CCC Culture: Only A Few Parishes Still Make Use Of This During Harvest

August 6, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Church Build-up / Add Comment »

Harvest is one of CCC’s festivals. It is a feast of thanksgiving where members come before the Lord to appreciate His goodness and blessings and this service is usually followed by a spectacular event called Harvest Sales.

New things including decorations such as balloons and ribbons have made most parishes forget the harvest culture of the church itself. The use of banana trees at the entrance of the church and on the altar to mention a few have all gone into extinction.

Only a few parishes still make use of this while some parishes do not make use of these items anymore because they consider it to be old culture. They see it as something that should not be used to ‘stain’ the house of God. To them, it is old-fashioned so they have replaced it with millennium decors such as balloons, ribbons, satin, etc.

The significance of the banana is of good things and fruitfulness which many parishes are looking at after the harvest, this is one aspect we neglect that has made harvests these days be nothing but jamboree. We have lost spiritual value. Please note that this banana tree is not only for decoration but signifies good fortune.

Few parishes like Makoko which is the national headquarter, Ketu which is the international headquarter, and other older parishes in Celestial Church worldwide seem to have joined the bandwagon, though, still add a touch of the old school in place.

It has always been the culture of Celestial Church when it comes to the harvest period we are to use the banana tree at the entrance of the church.

Shepherds should take note of this and make sure that the old culture of the church, CCC continues.


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