Calvary Parish: Calmness Or Turbulence…Only Rev. EMF’s Decision Today Determines That

June 9, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

The decision for Calvary to continue to be under the supervision of Ketu or stand-alone, like many others, will be made today as the Calvary Parish, Ogba, #cno has been hinted, is earnestly waiting for the outcome of the meeting between the elders, women leaders of the parish with Rev. EMF Oshoffa in his Lagos abode slated for 2 pm.

#cno has been informed that the people who are expected to meet with the pastor in his Magodo’s house with the Calvarians are, Baba Ogunrombi, Baba Alao, Baba Tarlon, Alagba Akinloye Okeowo.

Today is the D-Day to determine whether the Pastor will impose an outlawed committee, (Caretaker of over two years) on the overall interest of the church’s newly appointed ‘Church Management Committee’ that #cno witnessed their appointment by their Shepherd, Prophet K.S. Adeyinka about three Sundays back.

We hope another ‘lobbying’ as seen in Abuja Central Parish the other day is not been replicated in Celestial Church. Hope such won’t play out today at the meeting.

The woman leader, the outgoing or do we say outgone chairperson,  MC Bunmi Oshinake a.k.a. Mummy Seyi” and her outlawed realm, we learnt, has spent over 4 years in office as a caretaker.

We pray that the spirit of oneness be restored and the parish gets its groove back…

#cno shall keep you posted after the meeting.


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