How CCC Can Help Shape One’s Destiny…My Experience

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What you are about to read is not one of the scripts shot in Nollywood film. It’s a personal experience on how I went through Primary School putting pencil, Biro and honey at the Altar of Celestial Church. My fate became secured in the church and it’s still happening to thousands of people today.

In 1985 when I met Papa SBJ Oshoffa, the first thing I wanted to see about him was his ‘big legs’ that no cobbler in Nigerian could make a befitting shoe for, the myopic reason deduced back then by those outside the fold as the reason why members of the church are forbidden to put on shoes when in their garment and within the vicinity of the church.

As silly and naïve as I was then, I was barely a kid approaching my teens; I couldn’t see his legs because the regalia covered them. Then I moved closer a bit, acted as if I was dancing and tried to raise the regalia up a bit to have a full glimpse of his feet, at least, if I could see one, I would be fine.

Fortunately, a woman came from nowhere knelt before him and grabbed his feet, then I saw them, I saw the feet, normal size for his age and weight. He was a tall man; I can call him now a mini/semi  giant.

This secret I am revealing to you, I already have in a book I just finished writing about my life, ’Subway’  I was born to be in this church, I was born to be in the presence of God all the time. Those days, when my dad beat me, I would go to the church and wouldn’t come home for days, I was doing nothing but playing football with Imole Agbaje, he’s now a shepherd at Jesu Dimu Quarters, Idiroko, Ogun State, and co. Then when it was time for evening service, I would be the first person to wear my garment to conduct the service but before then, I will share a brief story about myself with you.

When I was in Primary 4 going to 5, I couldn’t even spell my name, those who were my classmates can testify to this. This was always bothering my mum who was then a Muslim, she wanted the best for us, her children, because all my half sisters and brothers ‘know book’ but we, from my mother’s side, sorry, four of us, I am the first born, we are original Olodos.

Back then, I can vividly recall my mum calling us to a corner of her room to give us some ‘blackcurrant’ from her Alfas to mix with pap and drink for ‘Isoye’, that it will awaken our sleeping brains, I would decline and tell her, I am not interested, ‘God gives knowledge’ and she would scold me, but as stubborn as I was, I would not succumb. This happened on several occasion until she gave up cajoling me to do her bidding in that regard.

But one day, when I was about to finish my primary 5 going to 6, I didn’t even know how I managed to make it that far, all I can remember is that when exams was approaching, I will put my biro, pencils and ruler with honey in a small white container under the altar that I regularly licked and I used the materials to work during my exams, I sha dey pass dey go.

But something strange happened. I went for an evening service and someone was preaching, a copy of the holy Bible was on the bench, oh, sorry; it was bench that was in use in Celestial then, as against this era of plastic chairs and cushions by some people. Anyway, to continue with my tale by daylight, I picked this copy of the Yoruba Bible, I was just flipping through it, and I saw myself pronouncing one of the Headings, I can’t remember which one it was then, but I just saw myself, let’s say, pronouncing, Numeri, I flipped to another page, and I saw Danieli, Luku, I just saw myself pronouncing them, then I proceeded to read the content, I now started reading slowly stuttering though.

I was more than happy seeing myself reading the Bible, I got home that day, I saw some texts, picked them and I saw myself pronouncing the words slowly, it was like a dream come true.

Unlike other richy-richy ‘pikins’, I didn’t go for any extra coaching, it was a copy of the Bible that I started with, so doing this now, I mean, writing about this, I cannot but continue to appreciate the God of Celestial for showing me the light in this church, CCC. I know there is a purpose for me to be here and I am not going to allow anyone or anything derails that purpose.

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    Halleluyah! this is a great testimony because I had similar experience.In all I give glory,honour and adoration to Jehovah. God still perform greater miracles as of old provided we do according to the tenants and doctrine of this Church without adding anything to it.I am a living witness. HALLELUYAH!

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