CCC Hymns: Singing God’s Song In A Strange Land…Nightclubs, Beer Parlours…

July 4, 2022 / Olaiya / Give & Take / 1 Comment »

When it comes to hymns in Christendom, CCC’s hymns are unique and stand out among their contemporaries. CCC hymns are full of inspiration, full of God’s Word, full of sermons and full of directions to follow to one’s destiny, full of warnings, and instructions, and full of hope and faith in God.

Because of the heavenly inspiration that our hymns do draw whenever they are sung, they have become popular and every Christian must love to learn, sing, hear, and listen to them. As a result of this, CCC members and non-CCC musicians now have no respect for the hymns.

The hymns have now been sung in beer parlours, hotels, brothels and owambe parties, etc just to praise their clients and are rewarded with cash as a result. Some drunkards will even mock themselves, thinking they are mocking God by trying to enter a trance while the hymns are being sung by the musician in a social function.

This, to us, is not right at all…anything that is of God should not be taken to an ungodly place. Singing God’s song in a strange land. To me, it is like we are mocking God stylishly, which no one can mock God. This is very common among us Christians nowadays.

A musician would be singing praise to God in an ungodly environment, thinking they are having fun or they are doing it to make money. It is very difficult to see other religions indulge in such an act.

To all our musicians, let’s do what is right by taking note of the end time and what we would be finding doing on judgment day. Let’s change and renew our mentality and let’s stop abusing Our Holy Hymns indirectly.


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One response to “CCC Hymns: Singing God’s Song In A Strange Land…Nightclubs, Beer Parlours…”

  1. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    I sincerely hope that God will minister into the hearts of our choristers and musicians Himself. If they are spiritually directed, they will understand that our hymns are a continuation of the Bible just as Celestial Church is.
    In my younger years, I was taught most of Celestial Church hymns in my dreams. Whenever I woke up, I would sing them for the shepherd who will then tell me to bring the hymn book, and I will be surprised to find them there.
    On another long dream, the song ” Oko ikehin ti de” was being sung from heaven and it was only the Celestial members that could reply ” Kristi npe elese”. The people of this world were amazed and were asking us Celestial ” How did you people know the song they are singing in heaven”. I then answered them that we have been telling you about our church but you people did not believe us. You need to see the joy of Celestial in that dream.
    Please let the shepherds and teachers take it is a duty to educate and reorientate our choristers and musicians concerning our God descended hymns.

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