Cardinal Odunmbaku Of City Of God Parish Returns To Ketu

June 9, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 18 Comments »

We hear in the city that the City of God Parish, Ojodu area of Lagos led by Cardinal Odumbaku, has been remitting their dues (Ipin) directly to International Headquarters, Ketu under the leadership of Pastor Mobiyina Emmanuel Oshoffa. No doubt, the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.

It’s a known fact that thieves don’t break into empty house, so if Cardinal Odumbaku popularly called Baba Eto had no substance in him, there wouldn’t have been any story around him. For the shrewd politician/clergyman, Baba Eto, the enemy will not attack you if something very valuable is not inside.

The people in the know of this development informed our office that, aside him that has mandated his Parish to be remitting their dues directly to Ketu, he was said to have also instructed other parishes under him to do same. That’s a good spirit of leadership!

Sometime, the things we do when no one is looking are the things that actually define who we are.

We just hope this is true. It will be the beginning of a new dawn for our church.

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18 responses to “Cardinal Odunmbaku Of City Of God Parish Returns To Ketu”

  1. david says:

    Am david by name, i still in jakande area i need prayer for open doors am suffering

  2. alagba says:

    lekan is saying the perfect truth, we celestians dont like the truth that is why we might perish in darkness. in the catolic church the prists are in same uniform no one diffrent than the other, when they finish services the line up in the same uniform like what we do in celestial church. he as no right to as a clagy man giving himself a rank with a diffrent name with out the spiritual head of the church notice. he might be a good man with a good heart but my brother their is arrogance in this jare. baba bada didnt give himself supreme evangelist by mouth but by the spirit, when i dremt that i was given evangelist in my dream 20 yrs ago at 30 i didnt go and where it straight away i didnt tell my shehard and i was an onibode for 10 yrs i just saw my list with the ones with full evangelist going for anoinment.

  3. Deji says:

    Nice one sir. If we start getting everyone back into the fold, the lost glory of the Church will be restored

  4. Deji says:

    A very unpretentious man . I salute your steadfastness.

  5. APATA says:

    Sorry is cardinal celestial post and using cap in the church is not call for correction ,why are we now talking about ipin here. let make the correction of this clergy/politician Man before we can talk of ipin been accepted

    • Celestial Renaissance says:

      The Challenges of the Celestial Church is beyond what someone wears or colour. A tree with fruits attracts stone and sticks. In the face of embarassing fraud and power tussle in the Church, nitwits like you would rather stir more confusion. The Colour of your skin or clothes does not represent your heart. why not look for a meaningful way to contribute to the reawakening of the Church

  6. Oluwatosin says:

    A yafeni to oluwa ba pe,ayafeni to ba ra nise re,agbelebu jesu o dun o tun koro eda jowo lo kiyesara.

  7. Bro Damilare says:

    He was described as a clergyman/politician by this post which i feel is contradictory. It is either you are here or there because the holy book made us to understand the friendship with world is enmity with God. Psalm 34:10 has given us the assurance that we do not need unnecessary attachment.

    • Celestial Renaissance says:

      Mr Damilare, can you explain to us why a Clergyman should not be gainfully employed.
      James 2: 20 Do you want to be shown, you shallow man, that faith apart from works is barren?
      Please read further
      James 2: 22 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without work is dead also.

      It is extremely out of place to expect Clergymen to be jobless. When this happens and they go cap in hand to plead for their upkeep from sinners we condemn them. You as a person should search your conscience and decipher whatever you have done to keep your shepherd and his family from starving. Yet you advocate a jobless shepherd

  8. Olabanjo says:

    @denrele am sure u also share in the so called ipin we said ketu authority should lead this great church like a learned group u are saying the a serving God of oshoffa. Look this generation have open eyes in a church where we have once accountant general of the federation, director of dis, so directors, cbn representatives, judges, lawyers, and intellectual people and this church does not have a central account something is wrong other sects of the church does nt keep the account of the church in that manner ccc needs to move forward whoever does not want the progress of this great church should leave.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I agre with what bro lekan said,if he can away with the cap and the cardinal rank and also wearing of different colours sutana sewed in four corner must be stopped

    • Wale Ayinla says:

      What that man wears or any appellation by which he calls himself is non-significant. What God requires of us all is a clean heart and spirit. As far as i am concerned the leadership of Celestial fold should rather be taken to the cleaners

  10. Denrele says:

    That is Good, the man show a good example leader. Our source is ketu. Either they do it right or wrong. We invest to olorun oshoffa not a man. Hallelujah

  11. Olalekan says:

    Returning Ipine to ketu, is nothing to be compared to him changing his way of life totally to conform with the doctrines of CCC. His title of candinal and the use of a papal cap must be done away with immediately as this is not part of the office,ethics, or culture of Celestial Chirch, if he has truly decided to accept the authority of Ketu as the bonafide govering council of CCC world wide. Failure to do this is nothing more that dancing round in circles, the end of which leads to nowhere.

    • God's mind. says:

      Olalekan, l don’t actually know who you’re representing. You’re becoming too personal. Stop this your confrontational statement. Brainstorm and initiate ideas that will propel Celestial Church.

  12. Snr/Ldr Ade says:

    This is a good news and I like his courage. God bless Celestial church of Christ.

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