Calvary Parish: Dissolved Caretaker Committee Set For War With Prophet Adeyinka

May 25, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 3 Comments »

Still on the Calvary matter which #cno brought to your notice on Sunday.

An inside source informed #cno this morning that shortly after the shepherd, Prophet Kingsley Sola Adeyinka announced the dissolution of the Caretaker Committee after over two years of being inaugurated, one of the leaders of the committee, a female, reportedly called those who were not present in church on Sunday to intimate them of the new development.

It was even revealed before #cno left the parish that this certain woman told one of the newly inaugurated Church Management Committee members not to accept the new offer and that the shepherd doesn’t have the power to dissolve them.

But their opinion contradicts the 1980 CCC Constitution section 112 under Church Functionaries:

“There shall be a representative of the Pastor in each Parish, i.e. an elder or leader or other ranks in charge, who would perform all the duties of a Spiritual Leader in the parish subject to the provision of this constitution.”

Well, from the way things are at Calvary Parish, #cno gathered that the dissolved committee members are combining efforts to sue the shepherd.

On what ground if we may ask?

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3 responses to “Calvary Parish: Dissolved Caretaker Committee Set For War With Prophet Adeyinka”

  1. Prophetess Bisola Olaniyi says:

    Hmmm ! Iya Seyi Tinubu , you were the parochial chairperson from January 2018 – 2020 . After the expiry of your tenure you were appointed by the shepherd K.S Adeyinka as the chairperson of caretaker committee for another two years including the man friend (Ben ) you snatched from a fellow church member . You both spent 4 years in total in that office.

    Your committee was dissolved by the order of Rev . EMF last week Sunday through the shepherd-in-Charge and the whole church jubilated .Immediately,another committee was set up pending the time Rev EMF will send some delegates to appoint a new parochial committee maybe after the arrival of the new shepherd.

    Shortly after the dissolution,you ran out of the church and started constituting nuisance all around the church premises claiming you cannot be removed. You mobilized some miscreants and started threatening the shepherd .

    If I may ask …is Calvary parish an APC secretariat? Or Bola Tinunu’s property ? Do you intend to rule for life ? To my knowledge, the work of God is not a do or die except there has been an embezzlement which you need some time to cover up.

    The church made a mistake appointing you and your man friend ( BEN )in the same cabinet. That was a careless decision.

    You need to understand that the church is tired of your dictatorship ,rudeness and arrogancy. We need a change! In this your same regime,you spent over 20m on just a foundation of the proposed Sunday School in 2018 to be precise.That is a story of another day . I will implore you to leave honorably so you don’t end up disgracing yourselves.

  2. C/E/B thompson Ojo says:

    Good question RT.Rev chris,
    To answer your last question – The “caretaker” commitee was appointed by the shepherd, after the tenure expiration of the so-called almighty parochial that lasted for 2years and also spending another a year and some months as the caretaker commiteeu

    This is exactly what happened when ordinary people are put into power,they obviously get D. R. U. N. K

    You have been in a position for years and now you are ask to civily take a bow,wahala start,why?

    Anyways ,here comes the end of the reign of the jagaban woman in our church..Halleluyah 41

  3. Chris A. Ogbaisi says:

    They might sue based on defectiveness of your constitution which calls for ammendment and it has not been amended inline with the supreme court pronouncement . It said our constitution is defective and cannot stand a legal arguement , it is a story book and it calls for amendment .
    Also, Performing the function of a spiritual leader sounds ambigious and not explicit enough ..disolution should be classified as spiritual or administrative function ?
    Finally , the caretaker committee was appointed by who and were they backed up constitutionally because you cannot build something on nothing .
    I come in peace ?

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