What Is Your Candid Opinion On This Please?

December 19, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 2 Comments »

husband-insultBayo has been married to Bose for close to 20 years, the two have three kids. The first seven years of their marriage was filled with laughter until things started happening and they no longer sleep together anymore. They separated rooms in their 3-bedroom apartment somewhere in Magodo.

Few years later, they moved into their own house somewhere in Meiran area of Lagos, the husband, Bayo, a customs officer, at every slightest provocation began to rubbish his wife in presence of his family and telling them that he built his house for his children and not any woman. Four years prior to this time, Bukola confided in friends that, her husband no longer mate with her anymore.

Now, Bayo is dead, he died while pursuing ‘Fayawo’ people at Badagary and he has since been buried. The issue at hand now is that, Bayo’s family are asking Bose to evacuate the house since it was the instruction of her late husband that he built the house for his children and not for any woman. If Bose was your sister what advice would you give to her? Leave your comment please.


2 responses to “What Is Your Candid Opinion On This Please?”

  1. omokanye Philip says:

    I think she has not being relating with the family well before the death of Bayo..if not. With children she is to live in d house. She should beg d family so she can take care of d children

  2. Alonge olugbenga says:

    Bose should evacute the house because she can only face the family of bayo physically in the present of magistrate, what about the spiritual battle of it, according to the scripture of God that stated that we are not fighting with flesh but with the principality, so she should put everything in the hand of God, he will provide for her need

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