed into the God they’re serving now. Instead of giving the names to the deity, they rather give them to Almighty God.

Names or Chant in the Yoruba language like ” SANGIRI LAGIRI OLAGIRI” This name or chant are given to a deity which means he answers by thunder and fire. But is it right to give God this name with a beautiful meaning?.. Many names like that are given to God which are names given to deities i.e smaller gods.

Lady Evang. Mary Ajiboro Babalola commented, “as far the names have a meaning to you, that makes God superior to other gods then it’s not bad. In Yoruba, land names given are traditional names and they can derive meaning to it personally.”

She further said, when the white people preached the gospel to us in Africa, we were worshipping idols and other gods. And all these gods have names which we call them. But now that we have accepted Christ, we can beautify the names of God. There’s a song we sing in CCC, ijo mimo olomi’ye ree o, Omi iye… This song is also used by the Osun worshippers for the Osun deity and it is been used for God now.

Finally, Ajiboro said, “let’s concluded that there’s no name you can’t call the God you serve. Is this true? But for me, whatever names you call your God that doesn’t have a biblical reference should not be used to exhaust God.”


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